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  1. As it stands payment has not been received. The Mail has come today and no payment. Are you interested? Roy
  2. When it comes to gun dealers California is a lot different than Idaho. Doesn't matter, with the FFL EZ Check system I can ship directly to a FFL, if the FFL will accept shipment.
  3. OK, we are on our way. Many thanks Pard. Roy From time to time I will post updates if you want?
  4. As the title states. What do you think Daniel? Ricochet Roy
  5. I get that and thanks. My only point was that he said my FFL was ripping me and my buyer off charging $100.00 to ship a long gun out of State. My FFL is most definitely a very honest man!
  6. SOLD to Leeroy Jenkens for my $950.00 weekend special offer. Many thanks Leeroy. Ricochet Roy
  7. The man's time (my local FFL) is worth something, your time is worth something, right? Making a blanket statement about a man that you do not even know as being dishonest does not belong anywhere on the SASS Wire, please remove it. As for handguns sold or even given away, Federal law requires most handguns, other than those made before 1898 and muzzle loaders must be shipped FFL to FFL. I'm not a lawyer, but It's my clear understanding that it is a felony to do otherwise. RR
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