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  1. Someone has to lose. Doesn't mean it was because they were to cocky.
  2. If a shooter got a match DQ on the first stage of a local monthly match and decided to pack up and go home it generally would not bother me. Most of of have jobs or chores to get done plus our desire to get out to a match. Maybe if he gets home he can get those chores done and go to a match tomorrow or next weekend that he otherwise might have missed. If he had a lousy attitude about the DQ or is always complaining that would be different.
  3. With SASS I've just remained a annual renewing member. As far as the NRA, it wouldn't matter to me If I was a life member. With the continuing 2nd amendment battles I would still be occasionally donating. Besides renewing my annual membership through 2026 I send additional and also to the California Rifle and Pistol association. Republican National Comittee and presidential election this last year too. Trying to do my part.
  4. Many of the people who initially join SASS, let their membership lapse after getting their badge, and continue to participate will also find a reason to not support the NRA. Not all of course but a disproportionate number.
  5. When I started in 2000 there was no Frontier Cartridge Duelist. I shot in FC for a year or two before FCD became official.
  6. For rye I like Rittenhouse and Wild Turkey 101. Bourbon, Bulleit or Bookers. Scotch, Macallin 12y or Highland Park 12y. Smokin Gator
  7. I have a S&W 4" 586 and a 686 SSR. I got the first one when our club announced they were going to have a handfull of ICORE matches. It was so popular that we just went to having a match every month. I didn't anticipate how much I would enjoy the double action revolver shooting. I will pick up a 6" gun when I run into a decent deal. My division is 6 shot revolvers with speed loaders. (Classic). The others use 8 shot revolvers with moon clips. Smokin Gator.
  8. W3G is not the run and gun that some people are making it out to be. Yes, you can move and shoot. Most shoot a few target's from one spot then move to the next position and shoot a couple more till finished. Occasionally there is a large target that can be shot on the move while advancing. As Allie pointed out, having the steel target's with the bonus knockouts and overlays and repainting between shooters separates it from SASS. Shooting a match using cardboard target's to score bonuses isn't nearly as fun. They have a great setup in Piru. Smokin Gator
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