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  1. Long range benches and targets all set up and ready to go. Don't forget for three of the categories you can shoot your main match pistol and rifle so stop on by side match day and give it a try.
  2. October 24, Southeast Regional, Ambush at Cavern Cove. See the thread for the event, it has the links and schedule.
  3. Ambush At Cavern Cove Southeast Regional 2019 Long Range Rules Categories: Pistol 100 Yard Pistol Caliber Repeating Rifle Rapid Fire 100 Yard Pistol Caliber Rifle Slow Fire 200 Yard Repeating Rifle 200 Yard Single Shot Rifle 200 Yard Buffalo Rifle 200 Yard Optics Rifle Tie breakers: Pistols and repeating rifles rapid fire time is the tiebreaker. Single shot rifles/slowfire repeating rifles, bonus target hits and if needed shoot off for tie breaker. Two sighters per gun will be allowed at the time of first firing for record, sighters may not be converted to shots for record. Shooter may request spotter call the sighting shots. If firing in a shoot off blackpowder shooters may fire two fouling shots into the berm or a target designated by the RO. Firing for record occurs when the shooter states they are ready to do so. Spotters will not call more than hit or miss for record shots (shooter must request the hit/miss calls prior to firing the string). Time permitting you may fire two additional strings for record, doing so negates the previous strings (just like drawing new cards in draw poker). Guns- any SASS legal gun for the various classes as defined in the Shooters Handbook is allowed. NOTE- the ROC has declared the NEF/H&R and Henry break open single shot rifles with external hammers to be legal. NOTE- 100 yard pistol caliber slow fire/single shot we are allowing any SASS legal repeating rifle to be single loaded and fired as if it were a single shot due to the scarcity of single shot pistol caliber rifles. Ammo- any SASS legal ammo as defined under Long Range in the Shooters Handbook is allowed. Buffalo Rifles must shoot BP or any SASS approved BP substitute (duplex loads and Blackhorn 209 are illegal per the SHB). Sights and optics per the SHB. All SASS safety and gun handling rules are in effect. Due to firing line commonality with stages running other side matches we will be using a flag system. From 12:00 to 1:30 PM the range is cold, there is to be no handling of firearms during this period; this is to allow range officials to go down range to repaint the long range targets. Guns may be in carts with actions open, racked with actions open (there is very limited rack space) or brought to the line cased and then shown clear when uncased. Guns may only be loaded at the line immediately prior to firing. Guns must be shown clear and actions opened before removing from the line (guns brought to the line cased or holstered must be shown clear then the action closed and recased or reholstered at the table). No gun handling under the shelter while a shooter is on the firing line. North Alabama Regulators are supplying various height shooting rests and sandbags for the slow fire and single shot categories. Shooters will be expected to treat this as a normal posse and pitch in to help time, spot and pick brass. This is a Regional match, cowboy attire is required per the SHB. To keep things moving there will be a sign up sheet for one gun/event to be shot, after you shoot that you may sign up to shoot another. Courses Of Fire Pistols- 5 shots. Pistols may be brought to the line holstered or cased, must be unloaded. Load at the table. May be shot Duelist or Traditional. Start standing at the table, gun in hand, not cocked, muzzle touching table until the beep. Shooter starts the timer after spotters state they are ready. Targets are from approx. 34 to 42 yards in echelon. Engage targets in a Continuous Sweep from left to right. Do not reengage a missed target, continue the sweep. Penalties- A two second penalty will be assessed for reengaging a missed target or starting at the wrong end. Repeating Rifles Rapid Fire- pistol caliber at 100 yards, rifle caliber at 200 (195 actual) yards. Load at the table adjacent to firing position. Must be fired unsupported from the standing position. Start in ready position, gun loaded, hammer down on an empty chamber. 5 shots at the largest target (leftmost target). The line to start the timer is “Eat lead!” Match official starts the timer. Single shot/slowfire rifles, buffalo rifles and optics rifles- Pistol caliber rifles fire at 100 yards. Rifle caliber single shot rifles, buffalo rifles and optics rifles fire at the 200 yards. Rifles fired from the rest and sandbag/s provided by the club. Fire from left to right, largest to smallest target, one round per target. Point values are from 1-5 as targets decrease in size. Shooter must engage all five targets in order, engaging the wrong target is a miss. Load from the body or the table. Match official will inform the shooter if they need to engage the small bonus target for the initial tie breaker. The bonus target to be engaged until missed. Points and number of hits on the the bonus target determine 1st through 3rd place. If there is a tie after the bonus targets hits the final tie breaker will be fired shoulder to shoulder, offhand at targets to be determined at the time of the shootoff. Each shooter will fire one round then the next shooter will fire until one misses a target the other has hit. It is the shooter’s responsibility to report back to the Long Range area between 3:15 and 3:40 PM to determine if they need to participate in a tie breaking shoot off. Shootoff begins at 3:45 PM.
  4. Didn't y'all hear? Lickskillet Charlie was cobbling something up involving two sheets of plywood and a 5 gallon bucket.
  5. There are safe ways to do it with some solvents but I do not know if any of these ingredients are safe to do it with. Nitrile gloves are your friends when dealing with solvents and more importantly lead residue when cleaning guns.
  6. Good stuff, been using it since Ed came up with it and I tested it. " A historical note about Ed's Red. When Ed Harris first cooked it up, it exceeded the then current Mil Specs for bore cleaner and CLP. Ed and a cohort were able to test it at a defense contractor's quality lab after hours with chrome-moly and stainless samples provided by Kreiger Barrels. " John Kreiger provided 4140 pucks and Boots Obermeyer provided 416 stainless pucks for testing. Three guesses who the "cohort" is. The only specs it failed were odor (which is subjective and not well defined in the spec) and flammability. That is not Ed's Red, not even close. The original formula from Hatcher's Notebook was a Frankford Arsenal cleaner (the real arsenal not today's company). Equal parts sperm oil, Pratt's Astral Oil, turpentine and acetone with the allowable addition of lanolin. Sperm oil is replaced with Dextron II or higher ATF, Pratt's Astral Oil was nothing more than highly refined kerosene, aliphatic (odorless) mineral spirits replace the turpentine and the acetone doesn't change. I use a brown glass gallon jug that originally held 2-propanol. No issue with real bluing, been using it almost 30 years. Not sure about painted frames like Ruger. Incidental dribbles on Rustoleum camouflaged ARs have had no effect if wiped of within a few minutes. Unless you know what you're doing with flammable solvents in ultrasonics I would not recommend it.
  7. I can tell you the Long Range rules and courses of fire for the SE Regional, Ambush at Cavern Cove, will be posted several places online on or before October 1 so folks know what to bring. I will also be sending directly to the folks that answered the survey we put out to the attendees list as of 09/10/19. The rules will refer to the SHB for the basics and I will spell out the few range specific details.
  8. Thanks guys! I'll cobble up a blow tube.
  9. Thanks guys. I am aware of the range limitation of the lighter bullets, not an issue since only the CMP Talladega range exceeds 200 yards that is within my driving radius. They do shoot just fine with smokeless so I know the rifle does like them. I have a drop tube and compression die that were given to me by the guy that gave me the wad material and punch. Fouling control to start will be a quick dry chamber brushing and if needed a swab of Ballistol and a dry patch or two until I learn what it needs. Crimp? Light, firm or heavy? I'm going to put together 10-20 rounds later this week. BTW- cases are Starline, primers are Federal.
  10. We also have a new long range bench and new shooting rests for the long range sidematch.
  11. We should have plenty of dark purple, lilac and pink paint leftover from Pearl's to make it all pretty for Kajun.
  12. So I've decided to try BP in the .45-70 Pedersoli Sharps. I cast 1:20 alloy and size to .460, I have some SPG lube to start. Bullets on hand are 325gr, 397gr and 400gr w/gascheck.. I have .030 brown wads from Buffalo Arms. Is Graf's 2F powder what I want to use? Should I start with 70gr by volume uisng a muzzle loader measure? I know i want slight compression (1/8" or 1/10"?) and no airspace. TIA.
  13. You're the one that brought up postage stamps at 100 yards.
  14. Where does it say the Henry is legal? Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot firearms must be originals or replicas of single shot rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899. All rifles MUST have exposed hammers. The caliber and cartridge rules for the “Rifle Caliber” firearms noted above under basic rules also apply to Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot rifles with the exception Buffalo Single Shot rifles must be .375" bore size or larger. Buffalo Single Shot competition has further restrictions requiring original or replica rifles to be a design of US manufacture. Spring-loaded ejectors are also prohibited, except for Springfield Trapdoor Rifles. Reading the SHB in the strictest sense the Henry would not be legal in Single Shot or Buffalo Rifle as it is not a design from the period 1860-1899. It would be legal for Open Category. I ask because I run our long range program and we're hosting a Regional. Suppose I allow a Henry in either Single Shot or Buffalo and shooter A beats out shooter B with a rifle that meets the strict definition in the SHB. Shooter B would have a valid protest with an exact reading of the SHB. So I ask again, where is it published the Henry is legal for those categories.
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