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  1. Got one. Thanks again Tater!
  2. Howdy all. Im looking for a Lee 379-250-RF or similar 38-55 mold in the .379 range. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Over on the west side.....Henry co.
  4. Howdy folks, Im looking to purchase a set of 38-55 dies. Would like to find some RCBS Cowboy dies....but beggers cant be choosers I reckon. Thanks a bunch. TN
  5. Now thats really...really a sweet machine!
  6. Was looking around Buffalo Arms and seen where they have RWS #11 Percussion Caps in stock today. Kinda pricey though.
  7. Ive got an itch for a 1860 Snub nose.FOUND ONE!
  8. Now that looks like the ticket
  9. Does anybody make a leather belt pouch especially for cylinders? The one I use is repurposed from an old black powder pouch.
  10. Howdy Gents, Wondering how yall are carrying spare cap and ball cylinders. Generally I carry mine in a small pouch that attaches to my gun belt. Ive seen some folks carry in their pocket. I dont know how I would feel about a pocket full of blackpowder and lead rolling around in that area. What say yall??
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