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  1. I have main match guns in .38 spl, .44 mag and .45LC. Currently my favorite combination is .44 mag "Original" Vaqueros and a .45LC Uberti M73. My web belt holds 22 rds of .44 while a 5 rd slider worn on my right hand strong side in front of the holster has .45LC .
  2. In the Shooters Handbook, it indicates that we are not allowed to use "modern shooting gloves", fair enough, but what is the exact definition of modern shooting gloves? The reason for this question is, as we get older, many of us are on doctor prescribed medications that change our bodies. In my case I have noticed an increasing lack of elasticity in the skin on my hands. I find that in almost every match that I compete in I end up tearing skin. Is there a style of authorized gloves that would be "period correct" that I could wear while shooting? I'm thinking of something like cyclists use, where all the fingers are exposed but the rest of the hand is covered. Comments?
  3. Good to see your back in one piece Jabez, just sent you a Match Flyer for Medicine Hat 08/09 June, hope you received it. Grumpy old fart, I'm lookin forward to seeing you!
  4. Jabez if you find yourself a little bored, wander up to the Hat one day. We got a real nice indoor range that loves when you burn smokeless!
  5. Congratulations on the grand daughter! Burn Bacon is expecting 2 more by the SASS Western Regionals in Saskatoon in August.
  6. Mud Marine, contact me at blaster921@shaw.ca for any information you need about matches in Alberta or Saskatchewan in 2019.
  7. Mud Marine, Sir I must say it was an honor to shoot with you in Noxon this spring. You gave me the inspiration that there is literally no age limit in this sport.
  8. Burnt Bacon & I will be heading to shoot a match in Noxon Montana that weekend, been trying to get down there for a couple of years now. Everytime I put a plan together to attend the match, someone or something torpedo's my plans
  9. That's a shame, so I'm guessing that if his grandson comes out this summer he won't be shooting in Great Falls. Hope he can make it to Granum.
  10. I ran into Swallow Fork and his grandson last July at the Montana State Championships in Great Falls. He was only there so his grandson could shoot. Unfortunately it looks like his days of shooting are coming to a sunset.
  11. Jabez, you grumpy old fart, Medicine Hat, 2 day match, 09/10 June 2018. Saturday PM Long Range, 5 categories, hope to see you there. Now you can't be grumpy that you weren't told ahead of time!
  12. Jabez, try a bit (a big bit) of rum with your coffee. It works wonders as a general pain killer!
  13. Jabez, if you had been shooting in the Hat a bit more often, you would have noticed that in order to make everybody happy that long range side matches are held at the spring match & WB in the fall. I expect to seen you with your .45-70 in the spring, you old grump!
  14. Grey Beard, Jabez wimped out in using his 16 gauge for Wild Bunch in Medicine Hat. We offered him every advantage, except squeezing the trigger for him, he's not a grump, wimp yes, but not a grump!
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