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  1. Scarlett Darlin', of course. She's in So Carolina. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com And if ya get em in person, ya get a hug too! She's a sweetheart
  2. I didn't know about Cratex's MX cotton based abrasives either. Interesting...
  3. BB, those Cratex 6" wheels on a bench grinder may be the ticket. I don't know if you scrolled down that far on their page. I didn't even know they made em. Great, now I gotta go buy a bench grinder... heh, heh, heh...
  4. LOVED the old "newspaper" versions and still like the magazines. Sad to hear we'll be getting less of them. Just something missing with the digital version. I know you can get more packed in there but I'm tactile so...
  5. I know folks say "I only do a good clean on my guns once a year". These guns were not made to operate properly with months of gunk on and in them. If you don't clean your guns regularly, I think you're very lucky they're still working properly and on borrowed time as to when they will malfunction. I'm not saying they need to be completely disassembled after every shoot, just clean em up some, that's all. I think a lot of malfunctions could be prevented/fixed with some judicious cleaning. So there!
  6. I use a LOT of Cratex bobs, wheels and bullet points on my Dremel. A couple of different grits make things right shiny! I too, hope to upgrade and want to get into something like a Foredom tool. Good luck Billy. You can never have too many tools, ya know Check this out: https://www.cratex.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies
  7. But... we're not shooting REAL bad guys, we're shooting steel plates at 4-15 yds! With lead bullets, you're never gonna damage your targets unless they're made of tin foil. If your people are ok with you blastin away with hot "authentic" loads... then have a ball. Kinda excessive though... IMO
  8. Thank you. It's great to see what other clubs are doing.
  9. Not criticizing, but are knockin' the snot out of the targets? That's a pretty weighty load... bullet AND fps. Why close to 1000 fps in a pistol for CAS?
  10. Why do you want to keep the action "packed" with grease? As the gun heats up from firing, wouldn't it come oozing out by the trigger and around the trigger guard and grip frame? Do you really need the action full of grease? I understand keeping cap pieces out of a C&B gun but on a cartridge revolver it seems kind of odd. And if the owner of a revolver fired with BP "never has to open it up"? That's ok? May get a little nasty after a while... even without fouling getting inside.
  11. I use fired AA and Rem (brass base) hulls, resize the base and give em a wipe with a silicone sprayed rag before boxing them up. Run em in both a SxS and a '97 and they seem to work fine... off the belt, in the chambers and then back out. Oh yeah, I love picking brass for the guys who dip there shells in Crisco... thanks. Yuck!
  12. Does Kalifornia hold to the old assault gun ban (no more than three evil features) or is it illegal with any of the heinous features i.e. a bayonet lug, such as may be on an M! Garand?
  13. I think it's interesting to see how each shooter chooses to start stages when they have a choice... or how they "try" to when given other instructions.
  14. Ahh, they can do what ever they want, I just smirk.
  15. Then the goof doing it gets a Gibbs and laughed at.
  16. I see people start in, what I think, are all kinds of crazy positions. But it's what I think, not what they think. Hey stage writers, if you want folks starting a certain way (or NOT starting a certain way), then write it in. Do I think you look like a goober all crouched down and ready for the 100 meters? Probably, but that's me. You do you. As stage writers, we have the ability to start folks any way we choose... write it. OR... ya get what ya get.
  17. I have a really nice 311 I don't use very much. Original 28 in barrels and not messed with... be happy to let it go... Jussayin
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