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  1. Again with the lack of reading comprehension even when SHB cut & paste with a Barney style breakdown is provided. The cut and pasted portion of the SHB SPECIFICALLY lists the .30-30 as legal. It also SPECIFICALLY says cartridges for which main match rifles and revolvers are chambered are not "rifle" rounds for long range. Now be a good little argumentative buckaroo and go read the SHB before further beclowning yourself.
  2. Can you not read? Let me break it down Barney style. Any period* rimmed cartridge. *Period is invented prior to 1900. Not any cartridge for which main match revolvers are chambered except the .56-50. This allows the .32-40, .30-30, .30-40 and even the .303 British. So what if they aren't listed? There are over 100 cartridges that are applicable. The ONLY diameter requirement is Buffalo Rifle where it must be a ,375" or greater diameter. You really should read and comprehend the SHB before spouting off. Yes, I have allowed .30-30 at State and Regional level matches I have run.
  3. .38-55 is legal. That was a straight cut & paste from the SHB. Got a problem with that?
  4. North Alabama rifle caliber single shot and buffalo rifle are 200 yards at an array of descending size targets with point values from a front rest, time is not the tie breaker. FWIW only two people have cleaned that 5 target array, myself and Steelshot Scott. We do allow limited sighters. First tie breaker is hits on a tiny little bonus target but only if you cleaned the array. Other wise a tie based on points for those that did not clean the array is shoulder to shoulder shoot off. Per the SHB rifles of US design, with external hammer, firing a period rimmed cartridge of .375" or greater d
  5. Highwall, you can always opt for a shorter, round barrel on one. .38-55 and .45-70 are both good choices but be aware .45-70 with smokeless can be a bear. Both brasses are available from Starline.
  6. You missed my point. The only thing less fun that close targets for me is stand & deliver. Inside 7 yards for pistols and I start getting annoyed, inside 5 yards I absolutely detest. Not worth it to even show up for close targets. Now that's funny. I'm gonna just lumber through it anyway.
  7. Oh Hell No! Might as well make it all stand & deliver too.
  8. Springfield Model 87A, they were made from 1938-1940 and it was my dad's when he was a kid, He got it at age 8 and I got it at age 8. .22lr for semi or push the knob in after cocking and it would shoot shorts, longs and long rifles if you manually cycled it. Pushing the knob in locked the bolt. I still have it but it likes to jam in semi now. They're sometimes called "gill guns" for slots in the receiver.
  9. Howdy Cowrustler.

    My FFL needs your FFL's contact info- website, phone, email, and/or fax. They will contact your FFL to do the FFL thing. They will not accept it from anyone but the receiving FFL.

    Meanwhile ronwsmith59@gmail.com is my email.

    Send USPS money order, bank counter check or personal check to:

    Ron Smith

    14651 Indigo Ct.
    Harvest, AL 35749

    Money order and bank check go to my FFL next business day, personal check has to clear first (1-3 business days).

    I'll need your real name and phone number to put with the gun so your FFL knows who it's for and can call you.

    Thanks, Ron "Ironhead" Smith

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Excellent Bill, let me know how you like it.

    3. cowrustler


      Ron, just picked it up and it looks great. If the wind wasn't howling I'd take it out and shoot it. very pleased and thank you, Bill

    4. Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      You're welcome Bill and thank you. Enjoy!

  10. Nickel plated with pearlite grips, .45 Colt 3-1/2" barrel with Denham's holster. Less than a box fired. They sell between $1100 and $1300. Asking $1000 Price includes FFL to FFL shipping.
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