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  1. Red, I sent a pm accompanied by a Paypal payment. Sorry. It was too convenient to pass up, cowrustler
  2. Kirk, never got your pm. Need your address to send the check, cowrustler
  3. You can't receive messages so I'm told by this site. Can you get 1000 in a medium flat rate box? Do you take Paypal? Thanks, cowrustler
  4. I foolishly sold my .45-60 reloading stuff with an 1876 rifle. Now I have another and need the wherewithal to get it shooting. Thought I'd check and see if anybody here sold the rifle but kept the reloading stuff. Thanks for looking, cowrustler
  5. Ron, I replied to your e-mail with all the info needed but this SASS message system always makes me wonder if things went through. Please let me know, cowrustler
  6. Ron, mark it sold and pm me where to send payment. I'll need your real e-mail as well to ship my dealers ffl to you. Thanks much, cowrustler
  7. I will take these. PM me where to send the $30 or your Paypal info. Thanks much, cowrustler
  8. I don't believe wheel weights are pure lead. Seems to me they are an alloy and are harder than pure lead. I've had very good luck and good prices off E-bay.
  9. No, they aren't the same. You can shoot .25-35 in a .25-36 but not the reverse. The last SRC I had in .25-36 shot just fine using .25-35 ammunition but getting the right brass and dies is important for some.
  10. Nice looking rifle. Looks much more like an original '92 than some of the other reproductions. Good luck with your sale.
  11. I will tale this .36 caliber revolver. PM me on where to send money or Paypal. Thanks, cowrustler
  12. I will take it. PM me on payment and your e-mail address. Thank you, cowrustler
  13. I would check with River Junction Trading Co in McGregor, Iowa. Seems to me they advertised a shoulder holster to fit smaller framed guns. Good folks to deal with.
  14. i have an original that I've shot. Accurate, works fine, looks good. Not cheap. PM me if any interest, cowrustler
  15. I have a Garrett Sharps, Gemmer style. Very nice. PM if any interest. Not cheap but nice and also rare.
  16. I'm waiting on an antique gun shipped from Arkansas on December 13. Tracking tells me its "in transit". Well of course it is. If the seller shipped it and I haven't got it where else can it be but "in transit"? USPS tracking is worthless.
  17. dahoney, got the pants today. Thank you- very nice, cowrustler

  18. Jack, money sent via Paypal for the 2nd vest, cowrustler

  19. Back 40, the check went in today's mail. Again my apologies- senility must be setting in. :) cowrustler

    1. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      No Problem Pard,    I'll get the lead coming your way.   Thanks

  20. Ron, I've got a Ruger Single Six, old style, not converted, very nice with an unusual 4&5/8" barrel (only made for 2 years, 1959 and 1960 if I remember right). $500. I'm down north of Edgemont so I would guess we could avoid shipping, Bill

  21. I have bought stuff here and generally found everything as described and the dealings cordial. I don't sell here because I'm not techie enough to post pictures given the hoops SASS requires a seller go through to get them posted. And most of my buying and selling is for original guns and there are better markets than here for original items. That's not to say anything against SASS members but other venues offer lots more shoppers.
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