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  1. ANSI Z87-2+ as they were specifically made for shooting with a custom hyperfocal distance 7" past my extended arm fist so I can see both pistol and rifle front sights with reasonable acuity. My optometrist even set up a try frames with lenses so we could test the script out back with both pistol and rifle in hand. She's a shotgunner so she knew exactly what I wanted.
  2. Doesn't matter what the bore is. The groove and throat matter. Fill a fired case full of lead and chamber it, then slide that slug you made down the bore and upset it against the lead in the case. Open the bolt and gently remove the slug. Measure the throat. Best results with cast in these guns tends to be .0005" to .001" over throat diameter.
  3. 150-200 grain bullets in the .30-06 16.0-20.0 grains of 2400 always works. Use Federal 210M primers. You might need to neck turn the cases because most 03 rifles are going to take a .311 or .312 bullet. 2400 is not position sensitive. I've been shooting this load in 03 rifles since 1988. For .30-40 I'd start at 14.0gr and not exceed 18.0gr.
  4. See added note for clarification. Good targets, good placement. Do not assume otherwise.
  5. Edit NOTE for Clarification! This was a random bit of spatter that can happen at any time on any range no matter how well set up the stage. With the shoot through the week before and the main match I worked 19 of 20 stages as Unloading Table Officer and caught minor spatter maybe twice per stage. This post is to illustrate what can happen at any time. My Stoeger got a chunk of lead embedded in the leading edge of the comb this weekend. Likely spatter while at the unloading table. See first pic. Second pic is after digging most of the lead out with a hook tool. There is still some lead in there. Third pic shows how deep it went, your eye is a lot softer than wood. Fourth pic is the lead I dug out, the hook tool and the dime.
  6. It was a pleasure meeting y'all this weekend. If you shot long range let me know any likes or dislikes, we're working to keep improving it. PS- let me know how you liked the salsa. If it was a tad too hot the product below helps.
  7. There's 120 jars of it out there, if we have more shooters than that I need to know today so I can bring a few more jars out.
  8. Y'all might want to snag some corn chips and sour cream on your way to the match. There'll be a homegrown Alabama surprise for everyone.
  9. Despite the rain we set the targets up yesterday evening. We're just about ready for y'all.
  10. Schedule, categories and rules for the Long Range Side Match for Shootout At Cavern Cove We have new target arrays this year! Long Range Schedule for Shootout 1:45 PM to 4:00 PM all types shoot 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM shoot off for single shot tie breakers Categories: Pistol 100 Yard Pistol Caliber Repeating Rifle Rapid Fire 100 Yard Pistol Caliber Rifle Slow Fire 200 Yard Repeating Rifle 200 Yard Single Shot Rifle 200 Yard Buffalo Rifle There are no optics categories, all rifles must be iron sighted. Tie breakers: Pistols and repeating rifles rapid fire time is the tiebreaker. Single shot rifles/slowfire repeating rifles shoot off for tie breaker. Two sighters per gun will be allowed at the time of firing for record, sighters may not be converted to shots for record. Shooter may request spotter call the sighting shots. Firing for record occurs when the shooter states they are ready to do so. Spotters will not call more than hit or miss for record shots (shooter must request the hit/miss calls prior to firing the string). You may fire a second string for record, doing so negates the first string. Guns- any SASS legal gun for the various classes as defined in the Shooters Handbook is allowed. Ammo- any SASS legal ammo as defined under Long Range in the Shooters Handbook is allowed. Buffalo Rifles must shoot BP or any SASS approved BP substitute. Pistols- 5 shots. Pistols may be brought to the line holstered or cased, must be unloaded. Load at the table. May be shot Duelist or Traditional. Start standing at the table, gun in hand, not cocked, muzzle touching table until the beep. Shooter starts the timer after spotters state they are ready. Targets are from 34 to 42 yards in echelon. Engage targets in a Nevada Sweep from left to right. Do not reengage a missed target, continue the sweep. Penalties- A Procedural will be assessed for reengaging a missed target or starting at the wrong end. Repeating Rifles Rapid Fire- pistol caliber at 100 yards, rifle caliber at 200 (195 actual) yards. Load at the table adjacent to firing position. Must be fired unsupported from standing or sitting position, shooter's choice. Start in ready position, gun loaded, hammer down on an empty chamber. 5 shots at the largest target (leftmost target). Match official starts the timer. Single shot/slowfire rifles and buffalo rifles- At 100 yards a shooter may fire their pistol caliber repeater in a slow and deliberate manner following the rules below. Rifle caliber single shot rifles and buffalo rifles fire at the 200 yard targets. Rifles may be supported or unsupported, shooter’s choice. Supported means from sticks in contact with the ground. Shooter may fire from standing or sitting position. Bench sticks are prohibited. Fire from left to right, largest to smallest target, one round per target. Point values are from 1-5 as targets decrease in size. Shooter must engage all five targets. Load from the body or the table/ground adjacent to the firing position. It is the shooter’s responsibility to report back to the Long Range area between 3:45 and 4:00 PM to determine if they need to participate in a tie breaking shoot off. Guns may be in carts with actions open, racked with actions open (there is limited rack space) or brought to the line cased and then shown clear when uncased. Guns may only be loaded at the line immediately prior to firing. Guns must be shown clear and actions kept open before removing from the line (guns brought to the line cased or holstered must be shown clear then the action closed and recased or reholstered at the table). No gun handling under the shelter while a shooter is on the firing line. All standard SASS safety rules are in effect. Please assist with spotting and brass picking just like on a posse. Thank you. PS- your main match pistols and rifles can be used for three of the categories so come on over and give it a try.
  11. Add me to the rimfire shoot. I'm assuming it's just two revolvers and a rifle. Any limitations on ammo type?
  12. Due to lower back spasms I did not shoot yesterday but I did work ULT for that posse the entire match. all but one stage has sidewalls, all have a roof. Three BP shooters. Branchwater Jack- some flame, typical BP boom but not all that loud, like the BP version of Winchester low noise/low recoil shells. Toolman- loudest of the BP shooters, most flame shooting a 12ga SxS with short barrels. Not even close to abusively loud. Graywolf Tate- deepest boom, most smoke, some flame, long barrel (30"?), about like a Brown Bess musket with just a light wad loaded for re-enactment. Loudest shotgun of the day was a smokeless shooter using a 97, definitely hot commercial loads but no magnum or high brass empties came across the ULT. Borderline abusively loud.
  13. I have a huge scar on top of my head, looks like someone tried to part my hair front to back with an axe but bein' as I'm still walkin' & talkin' I must have an iron head.
  14. I took RO 1 last year, our club requires it. I learned a bit but a fair bit was also old hat since I have been a generic RSO; Block Officer, Line Officer and Pit Officer for High Power before. At 3 hours the class starts to get tedious, at 4 your brain is turning to mush so the new 6 hour requirement is going to be counter productive. A good black pin with sharp students should need anywhere from 2.5 to a most 4 hours for RO 1. I also loathe Power Point having been subjected To. Someone. Reading. Every. Single. Word. On. Every. Single. Slide. That. He. Copied. Verbatim. From. A. Federal. Regulation. Or. Standard. In. A. Dead. Monotone. Voice. For. Three. And. A. Half. Hours. Power Point should be used to highlight via a bullet points to enhance a lecture not comprise every single word in a rulebook. Funny thing, we were given the RO 2 test by mistake and we all passed it, when the mistake was discovered we took the RO 1 test and we all passed that too. I still need to take RO 2 even though I passed the test once already.
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