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  1. It snowed in the Hat this morning also. Burnt Bacon and I hit the indoor range every Wednesday morning for a bit of practice. Generally it is only her and myself 3 out of every 4 weeks we shoot.
  2. Good to see you Jabez, you grumpy old fart! You are not allowed to kick the bucket! Do you realize how many people you would inconvenience if you did? We would all have to come up with nice things to say about you! Darn, there are some really sensitive people out there! Stretching the truth about what happened during a bad stage is one thing, but this ................................... geez!
  3. Jabez, glad to hear your feeling better. Take life easy and build back your strength. I hope to see you at Granum this spring since Alberta Annie has announced their dates already. This morning I got an email from the Canadian Historical Arms Society they shoot at the Genesee Shooting Range, west of Leduc. "CHAS Cowboy Action shooters league will be hosting two shoots, at the Genesee Range. July 24th & 25th August 28th & 29th" Have you ever head of this group or shot at the range?
  4. This truly sounds like horrific legislation. If it passes will it cause any problems/complications for Canadians that want to come south to compete in SASS matches in the United States?
  5. Thanks for the effort but I have a couple of comments. Call me a snob or not but I don't mind new shooters showing up for one or two matches not meeting the minimal dress standards, but some shooter showing up every match through the season just diminishes the match for the rest of us. SASS has dictated standards for ammo for a reason, eg; my club just spent approx $10,000 in new steel in the last 2 years, using SASS standards we should be able to eliminate ricochets and have the steel serviceable for 15-20 years. With multiple types of firearms you cannot guarantee that ammunition meets the r
  6. We are the generation that grew up watching John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, etc. The young shooters today are of a generation that grew up watching the Die Hard and John Wick series. 25 years ago when I shot IPSC we reloaded with lead bullets, todays shooters for the vast majority only use factory ammo because with all their other play toys they can't fit reloading into their schedules. Its not cost, a new IPSC style race gun can cost up the $3,000.00, almost the cost of 2 brand new Ruger Vaqueros (in Canada). A stock Winchester/Mirku M73 up here is $1,750.00, an AR 15 raced up is any
  7. Burnt Bacon & I shot with him in Noxon Montana about 3 years ago. He was still shooting a 10 gauge at 93, what a fantastic trooper to shoot with.
  8. Only 2,188 rounds out of a pound for Burnt Bacons .38's, 1707 rounds out of a pound for .44's. Burnt Bacon is down in Claresholm tomorrow with her sister and her mother looking at real estate for her mom. I've just been rumbling along trying to get a .30 cal carbine ready, just in case somebody holds a 3 gun match this year. Given the way Junior organized the Phizer (sp) injections it will be 2050 before everyone is inoculated and can cross the border.
  9. CLD, I do drop in occasionally. According to the facebook rumor mill, Junior wants to go to the polls this year. Maybe we can stop all this foolishness.
  10. Santa & I had an agreement, if we wanted something just buy it. It works for us. Not much for Cowboy stuff, by the end of November I had all my ammo reloaded (hopefully) for a full 2021 season. In case that doesn't pan out, I been working on my 3 gun kit, trying to build a replacement due to the AR's being banned for use until they confiscate them. Maybe I can fit in a few matches there, anything just to get out of the darn house!
  11. I asked this question years ago, I never did get a satisfactory response.
  12. One of my "Original" Ruger Vaqueros in .44 magnum, broke a transfer bar at the point of putting about 20,000 Cowboy loads down range. Once I hot a new bar it took about 15 minutes or so to replacement. I've had the gun since about '97 and that is the only problem I have ever had.
  13. I had one on a Rossi M92 a few years back when I was shooting "B Western", I figure that it added 5-9 seconds to every stage.
  14. A few years back I tried cast lead bullets in my 1943 Springfield. I discovered that I had to generate a MV of at least 2,000 fps for my Garand to function reliably. At 2,000 fps I had noticeable leading, so much for that experiment.
  15. I'm shooting a 1983 John Wayne Commemorative that a previous owner allowed portions of it to rust, thus killing its value. Very nice rifle at 100 yds. Brass is getting harder to find these days.
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