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  1. Don't eat too much turkey, it will slowww u doownnnn..............
  2. What's that grey stuff on your face? You stocked up on Nathan's yet? Look forward to seeing you back at it.
  3. Florida State overall champion and top lady. You dun good! Congrats to the rest of the winners also. IDES 2020 (11-20-20) Overall Winners by Time.pdf
  4. I've been called "gamey". I like a full buckhorn with the notched insert removed. I use it like a rear peep. I only focus on the front sight (sometimes ) and don't even notice the buckhorn. Huh, maybe I don't even need a rear sight?
  5. Sedalia Dave is correct. I have a large supply of srp from years ago. Used in 38 supers to make old major factor in another game. When I first learned of the "shortage" I dug out some of these and tried them. All my cowboy guns will set them off. Get some and try them in your guns. That is, if you can find some.
  6. Ethan, thanks for the offer. I've already sourced one locally.
  7. Me either til this time. It's all good, stuff happens,you adjust and move on.
  8. Not any more. That APP got loaded into shotgun shells.
  9. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, but right now it only does it with APP. I think the problem is probably lies with the APP.
  10. I am and it does pop it back but in my book that's not good.
  11. 3f I am using the small bar. My large one is broken. I have always used the small one and never had this problem before. Yes to the cleaning. When reassembled everything was clean. Loaded some real Black and also some smokeless today. No problem. Bought my press in 1988 maybe it's wore out?
  12. What is really puzzling is that I have had no problems until now. Loaded it for about 4 years just like any powder. Maybe a bad batch or as Abilene said more fines. Oh well, I only used it for rifle.
  13. I thought about clumps and ran it through a copper sieve I have. It has a larger screen. No clumps but don't know about the fines. All looked to be the same size. Maybe there is more dust or fines. Not gonna fight it. Will do like Doc said and load a few shotgun with what I have left.
  14. Everything is in the same climate controlled structure. Did that tear down and clean 3 times today. I hand dipped 100 rounds and got 100 loaded through the press. May be using the rest for shotgun.
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