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  1. If you think black powder might be in your future then 44-40 is the better way. If you are shooting 45Colt in your pistols then 44-40 can be confusing for some during reloading. I resolved the concern of mixing 45 and 44-40 brass by going to 45 Cowboy special in my pistols. As to reloading, the biggest concern for me was the fact that the 44-40 brass tends to be a bit more fragile at the case mouth.
  2. I must agree with CC, some draws must be quicker than others as we get older!
  3. Do not, as some might imply, ever use the Dremel BUT there is a great alternative. Watch E-Bay for some of the old style drill press stands that will work with your electric hand drill. When you attach them together VOILA you got a poor mans milling machine!!!! WOW, with a machine like this you can suddenly feel your abilities start to grow in leaps and bounds. Though I have not used mine yet, I do feel confident that it is time for me to start checking HF for a cheeep electric welder for completing my shed-to-gunsmith shop set-up. I have some of the David Chicoine. books and have used t
  4. What mini shotgun would team up with the .22s well? I have been looking for a 410 hammer double BUT the prices are always very high and the barls are always that much long also! As to the barl length, I can deal with the long as they are actually very beautiful but the going prices are comparable to new CZ or close to the new Pedersolis, unrealistic for Ross's but I must admit that owners apparently never shot them very much as all seem to be pristine. I have a 20ga Rossi hammer gun but think the .410 would match up better for the .22s???
  5. I carried one for several years and gave it over to the wife around a year ago. What works for one might not for the next BUT I was actually surprised to find that I could carry this very easily as a pocket pistol as well. Just a little far to talk FTF Im afraid.
  6. Anyone load 12ga shot shells on one of these? How well do they compare to the other more common loaders by MEC, Dillon or other name brands for someone who is not particularly handy at tinkering??? I would also be trying to figure a BP reloading procedure for it???
  7. YEP, but how does this 3f work on 45/75 for my 1876? Big fan of the APP for my C&B revolvers, pistol cartridge revolvers and rifles. Wonder if any of my local buddies would like to go in on a lifetime supply of powder??
  8. DARN, and my best bud came over yesterday and picked up several thousand primers, mostly SP, LP and LPM, and lots of bullets! No black powder, BP Subs, round balls or caps are going to leave my house though!!! He is going to now crank back up on halves for me, great deal for me as I am almost out of 9mm range ammo! When the shortages end is the time to start shopping, not after a crisis begins! My weak spot seems to have been LR primers, who new I would want to load a few 45/75s, darn-it ??????
  9. It has been my experience that the actual guns never look as deeply engraved as the add photos! My pair looked a bit shallow when I received them but I went on and put some bucks into having them converted into cartridge anyhows! For some reason they seem so tiny in the hand, it almost seems like they were made for .36s caliber or something....
  10. GEEEZ thanks Griff! To think when the lady told me I reminded her of her Henry rifle at the last match it never dawned on me that she was saying that I was ugly as a tomato stake!!!! I had hoped she was referencing me to an old reliable or sum other such BUT now???
  11. I currently have a set of '58s with short barls (sheriffs length) but the problem is that this pair has become so loaded up that I was thinking of trading them on a new house or motorhome! I kept spending money on them even after deciding that I do not like the Remington style grip frames ... Without going upstairs and digging through old gun stuff, I think it is the pair of blue guns (5 1/2" Pietta), 10 or perhaps 12 spare c&b cylinders, a pair of the tiny Pietta .32 revolvers (what happens when you leave the big guns in a dark place to long)and possible an extra cylinder or two for th
  12. What I used for my cartridge loads with all the subs was put the desired powder charge in, measure depth remaining in case and cut my soft soft wad/filler combo plugs to equal thet depth. The amount of compression is equal to how deep you seat the lead on top BUT this compression is negligible due to my filler material. It has been a long time since being able to shoot BUT my .44/.45 loads always consisted of 24 to 26grs of FF or sub under the filler. For my fillers I used a product called backer rod caulking, available in several diameters. This made for an easy quick clean round to crea
  13. Yes, a great movie with many great performances, most of the actors seemed at or above their best for LD. Though I have watched and own the sequels and prequals, they just always fall short of the first for me. Lord knows I gots to get another big Walker, it played the silent partner part in the movie and yes I imagine it would make quite a crease across the nose! Like the movie Old Yeller, that I saw as a kid, it takes all a man can do to hide the tears and LD manages to draw the ending out from the time Gus lays a dyeing to thet last scene with Woodrow remembering back... Another favo
  14. I would think on the idea a bit first. Just taking the Cart. cylinder out might not be enough for this particular conversion. It would not work for transferring , say one of your modern Smith and Wesson revolvers! Your gun could be called remanufactured?? Just be carful, we do not want any of our own to get in any trouble.
  15. My all-time favorites are the Pietta .44 Sheriffs models which, like others have mentioned, has the combination of Navy grip frames on Army frames coupled to shorter barls. Most fun shooting on any cowboys range. My first taste of the pudding came from a pair of Avenging Angels I purchased from Prairie Dawg some years back. I took them an additional step along by swapping out the grip frames for Birds Head Style, an easy do since they were Uberti and thus swap easily with Uberti SAA parts. I did not know it until a few years back BUT the original Army Model was intended to have the
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