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  1. Yes, Steampunk too. Forgot them funny dressers. And I was just funning, Dutch. If ya wanna two hand em, by all means. But two handers always look funny to me.
  2. 2017 Version 22.2 has changed verbiage on page 47.
  3. I think it's a good idea to clue the spotters/RO into what you're about to do, especially if most everyone else is shooting the stage another way. I shoot my long guns left handed and will often run a stage in the opposite direction of most others. If officials expect you to be shooting a stage one way (because everyone else is) and you deviate from how it's been shot by several others, they are taken by surprise and (most likely) miss the beginning of what you have started to do. If officials expect that you will be running the stage differently from others (either because they are watching for this or have been made aware by you) they are most likely ready for it and not caught off-guard. Better for you
  4. Apparently built by Baikal in Russia. It has an extractor between the barrels, not a lug re: the Model 311
  5. Piss... moan... We have three spotters for a reason. Each make the call they see (hear) or not. Deal with it. Do gunfighters really need to fire two rounds within a millisecond of each other? Maybe if we make the rule: within a nanosecond is a violation, within a millisecond is ok. Yikes! piss... moan...
  6. They TOOK your guns? How could they? You will need to replace them ASAP!!!
  7. I think it's a great idea for all shooters to take the class, but not mandatory. JMHO
  8. Oh, I can vouch for Max. He's honest as Abe! Mwahaha!
  9. And I'm all for safety, please don't think I'm not. Let me reiterate. The rifle was correctly and safely unloaded and verified safe at the conclusion of the previous stage. Lever kept open until taking it to the loading table for this stage. Action worked, let's say a couple times to verify clear. Rifle is down on the LT and shooter thumbs hammer, pulls trigger and lowers hammer, thinking they have lowered it all the way, but only dropping it onto the safety notch. Loads rifle and waits turn. Shooter is called and heads to firing position and R.O. finds the hammer not fully down. NO round in the chamber and hammer on safety notch.
  10. Most likely, and pricier too. Ya gotta pay for it.
  11. Some polishes are more aggressive than others, be careful and make sure if there are steps you must take after using the polish, ensure you do them. Some may be just wipe off types. Read instructions.
  12. It was a joke. Sorry. They are ALL clones or copies or reproductions of Col. Colt's Peacemaker. Which is too rich for my blood. So... Italia it is. Or Ruger. Have em both.
  13. It's a brass alloy and Brasso works great. Nev-R-Dull and some others work well also. I like the shiny look but others feel their war-torn 66s are a badge of honor. Your choice. Be sparing with the liquids as to not let them seep down into the action... or a thorough cleaning may be in order.
  14. Should be for CAS as well. Either you didn't drop it all the way down before loading (the chamber is empty) or you accidently pulled it back to the safety notch after loading (nothing was chambered, hence empty). If you had chambered a round, the lever would have had to be opened a considerable amount and the hammer would be back all the way. If it's found on the notch, have the shooter pull it back to full cock and pull the trigger (in a safe direction). Bang=MDQ, No bang=NC.
  15. I mean American copies of the Italian clones of the American single action revolvers. Hahaha. Just funnin' I know it would be way too hassle loaded to make them here. If it coulda been done cheap enough and easy enough, Mike Harvey or Val Forgett woulda done it eons ago. Anyone who's tried has gone the way of the Dodo.
  16. Why don't they just make the Italian clones here in America? Simple
  17. They have to pay for the nationalized healthcare. Vote Kamala!
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