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  1. Jeb, I really like the idea of a "Doughboy Match", if there is one at the state match this hear, I'll be there with bells on!
  2. Mailed Burnt Bacon's and my registrations 2 days ago. I am really looking forward to the BAMM match, thanks for organizing it!
  3. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota & Arizona. With any luck I'll get to shoot at Noxon with Mud Marine later this year, hope he has a better battery in his camper!
  4. I loved it but apparently lefty social media was "offended" by the truth.
  5. I shot at Winter Range between 2012 and 2016 an thought that would be an excellent idea, especially for those shooters that have very little experience shooting at that range.
  6. You know when I wanted to bring my guns to the US to shoot in matches, I had to learn the US regulations that would allow this, much like you would have to learn the Canadian regulations that would allow you to shoot up here. I shot a match last year just south of Calgary with a couple from California, it can be done. I've visited web sites where even the cops don't know the laws of California either because of confusing explanation's or rapid change. I still have competing in Montana and Wyoming on my schedule for 2020. Just don't need the hassle of a dysfunctional liberal paradise.
  7. As a Canadian who has many years of shooting in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Arizona my wife and I enjoy the people and the competitions that we have shot in and always have been treated well. Given the complexities of California laws, just don't need the hassle when we have anywhere from 13 to 19 firearms in the car going to a match. I'll give your Liberal paradise a pass.
  8. I have main match guns in .38 spl, .44 mag and .45LC. Currently my favorite combination is .44 mag "Original" Vaqueros and a .45LC Uberti M73. My web belt holds 22 rds of .44 while a 5 rd slider worn on my right hand strong side in front of the holster has .45LC .
  9. Good to see your back in one piece Jabez, just sent you a Match Flyer for Medicine Hat 08/09 June, hope you received it. Grumpy old fart, I'm lookin forward to seeing you!
  10. Jabez if you find yourself a little bored, wander up to the Hat one day. We got a real nice indoor range that loves when you burn smokeless!
  11. Congratulations on the grand daughter! Burn Bacon is expecting 2 more by the SASS Western Regionals in Saskatoon in August.
  12. Mud Marine, contact me at blaster921@shaw.ca for any information you need about matches in Alberta or Saskatchewan in 2019.
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