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  1. There was a post concerning the .38 laser bullets and targets available and this would be my hy-tek way to go, provided one can afford these newer toys. Many versions will include timing, scoring, misses, etc, etc. From my research it would seem that shotgun versions, using your own gun would be even more pricey!
  2. I found them all to have a very cold heart, but then, most of mine were found hanging around the dumpsters behind the mall!
  3. I keep getting messages saying so&so trying to send messages but my box is full!!! I do not know from which they com-meth but I am tired of walking out to the mail box and finding it empty ever time!
  4. I know that at upwards of $50 a pop you might not like to take a file to one that is brand new but if you file the rim flat on one edge a .38 version it should then work fine in that rifle. I have read where some of those Three Gun guys have invested fortunes on setting up elaborate indoor target ranges, fancy targets and all, just for airsoft training! I am not sure if he is still around but one of the regular posters here had a pretty nice laser set up just for SASS, a few years back, that he described here??
  5. I am sure I have seen these, even recently??? Planning to eat at the local Cracker Barrel later this week and I will ask the manager while there, he might even be willing to make an offer??
  6. Saw a nice used(???) one on Ebay today. https://www.ebay.com/itm/COWBOY-WESTERN-HOLSTER-CROSSDRAW-4-3-4-4-5-8-FAST-DRAW-BLACK-LEATHER-CFDA/153625567305?hash=item23c4cc2049:g:QAMAAOSwmvBdLTp7
  7. Nothing here that inconveniences me, BUT I do hate the way old Sam moved in on 'certain' small businesses so many years ago only to reduce those product lines after drying up those specialty markets. Like others, I do not go to Wally World for sporting goods anyway.
  8. something that might be a bit more practical is six of the new lazer .38 cartridges . The targets that are made to go with these look very interesting also! Im sure that a prettier model could have been found to make the video bit anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZ9N8YdpaI
  9. Lots of choices, I would refrain my question and ask for some good maker recommendations as well as good modes to choose from for each maker. Several of the popular ones are big time 'off the shelf' suppliers, some are a bit more 'in between' the those and the full blown custom makers. You do need to decide where your game and your pocket book can safely go! Decide your wants/needs first and then you will get the better recommendations as to how to go along that journey. You really will need to expect a lot of choices.
  10. Guys I love the idea of reduced loads BUT it is seldom that I load anything other than BP anymore! If I do get to play again for a while I will also be interested in trying the brass cases and need a source.
  11. I am not trying to ignore anyone here BUT I do not seem to be able to receive anymore PMs and have been unable to delete the old ones????? If I figure it out I will make corrections.
  12. Let it be known by all that I just received my new (and it looks it) Rossi 20GA double and I could not be more pleased. It was in almost new condition with stock work beyond what was pictured. LQ Jones will get a five star in my book for this one! Sorry for the delay LQ but I can not get messages out on my computer thang do decided to go public with this one. Robby
  13. Thanks for the information guys. CLK, had I posted some pictures of us in the woods you would have seen that I was hauling that big ole gun around in a wheel barrow most of the day. Now that I have broke down, after far more than a decade, and shot the big Sharps I will probably be asking a lot more related questions pretty soon. Though I did not find those front inserts for the hooded sight I did have the one that was already installed, a thin tapered post version(?), and likely will just stick with it and get that Hadley eye piece for the back. Glad for those who advised me to shoot this gun before making a decision on selling it, it was a hoot to shoot even if my shooting was not anything to brag on. I am even now considering trying the same with the other big bore safe queen, an 1876 Uberti in 45/75. This absolutely will require an even larger effort as the rounds for it would have to be reloaded first. Problems, problems problems!!!
  14. I listed this here by mistake and have reposted it on the SASS WIRE. Thanks for your help Palouse and others please respond over on the WIRE side. Sorry bout that, SB
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