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  1. Greetings My Dear Kid - PM sent re your 2 pair of grips yhs prof marvel
  2. My Good Alpo - "special accounts" are typically accounts like "christmas club" accounts, or accounts for children that are not "regular accoounts" here are two examples of "special accounts" at a couple of institutes available in the U.S.: https://www.cefcu.com/personal/save-and-spend/special-accounts.html Special Accounts Check out special options for specific needs. Totten Trust Enjoy additional federal deposit insurance and name beneficiaries for your Totten Trust account. Uniform Transfer To Minor Designate a custodian and transfer funds to a minor with the Uniform Transfer to Minor account. Club Account Set up a CEFCU account for your club or organization. Getting Started For personal service getting started with a special account, chat with us during business hours. https://www.hvfcu.org/Personal/Accounts/Special-Accounts Holiday Club & Special Accounts We offer accounts that can be opened for a variety of special circumstances, including accounts held for minors and other beneficiaries, accounts for clubs, and holiday accounts. Depending upon the features of the account, may be opened as a savings, checking, tiered money market, or certificate account. hope this helps prof marvel
  3. Thank you Tyrel & Tolumne Ptolemy T. Lawman! I will have to make an offline list of email addresses! I discovered to my great consternation that I have no way of contacting folks from there ( or here for that matter) without being logged onto the forum. this is extremely embarassing for a retired computer geek, I must say yhs prof marvel
  4. Bugler - if you are not interested in Blue Wolf's frames, I would like to be "next in line" :-) yhs prof marvel
  5. Welllll there was one photo facing left and another photo facing right... So at least Rye was not seeing double, as I am wont to do as I bob my head getting the bifoculs aligned..... yhs prof marvel
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