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  1. 300 Miles round trip to FREEZE?? I don't think so This game is suppose to be FUN. Shivvering yer buns off ain't FUN. Sorry guys and gals. I'm staying WARM all day you betcha.
  2. Hi Fretless As you see, there are an uncounted number of methods and opinions. It's a lot like asking a question of a Lawyer (Hi Loophole ) so I'll try and make simple. First, a wash with water, when shooting smokeless is a waste of your time. Water is NOT going to remove the spooge (technical term) buildup from Smokeless Powder. SO: Let's keep it simple. Real simple. Go to DILLON for a Vibratory Case Tumbler. If you're shooting by yourself, the small one will do just fine. Stop by your local pet store and pick up a bag of "Lizard Litter" which is Crushed Walnut, or order
  3. Certainly. Then I would have the offending Cretan walk the plank. Then hung from the Yard Arm.
  4. I don't personally have any real world experience with the "New and Improved" (gag, choke, puke) retractable. But running the gun hard for "Sliphammer" ain't real good for the locking bolt or slots.
  5. Some kind of "spooge" in the primer pocket.
  6. Depends. NO!! Not the ones in the plastic package. Depends on your specific Match Director. An Ejector is an Ejector no matter the age of the design. Rifles may have Spring Ejectors. If the specific match director called it a certain way, there you are.
  7. Quoting all those pretty little numbers is just great. Right up until YOUR the one in the ICU with a Ventilator clamped on your face. Suggest you quote all those pretty little numbers to the Family members of the Half Million whom have died. Let us know how far you get.
  8. Hey J-BAR I'm only a "Gamer" when It's MY turn to shoot. I have always been a "Recoil Wimp." Have always gone for the lightest bullet I could find (With an exception). I like 160Gr pills in 44 Russian. I like 180Gr for 45 rifle. In my .45 Handguns (Suppository Shooters) I load big massive 130Gr BARNSTORMERS. 180Gr inna rifle. 44 Cap Guns 148Gr Round Ball. The Exception: For my .36 Cal. Cap Guns, I went UP in bullet weight. Went from 80Gr Round Ball to 90Gr cast EPP UG-36. The EPP gives a nice KLANG on steel targets. Better-n the dull thump from 80Gr round ba
  9. Recoil and "Felt Recoil" are the product of Physics. The "Action - Re-Action" part. The recoil is primarily the result of the Pay Load. Heavier Bullet . . . more Recoil.
  10. Hogleg Hunter I like being a bunch more optimistic about the future supply of Remington Caps. However, SlixShot nipples were optimized in design for Remington #10. Remington #11 will work. Also in the mix for Slix nipples are CCI #11. I have no information on Winchester. I have heard of mix'd results with RWS. RWS are reputed to work best with OEM Pietta nipples. I have not personally tried RWS. Thing to remember: Remington, CCI, Winchester are ALL under the same corporate umbrella. Current word on the street is RWS has no intention of re-entering the US Market
  11. Actually, Who Cares ?? Have anything to do with World Peace??
  12. Why Not. Currently the "Right" and the "Right Thinking" law makers are trying to make it impossible to Vote. Just another Brick in the Wall.
  13. First council the couple that Marrage is THE leading cause of DIVORCE. then skip the whole thing
  14. Give the Magazines a light spritz of Rem Oil, put them in a Tupperware container, then place them under your pillow at night. Whilst you sleep, the Great Pistol Fairy may visit. That use to work quite well with the Tooth Fairy
  15. That's a right nice Vid Warden. The Cap Rake is probably the simpler of the mechanical methods to keep Cap Fragments out of the hammer change and down into the action. It is important to keep the lead side of the "pin" on the same plane as the front face of the recoil shield. There are several methods to make the Pin. I personally use a Drill shank. I am unaware of anyone having good results with RWS caps on Slix Nipples. NOT the right size. the Warden reports some soon results with OEM Pietta Nipples but cap fragments without a mechanical block ARE a problem. Cap
  16. Shemus Not paying attention?? Bubba says "Cowboy Dress Required". Bubba says "DRESS" required. DRESS?? Where are we suppose to find dresses?? Much less Wear Dresses. I gotz damn'd ugly legs. Harumpff!! I'm workin on it. No I ain't. It's gonna be chili. Skip the Dress. Biscuits-n-Gravy-n-Bacon lookin good too!!
  17. I take some exception to all the "Bother" about simplicity of cleaning the Toggle Link rifles. If one is shooting those funny Dash calibers, like 44-40, 38-40, or 32-20 and if one is annealing one's 45 Colt or 44 Special/Russian, you're only opening the action up once or twice a season. Cleaning after a match is simply running a wet patch thru the bore and chamber. Wipe down with oily rag and done. An 1866 is nor more difficult to take down than an 1873. When the Side Plates are properly fitted, a Henry is nor more difficult to take down than the 1873. If one is determined to
  18. I shoot Plainsman as simple as possible. I prefer Pietta built Cap Guns. Mine are tuned for super reliability. I also shoot EPP UG-36 Bullets. The EPP UG-36 is a big lube bullet and carries a boatload of lube. No wads needed. I also shoot APP 3F. No Wads needed and no lube needed. Super Simple. I shoot an H&R Handi rifle in 38-55. Easy to load for and easy on the shoulder. Hammer Double Shotgun. Either a TTN/Cimarron, a Pedersoli or a Pietta (EMF) and I use All Brass 12Ga Magtech hulls. Gobs of fun. Almost forgot, most of my Main Match Cap Guns are SNUBBIES. Most funner of a
  19. Prop Failure. Nasty business. Always be sure to safety wire the nuts that hold the prop to the flange.
  20. NOT SO Seamus did so wear a coat. Oncest. We waz stylin we waz. Ain't seen him in one since though.
  21. Harkening back to those halcyon days of Charlie's OP. I've been to Bristol. Both to look at and to Drive on. What a HOOT. covering Bristol in dirt however is just plain STUPID. PLUS ONE (AGAIN) for Blackwater and Duffield. Purpose built chassis I can well understand. Keeps drivers alive. BUT!! Here be the CAVEAT(s): Have to hang real sheetmetal on it and use OEM driveline components. Currently, all the scoring, play-offs, stages, heats and whatever else they use to muddy the water, just serve to make NASCAR SUCK. Formula 1 has also become the same regulatory
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