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  1. Wait till you get there to buy stuff that way you support the vendors
  2. I still have my first quality cowboy hat I bought in the mid 80s had it rebuilt about ten years ago or more I had a second that my ex threw away while I was at work on day when we lived in as. It was rough about like ta's hat.
  3. I haven't been to that area since I pcsed to ask in 87
  4. I bought a sleave of federal lp rivers at the se regional the guy had plenty and no has mat fees
  5. Are they the plastic ones or real bone/antler
  6. I did too when it came out several months ago
  7. Red cent make him a strap the buckles will fit on much like a concho belt
  8. Theres also a series of books on the us military for the different periods up thru the civil war Indian war era and up Thur WWII iirc I have the one thru the turn of the century back to the post cw era one
  9. Don't forget battlefield plunder why leave good firearms and ammo on the battlefield for your enemy to use so the winners usually plundered the losers
  10. I once had a cobra now I love my bond
  11. Had a friend who passed some time ago. He was Irish and dressed in green whenever he could wore a straw hat and carried a walking stick
  12. I too shoot usfa saas but I also own ruger bisleys and uberti s&ws. I doubt you'll find a import that will feel as good as your usfa. I would keep looking since its not a urgent need.
  13. My only complaint about the skb is that since it does weigh less you feel more of the recoil
  14. What's the difference between a BMW and Toyota?
  15. Let me know if you need some odd ball firearms like s&w's, Taurus thunderbolt, 1887 shotgun, everything else I think you already have on hand.
  16. Smart move you will not regret it. He did my 87, one of my 73 my latest ruger bisleys and my uberti s&w no 3s with all the gunsmithing he's doing and match directing eot I don't see how he has time to shoot anymore.
  17. When I make it back home I've got a ruger silencer waiting on me to start the process again, I'm hoping that the don removes them from the NFL before I submit the paperwork for another stamp. Wonder what happens to the existing stamps for silencers when that happens.
  18. You gonna do the scoot and shoot or what ever it was called
  19. I have a set from wes but Lassiter did my latest set. Ask him, I wanted the half cock so if I was to short throw it all I need to do is repull it back to the shorter position without the half cock you would have to go around and that take a lot longer
  20. I have both the 22/45 tactical and the NRA 22/45 lite. I saw the s&w review.
  21. I have the predessor to the 1878 in the ttn and like it for classic when I don't shoot my 87. I never had a stoeger. If the stoeger is hammerless and she doesn't shoot classic cowgirl I'd go with the stoeger as it will be faster. Personally I'd check with Johnny Meadows to see if he's got a baikal in you price range or if you really want to treat her get her an skb.
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