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  1. Any form of Pulmonary Fibrosis is not worth any amount of cash saved! If your lungs are healthy try to avoid inhaling anything but Gods good air.
  2. Personally I think it has more to do with the drastically reduced load. A full case load of BP in the 45 AJ cowboy special case worked just as well and there was no filler used there, so??? Also let me mention that a few guys on the wire commented, back then, that they considered these type fillers to be unsafe BUT I did use them without incident for several years. Who knows, perhaps I stopped the practice just one filler wad away from disaster??? As I remeber it, this pair of revolvers move to Alaska, not sure if them boys use BP up thar.
  3. SURE, I have been protecting this formula fer many years now and have not shared with anyone since a few of them other guys posted it on the WIRE and I tried it. I will say that some did not seem to have as good a luck with it as I did BUT it easily carried me through more than a bunch of six stage matches back when. I am suffering from sum memory problems due to low oxy but it should only apply to the current for the time BP sub BUT, I do think I used some of the APP with good results before selling the Uberti Schofields. Rumors had it that the new ones offered by SW could not be made to work???? As memory has it I loaded 26grs of APP and then measured from the top of the charge to the top level of the case mouth. That measurement was used as the cut length for filler wads made from 1/2" caulk backer rods and these were then compressed to oal by seating the bullet atop the load. Since I almost always used BP and or subs, you can bet that iffen I ever had Schofields again I would check them with that load should I ever get to try my hand again! PS: Later I tried these loads using AJs 45CS brass and it worked well in ailmenting the wads and even reducing the load by a couple of grains BUT ALAS the shorter brass sure was bad about getting under the extraction star and locking things up.
  4. So much wishful thinking by the tiny bullet fans BUT truth be known I bring this up because I did saw it with my own two eyes. A might near 500 yard one shot perfect kill on a charging Buff made by not other than Kevin Costner with a lowly 44 from the one and only champion of BP big bores, a Henry Rifle and this was performed while mounted on horseback uhhh Kevin was mounted not the Buff! But then, every one would feel like a champion when belching smoke from a .44Henry, whether iron frame or brass!
  5. I sold my pair of Ubertis many years ago BUT using my own personal secret formula, that I stole from someone else, mine would make make lotsa smoke and always made it through a full match. Mine were the long barl version BUT had thyey been the neat pair of short guns like those here, I'll garantee yall I would still have them.
  6. Amazing and Horsefly made the best looking clothes out there too. Please look again and see if that jacket and vest isn't size 46 or XXL!!!
  7. Some of the things did need changing for practical reasons as well as safety hmmmm time constraints, well ok, everyone was not lucky enough to have a whole day at their disposal on weekends. But never deny that many of the things that were common, at least in some places, then had little to do with anything but evolving from the older style towards a speed competition game and the game had to follow very narrow and well defined parameters towards what became the old 10, 10 and 4 complaint. Many of those things that were commonly written into the monthly match were eroded throughout the nineties and many excuses had little to do with safety concerns, match times or even whether or not we deleted things due to impracticality. Though we did have a great deal of membership erosion I still enjoyed the membership and the new style shooting until health problems intervened several years back. Not all clubs evolved alike and you can find some (I do not know how many) clubs that remained less changed than others.
  8. I feel about 90% on the Uberti '62 having pins between the chambers BUT not 100%. I did have a pair of these at one time but never used them in a match BUT did use them a couple or few times in the woods. Been many years ago and my memory is only rated for a few days lately.
  9. Deja vu from waaaay back! We are not even just talking about the general range duties here either. Come out to the range during the week when the grass is being cut and all the other needs of a neat clean place to shoot are being addressed, guess who you will find there. Yes, it will be the same few who are making sure we have a match set up to shoot at on the weekends. With all of our excuses as to why we do not have the time or wherewith to lift a finger on the day before, the day of or the day after and I'll assure you there are plenty of more reasons we can not do anything on those other four days a week also. And we talk about the new generation of children we raise not having any sense of responsibility, they are watching you mommy and daddy, just like you probably watched your parents for an example! WHOA way personal, Im sorry we should not say things that might hurt the feelings of those who are just here for the party and did not commit to the other stuff, you know, the dirty stuff! Amazing that some who are so restricted can pick up all of those guns, ammo , carts and other personal needs to get here and play the game but not pick up a rod for which to hang a target from or drive a riding lawn mower at other times???
  10. I loved the old brand Horsefly Vaquero suits and was ready to jump on this one but alas, the jacket would need to be in a 46-48 size range for me. Horsefly was a great cowboy back in the early '70s and I have often wondered how he was doing.
  11. Before spending your money you probably should ask PWB for an absolute interpretation. There was some argument years ago concerning the '62 being built on a pocket pistol frame and I truly can not remember the final interpretation BUT it had nothing to do with the number of chambers or any caliber above 32 it was about the frame size and somewhat concerning the .31 caliber ball size (yes the argument got to include a lot of territory).
  12. Being of the same frame size as the .31 caliber Colt pocket pistols I would think that it would require some funny interpretations to get there. Changing barl lengths back and forth would allow any PP to go back and forth between MM wouldn't it? PS: If there is a way to index the hammer between chambers, this fixes the five shot problem.
  13. Was not the .36 Police Navy Police version ever legalized as a Main Match legal cap and ball pistol for Frontiersman? I seem to remember some controversy back when BUT darn memory just does not work well enough to recall???
  14. I believe the pocket/police navy in original chambering is a .36 cal five shooter BUT can supposedly be loaded with the full five with the hammer latched between chambers???? I remember some controversy concerning the frame size and reckon that would be the only reason it (or the 1849) could be outlawed as they share the same frame. Shame a .22 can be modified to get in when a real deal modeled after one that WAS THERE can not be accepted as a black powder Frontiersman/FC firearm.
  15. Funny that it is legal to shoot smokeless BB guns but then disallow the .32 Colt and Remington c&b revolvers or is there an honest difference in the miked diameter (.31 vs .32) of the ball vs the bullet????
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