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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I joined to club that Lassiter is a member. Have not met anyone yet. I'll get his take since he is local to start, Liberty Jack
  2. I drove bye, but had no eyes and ears. I am down a lot for work, so will see if You guys are around. Do you normally practice during week?
  3. Hi all: I have a new to me Winchester 97 solid frame. It’s an original 1900 model. Looking for advice on a full “service” and inspection. Also tuning for CAS. Any experiences with folks that work on these? Liberty Jack
  4. Anyone on from Weewahootee? New shooter in Orlando for weekend. From Ohio. Looking to stop by match tomorrow. Liberty Jack
  5. I just picked up 2 97s. Stocks are ok, one better than the other. Tried to PM but think your full. Shoot me a mail and we can exhange info/etc. raymond.goff@me.com
  6. If it will fit older '97 (do you know), I will take it... Liberty Jack (Ray)
  7. Hi all, still gathering my “toys” to start CAS. I have one smoke wagon and looking fo #2. Any out there? Liberty Jack
  8. Hi, looking to trade my condor for 1897. Only used once. Email me @ Raymond.goff@me.com
  9. I recently bought a Marlin '94 Cowboy in 44mag/spcl. While this fit and finish looked good, the rifle would not cycle (FYI - Cabela's wont let you remove trigger safety in the stores - thats why I couldn't cycle in store). Had to sent it back to Remlin for a fix. It now seems ok but still stiff (less than 50 rounds thru so far). I have gotten the Marlin "jam" a couple times. I've seen a couple mention of folks that tune and address the jam issue. Any recommendations? I did but a lighter main spring in already. Liberty Jack
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