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  1. Its not about being right or wrong, at the time I was in a unique position to seek the advice of some conceptionally brilliant PhD's along with their computer modelling data.
  2. If you go to Lymans cast loads for .44 Special, their listed loads go down to 4.4 grains of W231. As a retired Explosive Technician in a Defense Research facility I have over 16 years experience with experimental ammunition and explosives. Before I started experimenting with those loads I had the advice of some of the best PhDs in Ballistics in the country to guide me to my results. I didn't take this lightly but no other load will get me down to 515 fps.
  3. It is below, but it has been working well for me over 8 years now, at least 1,500-2,000 rds per year.
  4. My "Original" Vaqueros in .44 magnum like 4.1 grains of W231 pushing a 240 grain LSWC bullet. I get a power factor of 120. I tried getting the load less than 4.1 grains but then I have problems of bullet stability.
  5. Got a Redwing at Winter Range.
  6. Happy BDay Jabez, hope to see you at the match in the Hills on the 26/27.
  7. My wife and I shoot anywhere from 9,000-10,000 cast lead .38's, .44 mags, .45 Colt, .45 acp's, ,32-40, .45-70 & 6.5x55mm's during an average year, I'm retired and I still don't have enough time to cast my own bullets.
  8. I bought a Chiappa "Alaskan" takedown M92 in .44 magnum with a 12"(I'm in Canada its non restricted up here) barrel last December. So far I've run about 30 different loads through it. My most accurate load so far is with 2400 pushing a 240 grain TMJ at 1,391.0 fps. This gives me a 3" group at 50 yds and I have no problem ringing a 12" gong at 100 yds. I still need to work up a load for cast lead. Great little carbine, I also got a gun case from Skinner sights and when taken down you don't recognize it as a gun case. It pays to buy the full stock.
  9. Jabez, missed you at the last 3 matches held by Alberta Annie this spring. hope to see you on the 20th.
  10. Good to see your back in one piece Jabez, just sent you a Match Flyer for Medicine Hat 08/09 June, hope you received it. Grumpy old fart, I'm lookin forward to seeing you!
  11. Jabez if you find yourself a little bored, wander up to the Hat one day. We got a real nice indoor range that loves when you burn smokeless!
  12. Congratulations on the grand daughter! Burn Bacon is expecting 2 more by the SASS Western Regionals in Saskatoon in August.
  13. Mud Marine, contact me at blaster921@shaw.ca for any information you need about matches in Alberta or Saskatchewan in 2019.
  14. Mud Marine, Sir I must say it was an honor to shoot with you in Noxon this spring. You gave me the inspiration that there is literally no age limit in this sport.
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