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  1. That ain't gonna save ya! Let's see now: Retired, Navy Vet. and he's Disabled, so he may not be able to catch us if he gives chase! Well, maybe he could catch me. I can't hobble too well on my crutches right now, but the rest of you????
  2. Abilene Smith and Four Eyed Buck: The Golden Hawks were from the 1960s and used Sabres. They preceded the Snowbirds, who use T-37 Tutors, that are nearing or passed the end of their operational life, according to some aero engineers.
  3. HUMMM! Anybody thinking what I'm thinking?? Should we start A TEQUILA SHOOTER THREAD??
  4. Speaking of planes of the day, my Father was in the RC AF and assigned at one time to the Golden Hawks aerobatic team, handling scheduling and press. Here for your enjoyment, The RCAF Golden Hawks:
  5. Naw, you just stick a credit card in to pay for go juice.
  6. We here in Canada are also experiencing greatly increased lumber costs, much the same as yours in the US. It is reported to be the result of the pandemic, that our entire supply chain has been disrupted. If an option, I would recommend holding off or delaying any building projects involving the use of lumber, until we get our vaccinations done and start producing again. We are at around 50% first jab in the arm right now and looking at the fall for "Herd Immunity".
  7. A manager of a grocery store I used to shop at won 4 million in one of our lotteries. Most of us were happy for him and his young family, until they all dropped from sight. I talking to people at the store where he worked, I learned he was harassed day and night by people wanting loans, offering business opportunities or just wanting " Their Fair Share" They moved to another city and dropped from sight after an attempted kidnapping of his daughter.
  8. The 24th of May is the Queens's Birthday If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away! * * A bit of doggerel children used to chant in Canada, before today (May 24th) became an official holiday. Queen Victoria, born May 24, 1819, and until recently, was the longest serving UK monarch. She has a special place in Canadian history.
  9. And in honour of Victoria Day in Canada, we give you:
  10. The Ottawa Valley Marauders, Ruff's Regulators and the Wild Turkey Posse have done it a number of times. CAS and WB using a different number of rounds for the same stage. Shooter just declared what style they were shooting at the start of the match. Worked OK.
  11. We just make sure we have enough small baskets to handle all the shooters' brass. That and holler for folks to pick up their brass at the ULT if the baskets start to build up. Mind you, we only have 20 to 25 shooters at a match and most of us are pretty slow.
  12. No, it didn't. Right now, it's likely a beer can somewhere after the new owner landed short and hit the perimeter fence.
  13. Here's some shots of a Canadaair CL-84 Dynavert tilt rotor landing on a United States Aircraft Carrier in 1973
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