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  1. One last experience to relate. I purchased a Prospector Rig from Kirkpatrick Leather for use with my short barled '73s and have found that the '60 Sheriffs models fit them well, with or without the converter cylinders. This old style holster will look great with the open tops BUT I really with I had specified straight, flat belts without the bullet loops or billets as that is a better look for the cap and ball era guns. I would bet that a really quick gun hand could operate from these just as quick as most other practical style holsters!
  2. He was out there but my memory is now shot and I can not remember the name BUT here it a hint that shoule help someone else remember, he used to run a well known Gunsmith shop and he was one of the originators of the short carriers for toggle link rifles? Anybody???
  3. Yes DJ we do have some mighty nice AND benevolent sources showing up on the classifieds BUT then there are a lot of us SASS pards that do have intentions in mind. I guess the best way to interpret the intent of this is to ask if someone jumps on a free offer that specifies to help someone out and less than five minutes go by before it is claimed, only to be sold shortly after. We do not all think alike, for every benevolent heart there is one that travels a different path.
  4. If you really want to go awfulthentic with your leather start out by building your rig around a good original style belt. the easiest way to do this is find a two inch wide belt, color will not matter, but make sure it is a bit long (with extra knife punched holes, for fit) and has a simple brass buckle. Get one of the guys who also frequent CW skirmish events to put you on some original style cavalry holsters, preferably one flap style confederate and one flap style union versions. Now I would recommend cutting the flaps off the two newly acquired holsters and dragging them behind a bike for a mile or so over grassy/soft terrain. This will probably be a lot closer to what most out west types carried their guns in back during the day. ME, I think I will stick with my beautiful, though plain version of a California style Slim Jim rig. Though I usually prefer the cap and ball revolvers, these style holsters actually remained very popular amongst some of the old timers back in the day.
  5. Guys, a local dealer has an old S&W revolver for sale. The gun is not in the greatest of condition but I'll bet it was a beauty when new, kinda small with sleek lines, but I digress. I thought its condition looked more like a wall hanger but he says it is shootable and has it priced like so!!! He calls it a Baby Schofield and I can see the resemblance but no longer have any of my old reference books that might help here so? Any help in identifying which models would have carried the nickname "Baby Schofield", pictures and some sort of help figuring condition and pricing would help. This thing was what I consider the worst case versions, they frequently started out as plated and this always looks horrible after a century of of trying to resist the elements and shedding half of the plating.
  6. The '60 Henry Rifle might be a bit modern fer yore taste but it does speed thangs up a mite! I probably wouldnt get to shoot them but Lord knows I want a new pair of Uberti Walker Colts! HMMM, shoot them, I probably couldnt even lift them anymore!!! I do gots a pair of 3" barled Uberti .44Armie Colts and they are fun to shoot BUT I can not hit the broad side of the biggest barn in the state with them!!!!
  7. The times that I have done this, my replacements came as complete assemblies. If I remember correctly my problem was that Ruger had a change in grip frames between some versions that had tabs that did not allow all of their year/models of frames to interchange???
  8. By golly I remember them adds for homemade caps probably as far back as the sixties and always wanted a stash, but alas milk and bread for the kiddies always took precedent! Well, I checked yestiddy and there was plenty of the milk and bread in the frig and no kids to consume them so I placed my order. Now to find a slow thinking friend and offer him a gift. Reports to come afterwards!
  9. Someone I know was doing the Atkins(?) Diet, I think it was, and I inherited a bunch of their big Styrofoam shipping containers. With a bit of care (these containers are brittle) and low usage I have been able to use these for years and they have kept the powder in extremely good shape through otherwise being kept under poor storage conditions, garages and attics. I consider tightly insulated containers to be the next best thing to an old kaput chest freezer for keeping powder usable under long storage periods. I also keep my primers stored in these type containers BUT well away from where my powders and ammo proper are stored.
  10. Colorado C, is you retired or not? I have some specialized Pietta timing issues, just in case I should ever try popping caps again???
  11. I hope my words were not the target of your post, I certainly would not want to insult any Phantoms. The Phantom was actually one of my favorites when I was a bit younger, used to go to him first in the Sunday mourning cartoon pages. As far as the competition thang goes, I'll bet that most of the BP shooters do try to go fast as possible when the buzzer goes off. I certainly do, but alas, i'm just natural slow!
  12. WK, I think you are on to something. After a thousand years of running from the alarm clock, to the grist mill, to the evening chores and then to simply start all over again tomorrow, well things just seem to get ingrained into a poor soul and no wonder many kinda get ingrained into carrying the race over into Saturday and Sunday. Being a poor boy, born and raised in the South, I grew up with a love for bank fishing and if there is anything that will teach a soul patience that is a day chasing bream, slowest race on planet earth! Like Jake speaks of above, I also developed a love for the long slender lines of the old Kentucky rifles but for me those lines actually show up more in the old civil war Henry, probably due to its lack of a fore stock and they also do not often show with the shortened 'hurry up' barls! No worry Dantankerous, you could lay a shiny new Henry Rifle in the middle of Main Street and ninety-five percent of our shooters would not even notice it, or worse yet, they would consider it as foolish for their needs!
  13. I aways listen to my gut but I do not always obey. This is the reason it is now hollering at me "I told you not to eat that can of 'HOT' Hormel Chile that I had fer supper!
  14. Lots of good looking leather guys, sometimes less can be more with the old time hog legs. I have not seen anyone using a true Missouri Skin Tight in a spell but those were real plain Jane holsters but, kinda like a rattle snake, one just new they spelled danger when you saw them!!! Pale Wolfes holsters look pretty close with the very tight fit. It was said that the old time Rebel raiders of the CW era would wrap their guns very tight in a good and wet piece of leather and then nail them to a log for drying out in the sun??? Supposedly iffen the gun had a single scratch on it, it would show up on the finished holster! Diamond Jake, that holster looks very similar to a pair that I once had and I think they were supposedly copied from a pair of holsters that Wild Bill used? Dang cough has kept me penned up today but iffen I feel up to stirring around tomorrow I will see if I can find an inspiration for a pattern tomorrow. I usually much prefer a lined holster but right now I am struggling with the idea of doing so on a holster that I want to keep a bit period to the Frontiersman era.
  15. I will take Sedalia Dave's advice one step forward, take a pair of conversion cylinders with you for those times that you worry about c&b being to hectic! I know many here will poo poo this big time BUT I frequently went happily along my way using APP instead of the real black and it actually made things a tad easier since the lard concoctions were eliminated, it made its own lubricant.
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