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  1. The Baikal was horrid, only other gun that did not like my birdy finger at all was the '58 Remington. Too many choices out there to worry about one that does not like you.
  2. WW, being a big fan of the ones that do not suggest altering the gun, I stayed away from the newer Kirst versions which only come with a chamber cut-out on the rear plate. It is hard to tell at a glance whether the versions with a solid cover plate are even being used as conversions and they can be used alternately as c&b for those who fancy shooting real Frontiersman on occasion. Trying to justify buying a set of Howell .36 /.38 conversion cylinders for a new pair of Navy Sheriffs madels. If I do I will try letting the bullets rattle down the barl at first to see just how inaccurate they really would be. HMMM, wonder if anyone makes a large cavity hollow base bullet in .38??
  3. Bet that lil Walker dawnt make no smoke!!!!
  4. Anyone heard lately when the M-H revolvers will be shipping? Sure seems like a long wait for me a pair??? Is there any truth that they will be available in ss soon?
  5. No problem, a garter strap holding a holster just above the calf should work just fine IF you work on a fast crouch draw.
  6. Anyone know how to delete messages on here? I am getting lots of messages that I cannot read cause this puter thang keeps saying "box is full and can not accept any more messages".
  7. I hope Tabasco Sauce dawnt fall under the flammable category, it is on just about everything I eats cept for ice cream. Most of my tanks and equipment initially went in a back bedroom (there went the guest room) and oxygen decals were put in each area between there and the front door. It is not just the oxygen, plain old air tanks can be deadly if dropped on the valve. Unguided missiles!! One of my favorite dive shops had a part time kid killed by such an accident many years back and they closed down shortly afterwards. I guess that in addition to shooting Frontiersman again I will have to give up on my dream of becoming a short order cook at The Waffle House and flipping some eggs fer you boys on your way to the match.
  8. YEP, I went through the therapy course a couple of years back but my oxygen requirements have definitely increased since then. Bout to go stir crazy with this being cooped up and has started making Cowboy Shooting look mighty tempting again. My little fishing boat battery went dead on me right before winter and I figured it would be smarter to replace it in the spring, wasn't expecting to be locked down and not able to go to Wal Mart! Im being told the fish are already bedding big time and the temps here are topping 80 today!!! Anyone know how to delete messages on here? I am getting lots of messages that I cannot read cause this puter thang keeps saying "box is full and can not accept any more messages".
  9. OH Lord, and now we are almost into April and my old outboard motor exhaust is even worse yet! I get to spend almost a full day with my pulmonologist on the 21st doing tests to check progression so perhaps I'll find out more then. The wife wants me to sell everything and stay home in the recliner with her AND I do not like reruns on the Halmark channel!
  10. NCD, by the time the doctors figured out the problem it was beyond what the personal portable machines could supply. I remember shooting with an older guy back in the "90s who carried the "e" bottles in a single cart. Not the fastest way to go but he extended his shooting by at least another year or so,,, uuuh he was also relying heavily on a wheel chair and golf cart. Kid, oh me, I am partial to APP (c&b + Cart.) and Triple Seven for shotgun. My thought is that the substitutes would be more akin to smokeless than actual bp, which is I thought was classified as an explosive. Not sure how the dynamics work on this but but I have gotten the impression that certain materials such as oil might be able to combust when in contact with oxygen??? All of my tanks and generators came with the warnings not to get oil on the valve threads where oxygen connects.
  11. The indoor range has never allowed BP but I was surprised that they would say something about modern pistols and rifles but do not know for sure whether it might be an insurance issue??? I should be seeing my doctor before the new virus is clear me to mix company anyway. One of my favorite 44 cap and ball guns is a gonna need to go to a smith and I will have to figure a way to negotiate oxygen tanks at a cowboy match also. Perhaps a bit much to bite off anyway?
  12. I just read a post in which someone remarked that his doctor told him that BP smoke might be harmful for his preexisting lung disease. I have been trying to work out some way to make shooting a few more matches possible BUT the plan was for one of the Frontiersman categories. Is this something that any of the other BP shooters might have run across? I was recently told by one of the local gun ranges that I can not shoot there any longer while using bottled oxygen. I see my local Pulmonologist again in about a month, guess I need to do some questioning!
  13. HMMM, great topic with great replies AND I assure you I will consider carefully on my next move. In the mean time does anyone know if Ruger can weld and redrill a boogered up hole in the frame of a stainless Single Six while I am still looking for the right video?
  14. Joe, I have not looked very deeply into them yet BUT can assure you that there are plenty of them welding videos on u-tube. This one guy just got a new Harbor Frate welding machine and is already doing a lot of friendly teaching as he learns with his new machine. There are opportunities tp be learned everywhere if we are just willing to keep our eyes open. The wife says I can not leave the house again until this newest virus goes away, thinking three months or so would give us all lots of time to learn these new skills. And for what its worth I have a brand new Dremel for Christmas a few years back and am just chomping at the bits for a excuse to learn how to use it! PS: Widder I woodnt waste my time on a 15 minute video, I am sure any one who was really wanting to help would muster at least an hour or two to make it more complete.
  15. It does not make since why all of our best how to guys do not make gun repair and tuning videos over on YouTube? Wire logic has always dictated that the more we fix our own that the more the Pros make in the long run. I am in need of a new ‘73 Win model so would like to see Cody post a complete action job with short stroke please. While we are at it, does anyone know who really shines on Schofields?
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