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  1. It's correct sorry for the delay 2904 Bralorne Ct Bakersfield, Ca 93309. Will need your address. QDG/Mike
  2. Cherokee, can't figure this out, but I want the holster. Any suggestions pardner? QDG/Mike
  3. The crazy computer strikes again. Don't part with it I'll try to fix it. O.K.? QDG
  4. Cherokee , I'll take the 2nd to last holster, the basket weaved holster. Happy trails, PM shipping information and I'll do the same. QDG/Mike
  5. Howdy, Fence Cutter. Michael D. Cory

                                              2904 BRALORNE CT

                                              BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309


    Thanks partner

    Happy trails


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    2. Fence Cutter

      Fence Cutter

      The freight has been dropped off at the depot.  Sent it priority, expected to arrive on Friday. I have the tracking number if we need it.


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, appreciate the information, have a great weekend pardner!

      Looking forward to arrival and cold weather.

      Happy trails and shoot straight.



    4. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, the jacket arrived Saturday evening, many thanks partner, QDG/Mike

  6. Howdy, looks to be just what I need, another jacket. PM shipping info and I'll do the same. I'LL TAKE IT. happy trails QDG/Mike
  7. Stoney, clairification needed please 7th picture, the holsters with belt buckles. What's the story? Do you still have them and the price is shipped, right? Happy trails & thank you. QDG/Mike
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