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  1. After some searching on the net I found some information using the makers name. Virtually nothing positive was in the page of entry’s posted there. Maker out of business for many years and parts were never very available back then. Most new parts had to be extensively hand fitted when found. Though sold as a 45/70 the chambers were reported by many owners to run as long as 45/90. The current owner says that the triggers are worn beyond redemption and he will have to make a new set. After receiving my report.
  2. This rifle is I.A. Bgardone 45/70 made in Italy for Taylor & Co. Looks like it was imported by Winchester Virginia, USA. This rifle was obtained used about eight years ago and I need a new double set trigger for it now!! Any help in finding parts would be much appreciated. Thanks for any information or other ideas.
  3. C-mon CC, you know that the proper spellin is MAGA sale!!
  4. Seems I remember reading on here, way back, that none of the .32 conversion cylinders were reliable?? If that were not true I would likely have been in the market for a pair of cylinders for my '49 Colts a long time ago.
  5. Another fun way to make smoke is with the conversion cylinders (using 45CS short brass) and should I try to shoot again in the near future that is the way I will start out. I would never go with the gated conversions again as the guns I am most proud of are convertible between cartridge and C&B. One of my favorite pairs are Uberti '60s with Avenging Angel barls (rammers removed) and the Navy size birdshead grips installed. The guns are really getting old and were very well broken in by the one an only P Dawg afore I got them. The only way to describe shooting this pair of guns is "slick as handling warm butter". Putting interchangeable style conversion .44 cylinders on them by Taylors is their next transition plan iffen I do get back into shooting!
  6. I too have been out of the saddle for a few years but am now looking into the logistics of trying to get back in for a short stent. I will admit that it wouldn't be as much fun IF I could not make some smoke but that is another major hurdle to consider. I might try to go and watch the January match iffen the weather is not bad. This would allow me to jaw with the match director about the feasibility of such a venture anyhows??
  7. Like it or not the easiest solution is the trade-off between money and match time/convenience and this always seemed to easily favor going the route of lotsa pre-loaded cylinders before match time. Sure, in a perfect world we will not run into situations where there will be a half or more of the posse that have physical issues that would outweigh convenience issues now days. Remington '58s are the most logical of the ones I have used but I do have enough Colt clone cylinders to go that route also and for me this is even faster than I have ever been able to load cylinders, for either style revolver, during the match. It is doubtful that I will ever be able to shoot again BUT if it could happen, I doubt I could accomplish it while performing any match duties and I would bet there are, or will be more shooters like me as time goes on.
  8. I am sure that most who use the crotch rocket style do so for speed but there is another purpose. For some of us with arthyrightous the angle and position of crotch rockets are actually a more comfortable position for the wrist. I keep any belt tensions (tensioners) loose so that I can easily position the holsters for any task at hand. I also like to use the cart holsters between shooting, much better when posse work is being performed.
  9. KB, as per your original post, I heard many reports of the Blue Press leaving blue highlights in those primer pockets! For this reason I decided to go with the Hornady LNL and have never looked back.
  10. I have two pairs of '60s that have the Manhattan conversions but have just really gotten my first good look at what I think you-alluns call the 'rake'. My Manhattan Conversions are dead on reliable but the rake looks much simpler to do. How does the rake rate against the Manhattan for dependability?
  11. I lost my website a while back but did stumble across this link that will show my converted Marshalls. If one reads the narratives it will be obvious that the work and the pictures are being seen ahead of my receiving the guns. Never loaded them with anything but APP under a 160gr bullet stuffed into C45Sp brass. I made a fancy pair of black fringed holsters to go with them BUT alas, someone wanted the leather worse than I. so the guns are naked again. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,47878.0.html
  12. I have a pair of cap and ball Pietta Colts that have been converted to cartridge with the Kirst system but t is somewhat a one way deal after cutting the frame. Thinking about trying it again one day with cylinders that allow you to swap back and forth between c&b or cartridge.
  13. You have a Bond Cowboy Defender. The Grigorelli&Uberti derringer has been appraised at 600-700 with the xtra "ivory"type grips,holster and engraving, so what is your offer as to a trade?

  14. Hey, I was backing you up. I said your post did NOT fall into the category of a commercial post. Just didn't want there to be any misunderstanding.

  15. SB, Your PM file is full here at SASS and I can not send you any info.... so go to your own email address and send me a real E Mail at HucksCamp@yahoo.com and I will send back some info on the stoeger for help. Huck

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