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  1. There were a few at least some large knives in the hands of early fighting men traveling/living in the west. The Ames Rifleman's Knife would have been an example of one dating to the 1840s and earlier, do not forget some of the descriptions of the Bowie were of a large fighting knife. I am in a care setting right now and do not have a reference to my library right now but I do also remember a reference in one of my famous fights histories of the old west in which a saloon fight took place at a card table. As I remember the guy with the pistol emptied it from across the table into a real
  2. I have had a 45-75 Uberti for many years and never fired her off. I think most of the necessaries needed to make meat are gathered but things just have to wait for now! She has been moved around so much over the past few years that her scars are starting to show... Yall git me all stirred up much more an I am apt to try and load a few rounds!
  3. Seems as I remember buying two Colt style C&B revolvers from Dixie Gun Works back in the sixties as my first ever BP purchase. Could not tell you who made them, or anything else, other than they were the pretties guns I ever saw! After I got past the CW craze I moved on to Mountain Man, etc etc but my love of the old C&B revolvers has lasted.
  4. I could swear those look like Navy size grips?? Get the second one matched to the first, it will help you avoid developing a limp. I recently bought a new C&B (Dragoon) but fear it will be a bit heavy for a holster pistol! Anyone know what size ball a Uberti Dragoon would prefer?
  5. I was just curious due to the fact that several on the WIRE have become quite dept at what I consider to be advance skills involving the single action cap and ball revolvers. More than a couple have even shown some degree of skills with the Henry rifles. Guess I might be getting ahead of my brain on the thinking, a bad habit that gets worse as I get more time on my hands. I wood not want to suggest something that might get someone into trouble!
  6. Over the years I have ended up with many defective rounds of Win and Rem .22 ammo, mostly purchased in bulk packaging. Both brands have exhibited the same defect, out of spec bullets. The bullets are are over diameter to the point of not chambering in revolvers or autos. My eyes re not the best in the world BUT I swear that under close examination I would be able to see some sort of decomposition at the base of the bullet where it entered the brass and close visual exam would show that all rounds in the lot would have bullets that were far proud of the case dia. This occurred often enough
  7. When working on C&B firearms as a gunsmith, how many if any breaks does one get from the normal legal responsibilities of neing a full fledged gunsmith? I am referring to someone who specialized only in black powder firing guns, up to and including mail order work?
  8. Before spending the money, be sure and check the Remington revolver out with a few rounds down range. For easy care free shooting I found the Pietta Rem '58s to be great guns BUT I just got tired of the beating it put on my lil birds by the end of every match. I like the Colt style cap guns but they do much better with additional aftermarket work.
  9. If you still have the Mexican jacket I will take it.

    1. dahoney


      Shipped today 



  10. I am sure that most who use the crotch rocket style do so for speed but there is another purpose. For some of us with arthyrightous the angle and position of crotch rockets are actually a more comfortable position for the wrist. I keep any belt tensions (tensioners) loose so that I can easily position the holsters for any task at hand. I also like to use the cart holsters between shooting, much better when posse work is being performed.
  11. KB, as per your original post, I heard many reports of the Blue Press leaving blue highlights in those primer pockets! For this reason I decided to go with the Hornady LNL and have never looked back.
  12. I have two pairs of '60s that have the Manhattan conversions but have just really gotten my first good look at what I think you-alluns call the 'rake'. My Manhattan Conversions are dead on reliable but the rake looks much simpler to do. How does the rake rate against the Manhattan for dependability?
  13. I lost my website a while back but did stumble across this link that will show my converted Marshalls. If one reads the narratives it will be obvious that the work and the pictures are being seen ahead of my receiving the guns. Never loaded them with anything but APP under a 160gr bullet stuffed into C45Sp brass. I made a fancy pair of black fringed holsters to go with them BUT alas, someone wanted the leather worse than I. so the guns are naked again. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,47878.0.html
  14. I have a pair of cap and ball Pietta Colts that have been converted to cartridge with the Kirst system but t is somewhat a one way deal after cutting the frame. Thinking about trying it again one day with cylinders that allow you to swap back and forth between c&b or cartridge.
  15. You have a Bond Cowboy Defender. The Grigorelli&Uberti derringer has been appraised at 600-700 with the xtra "ivory"type grips,holster and engraving, so what is your offer as to a trade?

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