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  1. With sadness in my heart I have to tell of the passing of one of my best friends, Jimmy Mitchel, alias Jimmy Dalton: To say it in a few words; we shot many SASS shoots together( 0ver 20 years ), he never shirked a task, cheerful in all weathers, splendid behavior. He was a big man with a big heart ( A christian ) and did so much to help out at the matches and we enjoyed shooting blackpowder together. I would say more but something keeps getting in my eyes. So long Pard, rest in peace
  2. Good, someone moved this thread to the right forum. Thank you for your help.
  3. What is the heaviest 50 cal maxie-minie that 1 n 48" twist in the T/C will stabilize?
  4. oh, oh, that would help wouldn't it.


    Thanks, Roughcreek

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