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  1. Where is this schedule?
  2. Do you plug your barrel when cleaning? From the breech or muzzle? What size plugs?
  3. For those who shoot these, what's your favorite cleaning method?
  4. I have seen balls from roman candles and what I think was shaved magnesium? Don't recommend either.
  5. Ringer


    Don't poke the bear.
  6. Don't like borrowing other people's guns and I never thought the mystery stage was fair. So no, no for me.
  7. And an illegal external mod.
  8. Tried to pm you about Curly Bill. Said you weren't receiving PM's. Looks like Tyrel may have the same info.
  9. Thanks Modified your plans to make one that will work for my application.
  10. Made the mistake of going to town with the wife. She stopped at goodwill and I ended up with a jogging stroller. Have gotten the long guns,ammo, and miscellaneous taken care of. I like to leave my pistols in the cart when not in use. Need ideas for the stroller.
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