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    Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Camping, Reloading! Woodworking, building custom gun carts. Just working with wood, building things in general. just enjoying retirement.
    Member of 5 DOGS CREEK POSSE. Making Very Nice knives.

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  1. Can I be third in line, just incase, thank you. QDG/Mike
  2. Mudflat & City Dude: sorry for butting in so to speak, but I have a 9mm Dillon die set and I'm in need of a 45 ACP set, or a change over. Happy trails & thank. QDG/Mike
  3. Mark, when was the payment sent? Nothing received as of 11:00 04.21.22. Maybe Friday. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  4. SOLD TO PB MARK pf Damascus Hunting/Camping Knife W/Sheath. 8.50 full tang blade with Dyed Maple hardwood handle/scale. Price:$35.00 and I'll pay shipping via USPS with tracking. Pay with Personnel check, cash or Pay Pal. Guaranteed for life, mine. Happy trails & thanks for your consideration. QDG/Mike
  5. SOLD TO YELLOWBOY 04.18.22 pf.. CARBON STEEL Hunting Knife W/Sheath. 8 inch full tang. overall, 4 inch Blade & 4 inch hardwood scale/handle. Comes with a nice leather sheath. Price: $35.00 and I'll still pay shipping via USPS w/tracking. Your personnel check, cash gold dust or bars also silver considered. Thanks looking. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  6. SOLD pf/pp Dave, how many do you want/need? Pay-Pal fine with me! QDG/Mike Dave, I have 300 mostly W-W & R-P once fired for $36.50.. Let me know & PM your info, I'll do the same. QDG/Mike
  7. For the knife.  I'll mail you a check.


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    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Nothing to be sorry for partner. Have a great weekend and thanks again.


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Mark, it's on it's way via USPS 9500 1138 1833 2103 9085 84..

      Happy trails


    4. Pb Mark

      Pb Mark

      Thanks.  Tracking shows here today.  

  8. SOLD TO MARK GUYER pd/shpd For your consideration I have a great hunting/camping knife with a 4 inch carbon steel blade and a 4 inch Resin handle. It comes with a leather sheath. It is a full tang blade. Priced at $35.00 shipped to your ranch, I'll pay the shipping via USPS with tracking. Payment: Personnel check, cash, gold dust and silver too. guarantee: life time, mine.
  9. Howdy partner, I got a Mernickle Double strong side sized & marked 42, tan in color and they look almost new. Priced at $300.00 + actual shipping cost. Sm. knife sheath included. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  10. Sold to Springfield Slim...pf...DAMASCUS BELT KNIFE with leather sheath. Overall length is 6.25 inches, the blade is 3 inches. Handle material s high strength RESIN. Priced at $35.00 and I'll pay shipping via USPS w/receipt. Payment form: Pay-Pal, Personnel check, or cash. Thanks for looking! Happy trails QDG/Mike
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