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  1. I did mine because I was feeling it brush over the sear when I pulled the trigger. It will also save you from the dreaded half cocked SDQ.
  2. You need to talk to Tn Williams about that rounds jacky out thingy.
  3. Ringer

    Rifle question

    It can become a problem when trying to go faster. Your timing is off. The exercise Kirk suggested is good. Try increasing the tension on your mainspring if possible. Maybe even a new one. If all else fails maybe a lever lock.
  4. A piece of paper and some crayons?
  5. Ringer


    I hear the idiots calling.
  6. I loaded some at 6.5. Was smokey enough according to some full time soot lords I shoot with. Problem was it wouldn't reseat the primers in the pistols and wouldn't knock the plates off the texas star. At least not reliably. 13 gr is all my 38's would hold under the bullet I was shooting. That was "shuck and jive" smokey. Many long tendrils of white obscuring the targets for everyone. I will stick with black at least in the pistols and rifle.
  7. Oh my gosh! Shot black mz today at our Tuesday match. Much more smokey than app and way more than the real thing. Guess I'll use it in shotgun to get rid of it. Back to black.
  8. Has it slowed you down any? Has it saved your bacon?
  9. Congratulations Red River Ray and Sixgun Sallie high overall man and woman. I think they are also the state champions. Scores at sassncmatch.org.
  10. No problem with primers not reseating?
  11. Ok what is it? How much and what weight bullet? How's the smoke?
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