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  1. If you plan on shooting the Long Range sidematch please familiarize yourself with the rules and courses of fire at this link. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/side-matches-ambush
  2. I run either a 397 gas check or a 405 plainbase lubed with SPG tropic over 69.3 gr. Schutzen 2f, .030" card wad compressed .12" in Starline brass. Only had it out to 200 yards but it does just fine. Recoil is moderate, not a shoulder breaker by any stretch. 69.3gr in Starline through a 36" drop tube. All that said Cholla is correct the Trapdoor is not a strong action so have a gunsmith familiar with them go over it.
  3. I'll second the RCBS Grand. It uses RCBS, Hornady or Pacific bushings. What I really like about it- both powder and shot are case activated, quick drain feature for powder and shot, fast and built like a tank.
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