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  1. I didn’t see anything in the article about the 39a.
  2. We were visiting our daughter, her husband and 17 month old grandson in Baltimore (Arbutus actually) that morning, and I got through. It was a bear though!!
  3. Just learned I’m in, both cowboy and Wild Bunch!!!
  4. Thanks Misty and we appreciate all the hard work. My last post was precipitated by Legendary Lawman’s post on this thread about a new application for Wild Bunch. This thread was started by me and was addressed to those in a similar situation, i.e. not in the main match nor on the WB list despite having applied for both. LL’s comments didn’t apply to us although he didn’t draw that distinction. He probably should have posted that on a new thread. You clarified the situation as did LL in his most recent post. All is good. PS Is that rocket scientist a classic cowboy out of Alabama w
  5. I started the registration effort online promptly at 11:00am monday, February 8. It was not until 12:33pm that I was able to break through and get my application submitted. Now, you are telling me that that application, which included Wild Bunch, counts for nothing and I can go through the whole *&%@#**%& process again using a Wild Bunch only application at some future date. I certainly hope you have that wrong! It seems that SASS could simply look at the applications already submitted and add those of us who applied for WB to the list of shooters or waiting list in the order received
  6. I am 26 on the EOT main match waiting list but I also applied for Wild Bunch. When I checked the Wild Bunch shooters list I found just 31 names and I wasn’t one of them! I called the SASS office and they told me that they didn’t include names of people who applied for both matches and didn’t make the main match when they compiled the Wild Bunch entrant names. They said they “assumed” that anyone not making the cas match would not want to shoot WB. I told them that I will shoot WB regardless of whether I ultimately make the main match and they said they’ll add my name. I suspect t
  7. Thanks Goody, I just read it. I have WB on my original app so I’ll be shooting that for sure!
  8. Happy birthday Marty! Over the years I’ve had the dubious pleasure of getting thumped by both Marty and Ethan at various times, but then I recently hit 73. ☹️
  9. Pretty sure the cowboy match was full by the time I got through the electronic logjam but I applied for WB as well. Will WB entries be considered separately? Lots of people don’t shoot it (and don’t know what they’re missing!).
  10. There will always be some shooters who “can’t” attend for one reason or another. All SASS has done is move the location and there’s 4+ months to plan.
  11. Do you still have the 1100 trap gun? If so, if you could bring it to the WB match, I'd like to take a look at it.



  12. I think all Ruger single action factory grips were made by Lett back then. Do these have the Ruger medallion? Are you sure that they are the short grips and what are you asking?

  13. Wolfgang,

    Who made your percussion Sharps? Just curious in case Okiepan doesn't take it.


    Buffalo Dick


    Still have your cabin in Ohio?

    1. Wolfgang, SASS #53480

      Wolfgang, SASS #53480

      Still have cabin in Ohio.  Sharps replica made by Pedersoli.     Okiepan doesn't want it. He wants a military carbine style.  

    2. Wolfgang, SASS #53480

      Wolfgang, SASS #53480

      Hi Pard, . .  it is made by Pederosoli.  was not bought as being new.  But is perfect in and out.   Can send photos. Will include shipping and the bullets and paper for cartridges.   Have also the really strong percussion caps but am not sure about sending those. Looks to me like a real fun gun.  But have been and still am too busy to ever get around to shooting it.  Checkered wood, deep browned finish ( not bright blue), 32 in barrel, long range tang sight. 




    3. Buffalo Dick, SASS #12880

      Buffalo Dick, SASS #12880

      Thanks for the response. I'll research the Pedersoli but seriously doubt I would be interested. What I really want is a Shiloh.


  14. tell you what - I have a roller handle on one of my 550’s and have been wanting to find a std one with a ball end. Send me yours and I will send you mine and everything will dandy!  How’s that sound?

    1. Buffalo Dick, SASS #12880

      Buffalo Dick, SASS #12880


      Let me get back to you on that. I don't know where the original handle is from my older press and I haven't mounted and tried out the new one. I may decide I like the ball end handle.


    2. Too Tall Bob
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