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  1. I know some of the bigger matches would have several gun giveaways, but as raffle/door prizes, not match awards. It is appealing to have a chance at a gun no matter how you finish. I have seen lots of em given away (I never win anything big). Winter Range has nice prizes for winners and several very nice raffle prizes.
  2. What were the big prizes? Who was giving them out? Were these big prizes for the winners or raffle/door prizes?
  3. But if it "attacked" the primer pocket, wouldn't it erode the rest of the brass as well? Like OLG said, if you tumbled for days maybe, but then wouldn't any abrasive media?
  4. Nice! Again... And oh yeah, No P! If you want the shooter to start with rifle at shoulder(or any other specific position), stipulate that.
  5. .38 cases are pennies and most of us have thousands; unless you're having this problem on hundreds of cases, chuck em! Not worth it.
  6. Sad to see the quality from America's largest Cowboy handgun mfr. dip to these levels.
  7. That doesn't make much sense; what about new brass?
  8. +1 on Mernickle. Raindrop Renegade loves em!
  9. I dry tumble, but I would think that wet tumbling would be best suited to de-primed brass. Specifically to clean the primer pocket. Thoughts?
  10. Just the response I expected. Thank you
  11. I didn't get the impression that the anvil and cup were separating (that happens to me all the time and seems normal as they are two separate pieces), I thought BCB meant that the cup was actually coming apart.
  12. Wow, a civil discussion with no personal attacks... how refreshing. Thanks for your inputs.
  13. HATE Cowboy Port Arms just for that reason. The position itself is fine, but I'm not crazy about the "jump" some like to get. Sometimes I will write loose instructions so I can see just how "gamey" some will get on their start. It's funny to me.
  14. My leather gets hung on hangers in the walkin closet.
  15. And sometimes I will intentionally leave the instructions loose to give shooters options. They like options.
  16. I'm wondering that after reloading in Georgia for 15 years, this is the first I've ever heard mention of how much humidity affects the powder in the hopper. Hmmmmm
  17. Stating that shooters may start with "gun" in-hand, gives each individual shooter latitude as to how they choose to do that. If the stage writer has a specific starting position in mind, write it (specifically) into the stage instructions. If you leave it up to the shooters, you will see MANY variations in start positions.
  18. When I ran 7 1/2" and 5 1/2" Remingtons, the 7 1/2 always went in the crossdraw (easier in and out of the holster) but now that I run a matched pair of 4 5/8" Vaqueros, I'm not particular which is where. I got them as close to the same as I could.
  19. Only use Trailboss for Cowboy loads (what's loaded on the 550) and if I can't tell Trailboss apart from other powders, I have no business reloading. I'm not arguing the point of putting it back in the bottles, just inquiring about why. I do see the merits, particularly the humidity issue.
  20. Giving a P for something that's not a direct violation of the stage instructions and NOT a competitive advantage is just silly. And if it is laid out the instructions and they are not starting that way, then like Phantom said, just don't start em until they comply.
  21. I would think keeping the powder in the hopper, with the cap on would be better that transferring it back and forth between the hopper and the original bottle. I understand if the cap was left off the hopper, but the cap on my 550 hopper fits pretty snugly. I have loaded for years with a Lee single stage and the factory Lee powder measure with a cap that just sits on top(not sealed) and NEVER had problem with any powder I've used. Why would you want to continually expose your powder to humidity by transferring it back and forth?
  22. And when it comes down to it, it's YOUR money, spend it how ya want to. If you're ok spending more, that's up to you. 44-40 and 38-40 aren't cheap to shoot, but many do. Shoot what ya want and have fun.
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