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  1. The dummy rounds may have issues that the factory Winchester rounds do not. I know my snap caps can get scarred up and get sharp burrs on them. Is the rifle new? Have any work done to it?
  2. Sounds like your extractor is scarring up your brass. Best guy to talk to on this is Nate Kiowa Jones (Steve Young) at StevesGunz.com
  3. Wouldn't that be the time zone that the club is located in? Jussayin
  4. And that's what its all about... FUN! Some don't get that and think others should play the way they do. HOGWASH! Folks do things differently for a reason. Who wants to go to matches that are all the same? Not me. Bravo BB for coming up with the crazy stuff you do, I haven't shot any of it, but I know many who have... and LOVE it! Mix it up... do something out of the ordinary once in a while. Our December matches are only four stages, but usually with a little "spice". Oh yeah, then we pig out!
  5. Yeah, that's bonkers! Looks like the spotters were havin' fun with it too.
  6. And looking at the photo, if his holsters are on the front of his legs, they are not two fists apart... jussayin.
  7. Any bullet with a "lip" like those two and you're just asking for feeding probs. Stick to RNFP and you'll be much happier.
  8. You just said Colt! I can say Colt if I want to... Colt, Colt, Colt!
  9. Can't math; it's a problem we have here in Georgia.
  10. SASS website is a great resource! Take your time and investigate all the avenues available to you. There are many good retailers that provide the necessary "tools" for the trade.
  11. I think ya did great... as long as it doesn't have any problems or butchered work done to it. Well done!
  12. I like em because they can get some wear and I can just polish em right back up again, shiny and new. I like shiny
  13. You can be as juvenile and childish as you want with your aliases. And yes, my 16 year old daughter hears much worse at school; I just think that as a family-friendly organization, we could grow up a little. She will hear your well thought out, clever alias and give me the "what a dork" look. Some just can't let go of the poop and fart jokes. Best to ya.
  14. A while back (Mule Camp days) there was a couple that had some suggestive aliases; in poor taste. My opinion.
  15. Have four, no retractable pins. The firing pins "float" and are held in by a cross pin.
  16. It's up to the local club you shoot at if they will allow the shortage of guns and penalties, but I wouldn't see why not. Come out with your stuff, watch, shoot if ya want and see what ya think... bet you'll be hooked. We've had a few that, for whatever reason, couldn't or wouldn't fire a SG from the shoulder. If that's the case, you could fire it from the hip, Outlaw style. Outlaws also shoot pistols from a lowered position. Whatever the reason, don't get wrapped around the axle about it for now, come out and enjoy. Watch some YouTube videos of SASS matches... Good Stuff! Did I say you'll be hooked???
  17. Mine was high end of normal range. Gloves while cleaning, mask when sifting brass, hand washing. My girls have always wanted to help with cleaning and reloading and I always told em no; I don't want any three-eyed grand kids.
  18. Some of the Turkish shotguns are very similar, almost like they were made by the same company. Good quality, aesthetically pleasing and seem to be pretty durable. Just wish there was better factory support here.
  19. Not a Huglu, but I have a Zenith made by Tedna (another Turkish company) and have done a mild action job. Lightened hammer springs, replaced lever spring, polished chamber mouths and internals. Works great!
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