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  1. So let me get this straight. If I have a semi-auto 1918 BAR with a 10-round magazine, an M1 Garand, and an M1 Carbine with a 10-round magazine, none of these are classified as "assault rifles" ?
  2. When I started in 1998, we called our clothing/boots/hat/etc. our "outfit." The term "costuming" came in due to the "costume contests" at the larger matches.
  3. With all due respect to all who advocate getting younger shooters involved in SASS, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Do you realize what movies today’s younger adults are watching ? Do you even care? They are watching John Wick, Mission Impossible, the Marvel Universe—none of these have anything to do with cowboy guns. Heck, John Wick doesn’t even use “normal” semi-automatic rifles and pistols. I was just watching a couple of gun shows on the Outdoor Channel the other night. The first one, a guy is touting a red dot laser while saying, “You know, revolvers are archaic…” Obviously, he thinks the future of firearms (and shooters by default) doesn’t include revolvers. The second show I watched had a pistol caliber semi-auto carbine competition. It looked like a lot fun and if I wasn’t 69 and had artificial knees, I would like to try it. But then again, everyone shooting it seemed to be 40 or younger. This is what SASS is up against if you want younger shooters. SASS guns just aren’t interesting to young people and no matter how much and how long you say they will come to the sport, it doesn’t matter. Unless you include a category where a person can shoot an AR platform rifle or carbine, and a tricked out 9mm semi-auto pistol, you are just not going to pull any sizable amount of these people into the sport. And as for keeping SASS going for another 40 years, wake up and smell the coffee. The way things are going in the US right now, Americans will be lucky to be able to own a single shot rifle in 40 years, much less be in a competition shooting game. You’d better off trying to figure out how to keep SASS going for the next ten years, than worrying about four decades into a very uncertain future. I know I’ll get blasted for this post, I expect it. It seems to me that the people who are totally against many of the suggestions made here; less than four guns, no overall winner, trying to retain older, more income limited, people, etc, talk a lot about making changes, but essentially saying, “Great, let’s make changes, but don’t change what I like to do.”
  4. Howdy Ace! Sacramento and I have other events going on during the weekend, but we could make the Thursday Wild Bunch Match. Can we just sign up for that and what would the cost be?
  5. Howdy Creeker, Sacramento and I will strive to make this shoot, sounds like fun!
  6. In that same show, Potterfield said the 38-40 was a 38 caliber cartridge, when it is actually a 40 caliber.
  7. If you go up that way, you might want to also visit Coloma, where gold was first found at Sutter's Mill. You can go to the other side of the American River and pan for gold--you get to keep anything you find!
  8. I have not been to a match here in Nevada or California that provides lunch at monthlies. I went to one match in Missouri that had lunch between stages 4 and 5 and I gotta tell ya that it was really hard getting back into the mood to shoot after eating lunch at a monthly. Back in the old days (15 years ago) Nevada Rangers used to have a guy named Prospector who loved to cook, he never shot, just cooked. Breakfast was eggs, bacon and toast for a couple of bucks, lunch was hamburgers and hot dogs for $5 after the match. Maybe 12 years ago he stopped coming to the matches and we stopped having food.
  9. Howdy All! Well, I found out it's a take-down model. Don't know if it will take down as it's probably not been apart for more than 75 years, but I'll throw some breakfree on the barrel when I get some time and see if it will budge. For those who want photos, I'll be out of town for the next few days, but I'll post a photo when I get back in town.
  10. Howdy Creeker, We were thinking that we might take in next week's Eldorado monthly. If you put in a little old school stuff, that will clinch it for us! If you've already got the match set up, what the hell, we'll come anyway!
  11. Yes, I know it's not SASS legal, but I've always wanted on! Found out a friend had one that his dad and grandpa used to shoot coyotes and deer on their ranch in Montana and he didn't want it anymore. Rifle dates from 1918-1919. Very cool. Just wanted to crow a little about it!
  12. 38-55 bullets,I'm having trouble with my wire feed.email me paul2927@comcast.net

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