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  1. That would be kinda like trying to spot for Missouri Lefty.
  2. I had a throw off switch installed on the pole below the meter. Below the switch is a 30 amp receptacle so I can feed a generator into the house. Enough power to keep food frozen and have some light. Aux heat with a ventless propane heater.
  3. But beautiful women. I knew one once named Lorna. My she was lovely.
  4. Looks like St Louis is getting the brunt of this one.
  5. Just always remember, If'n the RO ain't coughin, you ain't using enough powder.
  6. Red sky at daybreak but nothing falling here. Radar shows everything is north of US 60. I'd just as soon it stay that way. Added: Full daylight on the hill and traffic on Business 60 is at speed.
  7. Red Hawk has 8 chambers in the 357? Really?
  8. Amazon has some 1/4" 12x12 steel plates that would work for light target/practice. $30 and free shipping
  9. Thanks, I passed that along to them.
  10. The driver should get a nice bonus check and a clean pair of pants
  11. I once tried to do the swap you are talking about and it did not work.
  12. Griz, My daughter went to Hawaii and took some spectacular footage with a 5 or 6 year old go pro. They used a new multi-mega giga something card. Only after they got home did they discover that the card should have been formatted prior to use. The video they have can be viewed on the go pro its self but they cannot down load it to any other platform. I talked to J-Bar and he said you would be the man that would know how to get them out of their problem. Thoughts?
  13. Noz

    Zulu Shotgun

    There was one in a local pawn shop a couple of years ago. I would love to have seen it fired. From a distance. By someone else. Pretty ratty and rather frightening.
  14. Noz

    Uberti parts

    Only for the M-16.
  15. Just think, we could shoot bullets that grow poppies in Afganistan.
  16. Be real careful about "local guys".
  17. No You be "Walking your post in a military manner, taking sight of all things........."
  18. I gots lots of favorites but if it came to serious social work, I'd want my 657 Smith. That's 41 mag if you don't know. Do everything a 44 mag will do until you start talking 300gr bullets. I have a load with W296 and a 175gr bullet that tops 1800fps out of a 6.5" barrel.
  19. Don't have access to RC Cola but back when, 50 years ago, you couldn;t drink a coke without peanuts in it.
  20. I've been having trouble for quite a while now. Multiple refresh to get on and sometime that doesn't work. I think I was locked out all day Sunday. No other website affected. Irritating. I've tried Safari and Chrome. No joy. Tried Firefox and it says the site cannot be trusted.
  21. Call their contact man and tell him you are coming to a match and that you would like to borrow guns. Most clubs will have a set ready for you to play. Nobody looks down on you for borrowing. Most of us did to get started.
  22. I've always had a hankering for a 7x57 double rifle. Side lock of course with lots of engraving and special wood.
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