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  1. Maybe the glint in your eye or the smirk on your face?
  2. Acquired one of these 19 years ago. Went to Hobby Lobby and bought small decorative brass bolts. The heads were octogon but the top was rounded. Put the appropriate drill bit in a Dremel and drilled as parallel to the barrel as I could. Best I recall, I tapped the bolt in and never looked back. Sight looked round when shouldered. Was big enough for me and very inexpensive.
  3. CAS will also work with the new timers and download the times. CAS will also allow you to load only one posse on a tablet. Each posse has a dedicated tablet. The master has all the posses. With CAS you do not need wifi to sync the master to the individual tablets. They communicate through blue tooth. Also, we can email the results to everyone from the tablet.
  4. Now, for monthlys CAS. Before that, Aces. One club still has it for backup if needed. At one, when they hold the State and their annual, we use a combination. An older program, Roundup, which harkens back to paper scoring days, is still used for the administration side. It's great to take care of all the bookkeeping and other things that have to be taken care of. It will transfer data with Aces and CAS so we also get the posses set up there and transfer them into CAS and/or Aces. After using many different ones, if I had to pick only one, CAS. Only because the pads make the scoring so easy. The only drawback to CAS is it's ios only but with cheaper,used ios tablets coming on the market it's not that big a deal now. Don't care for Practiscore at all.
  5. Yes it has to be pie, with whiskey. Iron Maiden said so. It's on Facebook so it had to be so. Just finished a fine shrimp supper.
  6. Be kinda hard to slice with a knife and eat with a fork. It would be finger licking good though.
  7. That can probably be arranged, bring plenty of ammo!
  8. This year's Black Gold theme: American nostalgia, anything American Dessert wars,. Pie, must have ingredient,. Whiskey Brew, snack, and grilling wars as usual. Hillbilly spelling be..... Team shoot Man on man Corn hole tournament Let's make a deel! See ya there!! Drag race!!!
  9. Slewfoot, welcome! Greene County Regulators has their practice match this Saturday the 21st. There is no dress code for this shoot. You can shoot or reshoot any or all of the stages or if need be, stay on 1 stage and practice what you need to practice. There will be the opportunity to see, handle,and shoot different guns that we use. One of the best leather makers also shoots with us and will probably be there. Check out our website. Hope to meet you there.
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