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  1. OOPs, She is 5' 3 " and plum, just the way I like it!! She's 65, but don't tell her I said that!!!!!!!
  2. Oh, jewery is good too but mainly something she will like to wear
  3. Howdy Pards, I"m lookin for clothes and such for a native american lady. I'm retired and no money but I want to make her look good! PM me with you got. Thanks Pards! Greysmoke
  4. Hey pards, I have one very close to it. Buy it! I got mine hangin in my gun room. I wear it 1 or 2 times a year cause Texas weather is too warm. But you take it anywhere like I did mine and EVERYBODY wants to put it on !!Women love it !! Do I have to say more !! Oh, don't make me buy it, but I do want it, a pretty mature lady wearing it makes this old man feel like a teenager again!
  5. Good, someone moved this thread to the right forum. Thank you for your help.
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