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  1. The liberals really want to drop this case and wait for the next one. Admitting that being a transvestite is a mental illness is not the battle they want to fight.
  2. I cut a bunch of 5.56 brass down to make 300 blackout cases. I used a bandsaw with a metal cutting blade and drilled 10 holes in a block of wood to uniform depth with the drill press. Then I split the wood and put a hinge on it so I could clamp the cases snugly. Use a fence or a clamped board to set the wood block a uniform distance from the blade. Worked great. Krazy Kajun filmed me using my brass cutting contraption.
  3. I prefer a Briggs and Stratton engine on my lawnmower. It's easy to see the health of the engine by the color of smoke it belches out when you crank it. Any color of smoke coming from that battery powered lawnmower is bad.
  4. "Starship is a fully reusable transportation system"........ but only if it doesn't blow up.
  5. No body, No murder. Just a missing person that nobody misses.
  6. Frango mint chocolates from Macy's are my weakness. Andies Candies are almost as good, but not quite.
  7. Be very careful with that Lichtenberg burning. That process is exceedingly dangerous.
  8. Considering the FBI's usual competence, I'd be willing to be bet that most of the suspects have been alerted and have fled the country and are not in custody. It's easy to take charges on somebody who is a foreign national who won't be coming back to the U.S. Makes for good press with no long expensive embarrassing trials.
  9. Buying it at 75% and avoiding shipping, sales tax and an extended wait time is a good deal.
  10. I would be immediately suspicious. What did they change and how are they trying to screw me? Insurance companies are not known for their benevolent nature.
  11. If you have the option to have action jobs done locally by a good gunsmith, I would consider that route. Having to mail your rifle cross country because something isn't just right, can be expensive and aggravating. Ask around at the local matches and see who the local gunsmiths are. There are lots of good gunsmiths that may not be SASS Wire famous.
  12. Uberti 73 in .357; 20 inch barrel; short stroke kit and action job. Ruger New Model Vaqueros in .357, 4 5/8" barrels; stainless; short stroked, action job, transfer bar removed, SBH hammers SKB 100 or 200 in 12 gauge with a Fast Eddie action job.
  13. My duster arrived from Wyoming Traders. It's exactly as described and looks to be really good quality. I can give them a thumbs up, even though they wanted payment by Paypal.
  14. I've got about 10 Bud Lights in my refrigerator, left over from my last Florida trip. While I won't be buying any more, I don't think I'm going to shoot them or pour them down the drain. I may drink them before the Alabama State match and register as Ladies Gunfighter. I can borrow a dress from Jimmy Gunfighter. (He shoots in a kilt.) Look out Scarlett, I'm coming for you.
  15. I'm thinking common caliber bullets and/or shotgun shells would be a good barter currency. And if things get bad enough, you can always go over to the food hoarder's house and take what you need.
  16. Look what happened the last time the government sent out checks to everybody. We got 9% inflation. I know I don't feel like I won on that deal.
  17. The problem with gold and silver bars is that I can only seem to buy it with a large premium attached to it, which disappears when I try to sell it. I am buying at retail and selling at wholesale.
  18. It's yours if you want it. Pm me and we can figure out how to get it to you.
  19. California doesn't want trailers going over 55 mph because it's not safe, yet they don't mind motorcycles lane splitting.
  20. I just got back from the SC State championship too and as soon as I got the feeling back in my fingers, I started researching new slickers. Sunday night, I ordered this very one from the Wyoming Trading Company. According to Fedex, it should be delivered Wednesday. I was kind of cautious because their website only accepted Paypal and Venmo. I saw no way to pay by VISA. Everything else about the company looked legit. I read up on Paypal's rules and if it turned out to be a scam, I can contest it and get my money back. I placed the order and no sales tax or shipping added. So far, so good. I got email automated receipt from Wyoming Trading Company and the next day I got Fedex tracking numbers from Fedex. Anybody need an 15 year old moldy yellow slicker? Free to good home?
  21. Marines are good at breaking things.
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