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    Member of 5 DOGS CREEK POSSE. Making Very Nice knives.

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  1. HOSS, check our a post from Solomon Kane, I had to pass so take a look partner. QDG/Mike
  2. Howdy Solomon, Would you consider $700.00 shipped? Please don't be offended partner. tough times are really upon us.

    Happy trails


    1. Solomon Kane 18264

      Solomon Kane 18264

      Quick Draw Grandpa,

      No offense taken sir, times are indeed hard, which why this is up for sale. I could meet you in the middle and do $750. 

      Solomon K. 

    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Solomon Sir: I'm going to have to pass on our sale/purchase as times are a little tough. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you, Sure can't wait for the better times to return.

      Happy trails 


  3. 40, what's the latest good news?

    Happy trails


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Back 40, Fingers crossed, I'll let you know. Did the tracking number work for you?

      Happy trails


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Back 40, as you said it arrived with the mail, fantastic! Sorry for all the questions.

      Thanks again

      Happy trails


    4. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      good to hear.

  4. Please send payment to:

    Mel Gajewski

    102 North Scheller Lane

    Scheller, Il.  62883

    Let's call it $12 for shipping, if that's OK with you.

    Thanks and send me your mailing address so I can have it ready to go.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Mel, sounds good, I'll have it in the mail today.  Have a great day, shoot straight pardner!


    3. Back 40 #23910 L
    4. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Did the money arrive, sure hope so. Let me know something.

      Happy trails

      QDG/Mike 05/10/21 12;18 

  5. Howdy 40.. I'll take 1 bag of "1000" 9mm priced at $50.00. please PM where to send the gold dust, you do accept gold, right. I'll do the same when I hear from you. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  6. DOC, Glad you covered your bases. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  7. Doc, did you find some? Well let me know if your still interested, I'll even lower the price to 40 each For $40. bucks as I have no need for the brass. Pay Pal appreciated. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  8. Capt, I'll take the belt @ $45.00 Shipped. I'll PM info, let me know. O.K. W/your info.
  9. DOC, i HAVE 40 EACH SHIPPED FOR $50.00 IF YOUR INTERESTED. Length 2.245, W-W once fired & deprimed_polished. HAPPY TRAILS QDG/Mike
  10. Wolfgang, How's 40 each for $50.00 sound shipped via USPS, Pay Pal appreciated. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  11. RUSTY, How would you like to pay? Pay Pal offered, Your check... let me know via PM.


    Michael D. Cory.....2904 Bralorne Ct....Bakersfield, Ca 93309

    661 836-1896

  12. Sam; size 44-46....caliber 38/357 and priced at $275.00  shipped. it is posted, but hard to see.

    thanks for the heads up.


  13. Irish, I'm looking for (1) Ruger vaquero Sheriff model 3.50 inch barrel. If you sell one I can but

    the other. If you hear of any singles or someone looking to split a pair I would appreciate the help.

    Happy trails


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