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  1. Ringer

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    Is your wrist part of yoyr hand? Where is the delinating line? A little weight work on your biceps and your arms will hang away from your body more.
  2. Long time getting there but thanks Captain Bill Burt.
  3. And there lies the rub.
  4. I have had this experience. Exactly what we did on the posse level. We just made sure he only had to take care of his posse marshal duties. I don't think he had a clue.
  5. Is he cheating? He is the designated "berm god" unless it is a large match with predesignated "berm gods". So his word is final?
  6. Now your gonna make me go see what mine is. Lol
  7. Maybe I need to start another topic.
  8. Lol What's the penalty for such an infraction?
  9. So the TO can reject a valid p call by a spotter. Competent? And if a valid call was overruled by the TO?
  10. I was talking in general not this specific instance.
  11. So a TO can overrule a valid P?
  12. Before I got mine I was looking at diesel. When my friends turbos went down on his new duramax I changed my mind. Had it not been under warranty the repair cost would have been $8000. At the time a new crate v-10 was$4000. Made my mind up!
  13. Sorry to hear that. I didn't realize yours was a v-10 but I understand it was a problem with the triton series of engines. When I got mine a mechanic friend told me to be sure and use anti-seize and a torque wrench on the spark plugs. He also said to be religious with the oil changes and use the weight recommended by Ford. 5-20 seemed awfully light but I have stuck with it. Maybe these things helped with my being lucky?
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