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  1. The solution is to move from that *%$@^ state and never look back. Went into the military in 1988 and have only been back to visit since. Pizza - Yes, Italian Beef sandwiches - Yes, Love my Cubbies too, but NEVER going back to that crooked, liberal state!
  2. And then there are shooters who can move to "make" targets overlap. Just by shifting your body position in the shooting "box", you could change overlap and non-overlap of targets. Yes, there are shooters who think this way. Every advantage you can get. And if you blow through a row of targets and they are "overlapped" and you hit the wrong one, it's a miss, right? It is subjective. Unfortunately, we can't always set up targets to make it the same and fair for everyone. I intend to engage and hit all of the targets in the correct order, it just doesn't always work out that way. But I INTENDED to! You can't tell what someone's intentions are, you can just evaluate what they actually did. Maybe all stages should be two 16"x24" rectangles, 10 feet apart, 24 inches off the ground and at 7.5 yards from the shooter. But that's unfair to taller shooters, because they have to shoot down at the targets. And shooters with wider chests have an advantage because the distance between the targets doesn't seem as great and... You can what if this to death! Life is not fair, all shooters are not alike. Shooters will have different vantage points in stage setups from other shooters. Can we make things better? Yes; will it always be fair and even to all shooters? No. Where do you draw the line? 1/2" between targets? 12" between targets? I never miss, the bullets just go where I hadn't "intended" them to. My view
  3. See ya on the range... yucky hands an all!
  4. Had to put a pal down in Nov. Very sad. Sorry for your loss.
  5. Dry would probably be fine for Raindrop's elastic loops, but I think the silicone helps in my canvas loops. That may be an idea for the OP, try another type of loop (i.e. elastic). Maybe?
  6. I spray it on a rag and wipe the plastic part of the shell down. Don't seem to notice any residue. Hands can get a little slick though, especially when wiping them all down. I clean guns after shooting so, no big. Sure that "nasty stuff" is from my shells?
  7. I don't use brass, but I do wipe my reloaded shotgun shells down with silicone after loading them. Cleans em and makes em slick. And diet Coke DOES offset cheeseburgers. Everyone knows that! Er.
  8. It's all about tolerance and inclusion... or was that tolerances and precision? I get so mixed up.
  9. Now that we've insulted the guy and showed how smart we all are, maybe he will actually still join SASS. Aren't we TRYING to get new members? Yes, we want to see pictures. No, it's probably NOT rare as a hen's tooth. Who cares, the guy's proud of his new acquisition. Let's celebrate the love of Marlins (unless you're a hater of them and a Winchester purist) and welcome the guy in. Or... we can keep up the insults, history lessons, snarky comments and scare off another one. Welcome Stopsign, hope ya join.
  10. Prayers from Raindrop and I. The Lord will provide.
  11. Just like if a long gun closes, check it when done. Empty - no call, round in gun - penalty. Hull is spent - no call, hull is loaded round - penalty.
  12. I don't mean to say that top shooters shouldn't attempt to shave whatever they can... within rules, but if you are stretching rules to suit your actions, I pity you.
  13. Yes, there are those, ya got a point there. Funny how some tend to find any perceived millisecond. "Well, it doesn't say I can't" Really?
  14. For the OP, the stage is over, no more firearms are being used, No call. You have the opportunity to remove a hull DURING the stage before engaging the next firearm and avoid a safety penalty, why not now? No more guns to be used. Personally, an empty is no danger; if an empty is left in a long gun (and verified as an empty when the stage is over) NO CALL. Remove the penalty. If we set a long gun down and it closes and we verify it was empty, its a no call, why not an EMPTY hull/brass casing? My opinion
  15. Yeah, please don't confuse the University of Arizona with ASU. Callin' a Wildcat a Scum Devil will get ya a nice nap and a trip to join a caravan on the south side of Nogales! I like Phoenix just fine, but... Go Wildcats!
  16. Sorry, can't go with Jagger on this one. I hate it! Just me
  17. Ok, bla, bla, bla they decided clean (made the decision amongst the spotters, though prompted by the TO)... right call, right procedure. But the OP question was "but what happens if they stuck with the call of one miss?" The answer to the original OP question is ONE MISS, call stands. TO, shooter, other spotter or the shooter's mom can ask the spotters to reconsider, but if they stand on their original call, it stands. Appeal as you (the shooter) see fit.
  18. Regardless of target type or condition or bullet used or ANYTHING, splatter hitting you WILL happen at some point. PLEASE wear glasses with side protection! I see folks wearing their prescription glasses with safety spec lenses and no side protection. Please get some side shields. I've been hit by more lead than I can remember, several of those drawing blood. Your eye will not heal the way your skin will.
  19. And that's exactly how it is supposed to work, the three spotters deciding. You may have very well had a hit taken away but if two are sure, they decide.
  20. I have one my daughter uses. I did some work on it (polishing and spring lightening) and it works great. nice looking gun too. I am worried about the parts issue. They are made in Turkey by an established company but if no one imports them anymore, hope for parts seems grim. Like mine though.
  21. Oh, I think those second bullets pictured are for an 1895 Winchester in 30/40 Krag. You'll have to get one of those now. Wontcha???
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