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  1. Anyone have an approximate round count for the Wild Bunch match? Will there be a "kill 'em all" stage like last year?
  2. Most around here shoot 6, Big Irons generally shoot 7.
  3. There's one about an hour east of Columbus on Saturday put on by the Blackhand Raiders. They are listed under Ohio clubs in the SASS club listings. They appear to be just starting and draw very few shooters, but I'm thinking of going to practice for the Illinois State match next week. They're probably an hour and a half from Springfield though.
  4. Ornery just met, talked and shook hands with the President and First Lady.
  5. I've read this many times over the years and, even knowing the story, I laugh out loud every time!
  6. I believe this is a pistol caliber carbine but know nothing else. Are there mag changes on the clock and if so would I need mag pouches? Thanks
  7. I've been using Windex with vinegar for years and have never had any problem with the blueing on my guns. It's pretty much impossible to clean black powder firearms without getting whatever solvent you're using on the blueing. In my experience the vinegar is so diluted that it's not a problem. Maybe someone else will chime in on this.
  8. Unless you're shooting a full case of bp as God intended the .44-40 to be loaded!
  9. My first time also and I was really impressed. They also put a very nice WB match, especially impressive for their first effort. Kudos and thanks to Woody Shootem and everyone else involved.
  10. Do you still have the 1100 trap gun? If so, if you could bring it to the WB match, I'd like to take a look at it.



  11. "The royal ***** is clean, your highness." Spoken by one of Eddie Murphy's bath maids in "Coming to America."
  12. Still looking. I have another pair of these with the plain white grips, and yet another pair with the white grips with some flowery scrimshaw so I'm not desperate. I'm pretty sure that my takeoffs are somewhere in the house and that I'll find them right after I buy some others, if I find any to buy. I have gunfighters on the third pair right now but I'd like to hang on to those. These are for match guns so some wear and tear is not a problem. Similarly, don't want to pay a premium for new/pristine grips.
  13. The young woman on the right is Lassiter's daughter Laura, his son is an adult so I'm going to guess that the young man may be his eight year old grandson, Charles. Remember Tom is really, really old.
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