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  1. I'm looking for this gentleman, has anyone heard or know about him?? When you get old, and hear about so many old friends going to their reward you sometimes wants to know if some are still around. You get old and get to forgetting to keep up with them, but anyway, has anyone heard about my pard Old Jim??
  2. Howdy pards, I don't have any for sale or trade, just my 2 cents. The seating of the ball will be much harder with a 5 1/2" barrel because the ram is shorter. Yes you can use a "cheater pipe" to increase mechanical advantage/leverage but be gentle as parts could bend. You could also use a cylinder loader, but that's extra expense and you have to take the guns apart everytime to load, pain in the a;;; 36 cals are much easier to seat. Good Luck Pard. Greysmoke
  3. LOL, I love all of the comments. My 2 cents worth; years ago I bougth a 1st gen 1860 at the right price, got it and someone had bored outed the barrel to make it smooth bore. Oh no, I thought, but I shot it and it would shot 1.1/2 groups all day long at 20 yards, so, go figure??
  4. WTT good 30 06 brass and blackpowder accessories for, 54cal jag, 50cal round balls, and what you got? I got several hundred military 30 06 brass that have been reloaded once with the primer pockets reemed from an old friend that needed money for medical bills. Please PM me for details and info. Thanks Pards
  5. Gosh, them grips look so good and you may have got them from me and when my 1911 wore them so many would say them's is some puddy grips! Good luck my friend.
  6. I'm looking for short damascus blade with a big wide flat butt to seat balls in my smokepoles. What do yall got pards. Thanks
  7. Wow!, 411 ! I had 411s in my 68 camero L88 427 and street tires didn't hookup until 4th gear. But with street slicks it would pass anything, but not a gas station!
  8. Nice! I got one and have shot the big 600g bullets with almost the max load and it it so accurate. The barrel is for bullets not balls and the little of wear on this barrel will not effect accuracy. They don't make them anymore so any smokepole shoot needs one!!
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