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  1. They want to have less police and mix in social workers who are trained in de escalating situations.
  2. Project veritas can infiltrate antifa but the fbi can't. Did you see the news stating that antifa was not involved in these protests I believe reported by the fbi. If you read the story all they are saying is that for the Sunday demonstration in Washington DC they hadn't found evidence of antifa involvement. Just that specific demonstration. The headlines try to say that there has been no antifa involvement or direction in any of the cities with riots and looting.
  3. The trouble is visible protest is what liberals do. Their mindset requires them to publicly protest so they can pat themselves on the back telling each other what wonderful people they are. It doesn't matter what the issue is as long as they have something at the time so they can congratulate themselves. Then they go home and call the police if they see a black man in their mostly white neighborhood. You will know when one of them does a good deed because it will be recorded and posted on line in hopes of going viral. Then they have a chance of getting on the today show for more back patting. Isn't there a saying along the lines of "beware of people who only pray in the streets for all to see." Then behind closed doors they're different.
  4. She raised her head up a couple of times while laying there looking for the cameras I guess. Police are supposed to listen when someone says "I can't breath". How long before all the people holding signs that say "I can't breath" sue because they weren't administered a tracheotomy ? Better get on it.
  5. I've been curious about this series. No cable or streaming. Have to check it out.
  6. Widder. That's true. Most people like the big targets. And people have accepted the higher cost that entails and aren't asking for smaller (stiffer) targets because it's less cost to the club. It's debatable though about the net gain of new shooters vs those that leave for various reasons as per the discussions of number of active members. Thank you for acknowledging my mention of target size as a factor.
  7. If there really was a problem I'm sure SASS would address it. It doesn't take much for loads to be perceived as "hot" at matches. Clubs use the same targets for rifles and revolvers with the rifle rounds hitting harder out of the rifle. But no one complains because the perception is not the same. They don't sound hot. The targets don't know if the bullet came from a handgun or a rifle.
  8. Please shooters who are using light loads near the minimum legal, consider this. You know you are forcing your club to purchase more expensive reliable knockdown targets instead of making cheaper homemade knockdowns that may not work as well. While it is legal to do so consider upping your loads a little.
  9. Yes. I know that there are currently standards on the upper end. But they don't include a power factor. My point is that if the current limits are a problem, change it. Don't complain about people following the rules. Yes. It costs more for good steel targets. It also costs more for quality knockdown targets that will go down for SASS legal minimum loads. A dollar is a dollar spent on either.
  10. On any other topic if a shooter is within the SASS rules it's been looked at as taboo to criticize that person because after all, it's SASS legal. But it's ok to criticize shooters , also being within SASS rules at the other end of the spectrum. Years ago SASS determined that there was a need for a new minimum pf for whatever reason. They didn't just educate the shooters. They made a rule. Why wouldn't you do the same on the upper end if there is actually a need? Do you know what one other factor is that has changed over the years that contributes to soft targets getting concave? Larger and closer targets. If you have two targets made out of the same steel the bigger one will start to deform quicker because it's not as stiff as the smaller target. Same as a shorter rifle barrel is stiffer then a longer barrel. I apologize for the remark I made. I'm not immune from getting frustrated . A shooter shouldn't read the rules, follow the rules, and have to worry about doing something wrong.
  11. I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
  12. It's a shame that shooting standard real black powder loads (not talking about maximum compressing or anything more then 19th century loads) in a cowboy shooting game, would warrant questioning someones character. But apparently that's where we are these days.
  13. Well, it might take 2 or 3 targets to feel safe but you might miss the target and hit a knee..... just joking, to be clear, not serious.
  14. I finally broke down and bought one before one of the presidential elections because of talks of more bans. Haven't shot it a lot but it's a good one. I'm in a rural area with no rioting nearby, but I've moved it to the front of the safe.
  15. I agree. But for some reason people only think that applies to SASS legal minimum loads. I'm not suggesting a club should make targets as described. It was a response to a previous post.
  16. What if a club wants to make cheaper knockdown targets that aren't as reliable for light loads because buying commercial knockdowns is to expensive? Are the shooters who shoot light loads expecting their SASS legal ammo to knock them down or require the club to spend the money on better targets, lacking in character?
  17. If there is a problem with damage the solution is to adjust the velocity, bullet weight or power factor to the appropriate level. How can that not be the better solution? They came up with a new rule at one point for the minimum allowed as a solution. A shooter looks at the rules, develops his load under the maximum allowed, and people think he is the problem?
  18. If SASS legal loads are damaging targets then change the upper legal limits to the level needed to not damage them. Shooters should be able to load develop legal loads within the set limits on the lower and upper ends without hearing complaints. A club can't have knockdown targets that's won't go down with minimum legal loads and then say they're going to use knockdowns that require 100 pf loads because the targets that work with 60 pf are more expensive.
  19. Depends on target size and distance. If everyone gets 2 minutes per shot and no one misses, who is the winner?
  20. The silhouette shooters never miss?
  21. I sweat bullets just looking at that. Also people squeezing into really tight spaces, particularly in caves.
  22. Sometimes when people slingshot they either don't pull the slide all the way back or they don't quickly release it from all the way back easing it down for a short distance before releasing.
  23. I don't like seeing unarmed security officers if they are wearing full uniforms that look like police. Bad guys see a uniform and that's enough to set one of them off.
  24. Jr. High. The paddle was used fairly often on students. There was one time where the tables were turned. They had a student vs teachers basketball game and when a teacher commited a foul they would receive 1 whack with the paddle from a student. They would get a small girl to swing the paddle and they didn't hit too hard. Mr McCacaron was one who seemed eager to use the paddle on students. He was called for a foul, they pulled a small girl out and he bent over with hands on knees to receive his whack. One of the Moore twin sisters, the biggest kids in school, stepped up grabbed the paddle and swung for the fences. Mr. McCacaron rocketed forward running and stumbling doing everything but falling down. He was a PE teacher and would throw footballs and basketballs at us while making us do pushups. We were happy to leave jr. High and get to the high school. Sure enough, we get to 9th grade at the high school and there he is. He transferred there.
  25. Is that what they're calling cash payments to illegals now?
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