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  1. Rain? You mean what we in Alabama call a heavy mist or light drizzle at worst? Thanks! We busted our backsides for y'all. I'm the contact for the banquet venue we went with and I'll be sure to pass along your compliments, they bent over backwards to help us put on a good banquet.
  2. States like MD and NJ that put the state police in the loop do it in hopes of frustrating you and showing you who's boss by slowing the process down compared to free states.
  3. Don't forget the sacrificial midgets! I chucked a couple into the blast pit at the Marshall Spaceflight Center engine test stand before calling Jackson Center. Closest to virgins into the volcano I could come up with on such short notice. Apparently it worked!
  4. No cats were harmed while being herded but that's because Alabama cats pack Big Iron.
  5. Ruger PC-9 carbine with 3-15 round and 2-31 round Glock magazines. Glock magazine adapter is installed. Has Ruger magazine adapter and 1 Ruger magazine as well. Ships in original box with manual. It has been fired twice and it just doesn't fit me well. Price- $525 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. Preferred payment USPS money order or bank counter check.
  6. Winchester 1897 solid frame riot gun, E series made in 1918. This is not a cut down. Will hold 6 modern 2-3/4" shells. Price- $650 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. My FFL will not ship to -03s, sorry. Will ship in Plano hardcase. Preferred payment USPS money order or bank counter check.
  7. Don't believe him fellers! I was watchin' 'em while doing the carpenterin', an' paintin' and that new fangled lightinin' wranglin' on the cabin an' stages. They wasn't moving rocks & stones one at a time, they was havin' a gravel spittin' contest one piece at a time! Well......at least until somebody lost a tooth.
  8. Check in Friday morning can be very hectic so get there early, like 7:00 early. It will be more hectic this year because we are limiting how many folks can be in the cabin due to Covid. Don't skip the banquet, people wear everything from range clothes to fancy town clothes. A few of the range workers from last year just wore what they wore all day but then if we'd have taken our boots off to change the boots would not have gone back on.
  9. We's just gotta make sure you ain't one of them new fangled Northamite "Virginians".
  10. Bring yourself on out to Cavern Cove with the North Alabama Regulators as well. We're in Grant, AL.
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