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  1. Like it or not the easiest solution is the trade-off between money and match time/convenience and this always seemed to easily favor going the route of lotsa pre-loaded cylinders before match time. Sure, in a perfect world we will not run into situations where there will be a half or more of the posse that have physical issues that would outweigh convenience issues now days. Remington '58s are the most logical of the ones I have used but I do have enough Colt clone cylinders to go that route also and for me this is even faster than I have ever been able to load cylinders, for either style revolver, during the match. It is doubtful that I will ever be able to shoot again BUT if it could happen, I doubt I could accomplish it while performing any match duties and I would bet there are, or will be more shooters like me as time goes on.
  2. From reading this it would sound like a lot of needs will actually be based on those matches that one attends. I have not attended in many years but can say that at the time I stopped shooting, the two closest matches that I attended has evolved to be very different from each other and would frequently vary as to the best way to equip for each of them.
  3. There was a post concerning the .38 laser bullets and targets available and this would be my hy-tek way to go, provided one can afford these newer toys. Many versions will include timing, scoring, misses, etc, etc. From my research it would seem that shotgun versions, using your own gun would be even more pricey!
  4. I found them all to have a very cold heart, but then, most of mine were found hanging around the dumpsters behind the mall!
  5. I keep getting messages saying so&so trying to send messages but my box is full!!! I do not know from which they com-meth but I am tired of walking out to the mail box and finding it empty ever time!
  6. I know that at upwards of $50 a pop you might not like to take a file to one that is brand new but if you file the rim flat on one edge a .38 version it should then work fine in that rifle. I have read where some of those Three Gun guys have invested fortunes on setting up elaborate indoor target ranges, fancy targets and all, just for airsoft training! I am not sure if he is still around but one of the regular posters here had a pretty nice laser set up just for SASS, a few years back, that he described here??
  7. I am sure I have seen these, even recently??? Planning to eat at the local Cracker Barrel later this week and I will ask the manager while there, he might even be willing to make an offer??
  8. Saw a nice used(???) one on Ebay today. https://www.ebay.com/itm/COWBOY-WESTERN-HOLSTER-CROSSDRAW-4-3-4-4-5-8-FAST-DRAW-BLACK-LEATHER-CFDA/153625567305?hash=item23c4cc2049:g:QAMAAOSwmvBdLTp7
  9. Nothing here that inconveniences me, BUT I do hate the way old Sam moved in on 'certain' small businesses so many years ago only to reduce those product lines after drying up those specialty markets. Like others, I do not go to Wally World for sporting goods anyway.
  10. something that might be a bit more practical is six of the new lazer .38 cartridges . The targets that are made to go with these look very interesting also! Im sure that a prettier model could have been found to make the video bit anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZ9N8YdpaI
  11. Lots of choices, I would refrain my question and ask for some good maker recommendations as well as good modes to choose from for each maker. Several of the popular ones are big time 'off the shelf' suppliers, some are a bit more 'in between' the those and the full blown custom makers. You do need to decide where your game and your pocket book can safely go! Decide your wants/needs first and then you will get the better recommendations as to how to go along that journey. You really will need to expect a lot of choices.
  12. I am sure that most who use the crotch rocket style do so for speed but there is another purpose. For some of us with arthyrightous the angle and position of crotch rockets are actually a more comfortable position for the wrist. I keep any belt tensions (tensioners) loose so that I can easily position the holsters for any task at hand. I also like to use the cart holsters between shooting, much better when posse work is being performed.
  13. KB, as per your original post, I heard many reports of the Blue Press leaving blue highlights in those primer pockets! For this reason I decided to go with the Hornady LNL and have never looked back.
  14. I have two pairs of '60s that have the Manhattan conversions but have just really gotten my first good look at what I think you-alluns call the 'rake'. My Manhattan Conversions are dead on reliable but the rake looks much simpler to do. How does the rake rate against the Manhattan for dependability?
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