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  1. Three Foot Johnson, does this mean when we shoot in Montana now we have to wear a Burka?
  2. If the are more than 4 shotgun targets on a stage for the most part the 97 is faster, if their are 4 or less I find the SxS faster. About 2 years ago my wife sat me down and asked me if I knew how much money I spent in the last 2 years on repairs to my 3 97's. Sadly my answer was yes, after 22 years of use they take a real beating. I've switched to a SxS now, it is almost as fast, but is a whole lot cheaper.
  3. Not to worry Jabez I have a take down extension and adjusting sleeve coming from the US so I can put my 30" barrel back on my 97. That dipstick we call a Prime Minister has ordered the border shut until 21 June. I checked Montana's covid 19 rules and apparently out of state visitors have to self isolate for 14 days once they enter the state. That might put a kibosh on shooting at Simms and the Montana State Championships.
  4. I have a Shilo Sharps #3 Sporting Rifle from Big Timber, excellent quality, I just wish I could shoot good enough past 500 yds to make it proud of me!
  5. Like many other Western Canadians I am appalled at this flawed legislation. I was even more appalled after I finished measuring the barrels of my SxS and cut down Winchester M1897 barrels that are fitted with Colonial Arms screw in chokes. As of this morning the government has 2 standards for measuring the barrel diameter. One by the RCMP and the other by Border Services. If I try and shoot matches in Montana & Wyoming later this year (if the border opens up) coming back to Canada I may or may not be arrested for transporting a "prohibited" weapon! So while I can shoot Cowboy Action with my SxS's, In order to legally shoot Wild Bunch I need to put a 30" barrel back on my Win 97.
  6. I've been shooting .44 Mag in my Original Vaqueros for 22 years now and .45 LC in my Uberti M73 Carbine for 6 years. Open up my loading block, rifle ammo has a red stripe across the base of the cartridge case, .44 mag has a blue stripe across the base of the cartridge case. This means I can use my 3 most accurate firearms. KISS, I've NEVER had a problem mixing ammunition up at the loading table where the chatter gets silly at times.
  7. Can't see ever selling my 4" M625.
  8. I traded the "training wife" in for 3 shotguns, fantastic deal! With the current wife I had to buy her 11 guns until she found 7 to compete with. These days when she says "upgrade", I remind her who hasn't retired yet!
  9. The originator of that line, obviously is not retired!
  10. Oh the horror! Even my "Training wife" allowed me to have 10 guns in the house!!!!
  11. Years ago, when I was a match director in another shooting discipline, I distributed match copies a month before the match, right up until the time I discovered that the top shooters were practicing the stages at their own range before coming to my match. I distribute no stages these days, that way it is fair to all shooters because nobody gets an unfair advantage.
  12. Reloading, and so far I've gotten through 18 1/2 seasons of Gunsmoke……….. 2 1/2 seasons to go!
  13. There were only 2 of us with BAMM Rifles at Simms!
  14. I just hope that Three Foot Johnson (aka Shorty) has been practicing since last July!
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