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  1. I've ordered stuff from Amazon and it was shipped via UPS. I get a message that the package was delivered but nothing showed up at the house. Apparently, UPS has a deal with the USPS to do the last leg of the delivery on small packages. It shows that the package was delivered but actually, they just turned it over to the post office. It has caused a few anxious moments until I learned to just be patient. Not my strong suit.
  2. I dunno about this. Capt. BB totally unsupervised? This is a recipe for disaster.
  3. So this scheme is going to save 63 billions of gallons annually from evaporation. This 63 billion gallons of water vaper is now going to be stopped by solar panels, which will love being engulfed in water vaper 24/7.
  4. We qualified with iron sites at 500 yards.
  5. I've been using 125 gr over 3.0 grains of Titegroup for over 15 years. Never had a problem with any knockdown as long as I hit it. Same load for rifle and pistols. The Texas Star will probably be the stiffest reactive target you may run across and this load handles it just fine.
  6. He looks like a golf cart rental employee in Key West. Just saying...
  7. I just saw a 5lb jug of Trail Boss at the Ides of March for sale for the low low price of $700.00. It sat on the table all weekend and I don't think it sold. Good luck with your sale.
  8. I'm already signed up. This will be my first time shooting the Mississippi State. Preacherman travels far and wide so if he says it's a good match, he knows what he's talking about.
  9. With the volume of intelligence coming in at all times, it's often hard to separate the good from the bad or just speculation. It's easy to go back in 20/20 hindsight and point to something and claim that if they had only listened. It's sort of like those Youtube financial "experts" who claim the market is going to crash and you should put everything into gold bars.
  10. There's different techniques taught over the years. Putting the hands behind the head with the fingers interlinked is one. The officer can approach the suspect from the rear and with one hand can cover the interlocked fingers and keep him from pulling them apart. The officer can then use his free hand to search the suspect for weapons. This technique could be used with a compliant but still dangerous suspect. It looks good in the movies.
  11. I occasionally find a deal on things on Gunbroker. I just bought two used RCBS lockout dies for $30+shipping. Non FFL items.
  12. It was always one of my greatest fears to send someone to prison who was innocent. i hope it never happened.
  13. I think I'll wait on the Youtube reviews before investing Bob bucks in cast iron bullets.
  14. Wild Bunch has recently been liberalized cannibalized reconfigured adjusted so that any SASS legal rifle and shotgun may be used. The requirements for a .45 caliber 5 inch barrel, 1911 are still the same. I really don't have any opinion yet about the change in rifle and shotgun requirements. I understand why they did it and I hope it brings in more people to shoot it. That was the goal.
  15. Do your drive by shooting and throw out a handfull of range pickup brass. That'll keep the crime lab busy for a while.
  16. Yes, the picatinny rail would only be legal in Modern. Most things are legal on the 1911 Modern category. Things that are not are lasers, compensators and giant mag well funnels. The Traditional category is the one that is restricted to what Saint John Moses Browning intended.
  17. I heard they are moving EOT back to Indiana in September. Nicer weather and shorter drive for management. How's that for stirring the pot?
  18. Sounds to me like they need to focus on electing a new Sheriff, District Attorney and a couple new judges. Prosecute and remove these criminals from their communities. Do that and then come back with further suggestions. Until then, they have work to do.
  19. South Carolina has come a long way in recent years. Just a few years ago, they wouldn't recognize Georgia's carry permit because Georgia didn't have a testing/training program requirement. Georgia would only recognize another state's carry permit if they recognized Georgia's. South Carolina finally came around several years back. Somebody influential must have gotten in a bind is my guess.
  20. I've got a basement. Over the years, it's turned into a really nice basement.
  21. And on top of all that, he gets everything and everybody packed into a Camaro. The Burt Gang are good people. It's been a pleasure watching the kids grow up over the years. Each one of them seems to get faster every year, except for Capt. BB, of course. He's always been fast.
  22. How long did it take ya'll to put all the pieces together? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that case conference.
  23. I guess that's better than they found you lacking moral character and going to raise your mortgage payment $100. They probably would word it differently.
  24. Hiring incompetence may be cheap now, but sooner or later, you're going to pay.
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