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  1. Seems I heard of a well known gun writer we all know of who endorses it in the Teeny Tots .31 caliber revolvers??? I would have to do a search to find out if he actually gave a load on one of his YouTube videos.
  2. These were all beautiful and I have been admiring them for a long time BUT alas, Im an old fat short man. Really hope you sell them pants quickly as the wife is fussing about all the slobber on the keyboard!!
  3. Dutch thanks pard, that is just what we needed to hear, Renegade. I seldom handle anything much heavier than this key board now days but if I tried, it would likely need to be something similar to Renegade. SASS needs to consider making that available as a new offering for those of us with with uhhh no mo led syndrome.
  4. Please list some contact info. It has been many years and I have lost all of my past records! PaPa Bear was asking me about you guys just recently, he has been out of the loop for several years also.
  5. Three Foot, I tried the BOSS, the Aero and a super expensive Juki style over a few year period and can say that all were a pia!! The problem was trying to teach myownself out in the back shed, with no past background in machine sewing. Hand sewing has one real downside if you are trying to make modern style lined holsters and belts plus sewn bullet loops, that downside is time and time is money. I did my time with a stitching pony and even more so just using my knees as the clamp but for fun go over to YouTube and look up leather sewing with a clam or clamp. These were the old style and apparently they were still being used through the years in less developed places and are recently making a resurgence. Some of the younger generation have discovered this and are taking to this old technique and right well I might add.
  6. Dawg, if you can not find them, remember I got them now! I might could be convinced to sell the pair if Okiepan was interested in a set?
  7. I am guessing it has been at least four or five years since giving up cowboying matches but by my last two or three years shooting I was mostly alone making the smoke locally. At the height of our Smoke shooting there were sometimes as high as three to five shooters making smoke at local matches, counting an occasional visitor or two. Looking back I seem to have memories of the smoke makers as being the most fun people to shoot with, always great and interesting characters with sumthin funny to say (and sumtimes shocking) so gentile fokes had to keep the younguns at a bit of a distance!! In order to understand the occasional off color mumble one might hear, just touch the eye of a lit stove one time and remember that this is similat to what a cap-n-baller might suffer two or three times in the excitement of a hotly contested match against others of his ilk. As other Frontiersmen disappeared I did tend to go towards FCD with converted Remington '58s. A lot has changed BUT the old ways were good and I am glad I have their memories.
  8. WOW Rube I am having a hard time making out some of the detail BUT that looks some really artistic stamping mixed with just a little knife work. I wish my old eyes still worked some better, it looks very interesting. That antique buckle is an attention grabber also.
  9. For me the beauty of the .44Russian was its close proximity to the .44 Henry Centerfire but there has been some relief there! We do now have the .45 Special which gives us a real close kin and now the Uberti Henry with a 45 CHAMBERING is just a whisper away, just do consider a 20" barl with some Indian dressing to be just right.
  10. Griff, sounds like your dream is very close to one I had just a few years ago. I had talked with 'Happy Trails' a couple of times about actually converting my 44W Uberti Henry to a 20" barled .44 Russian. Alas, my time seems to have now passed me by BUT my dreams of making smoke will remain with me. I do really hate that SASS popularity is no longer capable of driving new ideas (dreams) for reproductions BUT then again my pocket book was never capable of keeping up with me BIG dreams!!
  11. Plus one more for the remake. Also have both on DVD but seem to wait many decades between viewings and, even then, it is almost always the Bridges version. Early on I was not a big fan of Bridges but that has changed as he has aged into a danged good cowboy style actor. It would almost seem that he is even at a point that he is now playing Jeff Bridges as a part, anyone see the comedy where he plays the angel of an old dead cowboy sheriff?? I still turn to the JW movies more often BUT I find the earlier ones such as 'Angel and Badman' , 'Stage Coach', and my all time favorite western ' The Searchers' to be my top JW flicks.
  12. I think the search is for whether it speeds up that time at the loading table?? Shux if we figure that time we spend at our (Big Blue, Big Red or whichenever) reloading machine against our time at the loading table then there is 'no search' for a Holy Grail!!! For some of us it gets a bit embarrassing sometimes when fokes at the loading table have to circle around us to keep the match moving. As my times on the firing line would indicate, I choke under pressure and this even starts for me at the loading table when I get hold of a squirrelly cap or any of the other 2001 things that seem to crop up.
  13. At one time they made a simple shotgun adaptor for laser practice. Each unit would require one adaptor plus one laser round (usually a 9mm laser round). Problem is with money, XXX for how many you need. A double barl shotgun is two X plus the real heart of shotgun practice would require X number of reload practice rounds. At least with laser you can do away with the time, most of the good laser systems have built in timer systems capable of handling most of the data.
  14. Beautiful workmanship, I can not see a single scuff on the leather. Do you know who made it? I am guessing that there are no cartridge loops on the belt?
  15. Yes those big horse pistols will go through a side pretty quick and I am actually thinking a double thick with liner, perhaps five on five, which doubles up the leather feeding frenzy! I commend you on your artistic talent, your holster is attractive while offering somewhat a unique appearance. Lacking in any artistic talent I tend to look for those styles that appeal to me and copy them I have not made anything in years BUT this laying around the house 24/7 is getting a bit old so I might get into the attic and look for some of the old hand working tools.
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