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  1. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/829981/traditions-deerhunter-muzzleloading-rifle-50-caliber-percussion-24-blued-barrel-hardwood-stock-brown Here is what the rifle looks like only mine is a flintlock.
  2. I can't post pics but can email them. Trade value around $230 for gun only. Thanks.
  3. Howdy Pards, I have a Traditions 50 cal flintlock rifle I would like to trade for anything blackpowder wise. I don't know what I'd be interested in so please PM me with what you got. The rifle has a pretty wood stock and 24" barrel. 1 in 48" twist and shoots both balls and conicals fine. Sling swivels and really good fiber optic sights. I used it to hunt deer with one time and even though the sights worked great I realized I am not physically able to hunt anymore. It can be used with any blackpowder or any substitute like pyrodex pellets. The bore is perfect and this is the easiest to clean gun with very little fouling after several shots. I used 2f for the pan powder and it shot everytime. This would be a great gun for someone wanting to try a blackpowder rifle or just put it over the fire place and she looks great. I can also include balls, conicals, ball starter, nipple wrench, i.e. everything but powder and flask. Thanks for looking!
  4. Howdy pards, I"m looking for 45 cal bullets to shoot in my muzzleloader 320g or more. Must be .450-.452." Thanks for looking.
  5. Pard I'll take this custom 45 rifle for the $325 you stated plus shipping. PM sent
  6. howdy pards, I'm looking for a 45 cal muzzleloader to shoot anything but round balls in. No inlines, I'm looking for something tradition. PM me with what you got. Thanks
  7. Good, someone moved this thread to the right forum. Thank you for your help.
  8. What is the heaviest 50 cal maxie-minie that 1 n 48" twist in the T/C will stabilize?
  9. oh, oh, that would help wouldn't it.


    Thanks, Roughcreek

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