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  1. UPS stores usually carry something close enough. Ask for golf club boxes, they come in several sizes.
  2. There are several diamteres of front globe sights, need to know which you're looking for.
  3. For the rifle caliber, 200 yard rapid fire we run at Shootout and Ambush it would be fine. See me at the NAR August match for details.
  4. A pair of Single Sixes with .22lr and .22mag cylinders. Non-sequential S/Ns. NIB. Fired a couple .22lr cylinders loads from each. My club no longer does rimfire matches so they have sat in the safe a few years and I just don't shoot them. $550 each, $1000 for the pair shipping included. FFL to FFL of course. I accept USPS money orders or bank counter checks.
  5. I started reloading in 1977, primers were less than a penny each. That held through the early 1990s.
  6. You do realize most gun grease is literally just repackaged axle grease, right?
  7. Hasn't affected me at all. We've been having shortages of one kind or another every few years since the late 80s, those who haven't learned by now should just suck it up and deal with it and maybe they'll know better next time.
  8. That's why we built those gibbets under the roof of stage 10.
  9. It's actually terrible for keeping rust away. It is good for displacing water and dissolving itself if you let it gum up. That's it and there hasn;t been can in my house for over 30 years. It is not corrosive. It's a petroleum based oil and that's what kills primers. The only way to use it on guns. If you want something that does the same thing but doesn't gum up use Birchwood Casey Barricade, spray or wipes. Barricade is a water displacing polarized oil.
  10. https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/cowboy-action1.pdf
  11. Again with the lack of reading comprehension even when SHB cut & paste with a Barney style breakdown is provided. The cut and pasted portion of the SHB SPECIFICALLY lists the .30-30 as legal. It also SPECIFICALLY says cartridges for which main match rifles and revolvers are chambered are not "rifle" rounds for long range. Now be a good little argumentative buckaroo and go read the SHB before further beclowning yourself.
  12. Can you not read? Let me break it down Barney style. Any period* rimmed cartridge. *Period is invented prior to 1900. Not any cartridge for which main match revolvers are chambered except the .56-50. This allows the .32-40, .30-30, .30-40 and even the .303 British. So what if they aren't listed? There are over 100 cartridges that are applicable. The ONLY diameter requirement is Buffalo Rifle where it must be a ,375" or greater diameter. You really should read and comprehend the SHB before spouting off. Yes, I have allowed .30-30 at State and Regional level matches I have run.
  13. .38-55 is legal. That was a straight cut & paste from the SHB. Got a problem with that?
  14. North Alabama rifle caliber single shot and buffalo rifle are 200 yards at an array of descending size targets with point values from a front rest, time is not the tie breaker. FWIW only two people have cleaned that 5 target array, myself and Steelshot Scott. We do allow limited sighters. First tie breaker is hits on a tiny little bonus target but only if you cleaned the array. Other wise a tie based on points for those that did not clean the array is shoulder to shoulder shoot off. Per the SHB rifles of US design, with external hammer, firing a period rimmed cartridge of .375" or greater d
  15. Highwall, you can always opt for a shorter, round barrel on one. .38-55 and .45-70 are both good choices but be aware .45-70 with smokeless can be a bear. Both brasses are available from Starline.
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