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  1. Ringer

    Skb shooters?

    Thanks. This is why I'm looking for lighter. Having more and different hand and wrist issues. Wondered if the little difference would be worth it.
  2. Ringer

    Skb shooters?

    Times comparable?
  3. Ringer

    Skb shooters?

    Ok. Having both, in very similar configuration, do you see much difference in the shooting?
  4. Ringer

    Skb shooters?

    Good to see you back.
  5. Ringer

    Skb shooters?

    What does your 12 ga 20" gun weigh?
  6. Any chance of a simple downloadable pdf?
  7. Congrats to all the State Champions Sidekick overall and state champion Alchemist Belle womens state champion And Dodge City Dixie, high woman
  8. Congrats on your repeat. Congrats also to all the State category champions! Congrats also to Duke Skywalker,heard he put on a shooting clinic. Scores are up on ponderosa pines website. 2021-KY State-MatchResultsByTime.pdf
  9. Boyeeee, Bucky had a slowww faller on that last round!
  10. Congrats to both! Bucky, you da man! Expect to see you in the shoot off at EOT. (No pressure)
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