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  1. The term should be(for us) "Early Hollywood Correct".
  2. Didn't get it???????????? Did you get my package?
  3. Noz

    Yummy yummy

    I loved the German food. From Red Deer, Roe Deer to Carp I ate it all. Even Tried Katy Cristoph's homemade liverwurst, once. A group of Lts went to a Gasthaus in Oberammergau for supper and told the lovely fraulein to bring us enough food to feed us all. She brought out a tray that was a least 30" across with every good thing you could imagine from eggs to wurst to breads to cheese which we washed down with huge quantities of dunklebach. I have a special place in my memory for the street corner carts selling bratwurst and brochen with strong brown senf.
  4. That is for protection. Not even an Arkansawyer would shoot holes in a full beer can.
  5. That would work! Had some left over ham from my last batch of navy beans. Chunked it up with the peas.
  6. Obviously not many "southern boys" here. blackeyed peas are a good luck potion for the next year.
  7. Did everybody eat their black eyed peas, greens and cornbread today?
  8. I'm back to having to "refresh" 8 or 10 times to get the WIRE to open for me. Sometimes it opens with avatars as pictures sometimes as broken picture frames.
  9. I shoot what gives me satisfaction and makes the KDs go down. I'll even shoot subs if the price is right.
  10. Did you notice the one bandit that mounted his white horse from the right side. The horse looked a bit confused. Several of the train crew were wearing stripped bib overhauls.
  11. I may never get that picture from my mind!
  12. Best solution. Works on too tight boots as well.
  13. I have almost completely weaned myself from Pro Sports. NBA and NHL were never a problem so they don't even count. Never watch them. Watched a couple of baseball games last year. I have not seen more than a quarter of any NFL game this year. Strangely enough, I do not feel deprived at all.
  14. My degree say Bachelor of Arts in Geology. I had enough hours to say I had a minor in French and English Literature.
  15. I made a batch of 1# beeswax, 1# mutton tallow and 1/2# vegetable shortening. Had to add 2 cups of olive oil to make it usable.
  16. me come set by your fire?
  17. Cooking paraffin is an acceptable component of a good black powder lube. I'm no petroleum engineer but it has to do with the amount of refinement that a product goes through that determines it's acceptability for black powder. KR beat me to it.
  18. It looks like maybe your source is better than mine. I had heard the main stumbling block was the loss of jobs at Cabela's main location in Nebraska.
  19. High on style points, low on speed.
  20. Most of the subs don't flame. You need to go to real black for the full effect. I shot some Fg Skirmish at a night shoot. My night vision went away on the first shot but the spectators said the burning powder granules were bouncing off of the targets.
  21. I don't think the deal is a done thing yet. We've heard a possibility of Cabela's dragging their feet.
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