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  1. Greetings Finagler I have a bunch, but it would help to know the date code on the pistol. Pietta made A change in the width of the cylinder bolt notches some time ago, so ..... or you could offer it up without the cylinder and see who is interested? yhs prof marvel
  2. Greetings Texas Lizard- Thanks, sending you a PM I would like to try to see if I can scare up some parts before I give up entirely, tho. Merry Christmas All prof marvel
  3. Greetings Grass Range - in order to help you out, we need to know - are you using an Apple desktop, an Apple laptop, an Apple Ipad, a desktop PC, a laptop PC, a tablet, or a cellphone? - what brand, make, model? for example, I am using Win 7 on this antique Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop. to dim the screen I hold down the function key ( on my keyborad its the lower left, marked "FN" ) and tap the F6 key this works on a bunch of Pc's, but aome are different. hope this helps prof amrvel
  4. Greetings, Whilst cIeaning out my shop, discovered I have a blued ROA project - 7 1/2" barrel , frame, adjustable rear sight, cylinder pin latch, screws, gripframe and grip , seen below wearing a Rogers and Spencer cylinder (to keep the barrel and frame from getting lonely.) I had switched over entirely to Remington 1858's and Colt 1860's, and don't have any other Rugers any more, and I am loathe to spend a lot on this poor orphan. I plan to manufacture my own loading lever assembly, but still need proper guts (especially a hammer) and a cylinder. If anyone has any spare parts or a cylinder they don't need please pm me. Of course I am aware of the lack of parts, and my only recourse for a cylinder may be one of the several new aftermarket makers; since I have divested myself of ROA's some time ago, I would be more inclined to trade the poor thing off for a pietta 1858 or 1860 than pay $300 plus just for a cylinder.... thanks for reading and Merry Christmas Prof Marvel
  5. Greetings My Good Mike... I’ll take it, pm sent. yhs Prof Marvel
  6. Bugler - if you are not interested in Blue Wolf's frames, I would like to be "next in line" :-) yhs prof marvel
  7. Welllll there was one photo facing left and another photo facing right... So at least Rye was not seeing double, as I am wont to do as I bob my head getting the bifoculs aligned..... yhs prof marvel
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