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  1. Yes - you will need 2 revolvers, a lever action or pump rifle and a pump or lever action or double barrel shotgun.
  2. Also - if you can get or have a take down '97 the barrel cleaning process is greatly simplified.
  3. Hey Marie The heaver the charge, the better the hull will seal & help to limit the crud in the action. If the hulls get "burned" down the outside, they are not sealing the chamber - similar to .45 LC blow-by or blow back when light smokeless charges are used. You need to find a balance between recoil & performance. Yusta
  4. 160 or 180 .45 cowboy bullets available ?
  5. Email sheryltolbert@yahoo.com & ask. She is the keeper of the list.
  6. How that sweet lady puts up with the likes of you is a wonderment. Tell her I miss her too. Be seeing y'all at HOW.
  7. I load my H&R with about 30 gr of Pinnacle, filler and a 200 gr cowboy bullet with a couple layers of Alox to fatten it up a bit. Good on 16" plates out to over 75 yds. Runs at about 1100 fps. Sweet load.
  8. I'd be there if it wasn't for the 1100 mile drive ........ have fun !
  9. T/C plastic snail capper. Been using one for 10 years.
  10. My last renewal will expire in March. It was a 3 year so that was available in 2014.
  11. Works out to Pi over Theta, but I think there is also some quantity of beer involved .......
  12. I didn't find any SASS rules for Cody Dixon & I know of a club here in Tx that allows them so I think it's up to the individual club.
  13. Wasn't there a multi-year discount for paying 3 years at a time at one point ?
  14. T-Bone once gave me the secret of having a million dollars from shooting SASS ----- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Start out with 2 million........
  15. You just don't get an offer like that every day !!!! :lol: :lol:
  16. + about 73 Good bullets, good prices
  17. The way they are doing with two single barrel long guns they only need to make one receiver for both. Just different barrels. ???
  18. I was having a minor bit of trouble with the neck expander die sticking or dragging on the up-stroke(withdrawing) and the wax seemed to help that. Probably some roughness in the neck die. I totally agree - the best brass I have used. In 12 years I have bought 1 100 rnd bag of WW, all the rest has been *-*line.
  19. I could just about afford to buy it but feeding it would be like having two teenage sons ....... :o
  20. +1 I dry media tumble all new brass with a little turtle wax. It seems to provide just enough lube for initial resizing & neck expansion.
  21. Nice work but not appealing to me. Too overboard for a C&B.
  22. Went to the link & got Welcome to stockstillbrad1326's profile! Unfortunately, there's nothing to see here.
  23. It's a polymer coating like powder coating paint. Eliminates the need & mess of bullet lube for our application.
  24. Bart, I get about 2 reloads out of STS hulls. 1 or 2 for AA's. The lower the powder charge, the fewer reloads. The hulls get burned on the outside from blow-by with light loads, so it's a trade-off. Yusta
  25. I use a Lee Bench Plate. I have wood bases (1X6) made for 2 Lee presses, a MEC 600 and 2 Lubesizers. When I bought mine the bases were made of wood, now they sell steel bases. http://leeprecision.com/bench-plate.html
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