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  1. Because it makes sending him a shotgun a lot easier.
  2. Because no good deed goes unpunished. Does he have an FFL?
  3. You said that lassiter could fix a Century Arms 12 g lever action.  How to I get in touch with him?

  4. I knew that these guns had problems but I bought a new one anyway. Problem is that it took about six minutes to fill the magazine and much much longer to unload it. I expected that shell might hang up upon ejection but I did think that the gun would at least be marginally functional. As a single shot, maybe. As a magazine fed shotgun, not as I got it new. So who can work on one of these and get it to work?
  5. I am pretty sure that you can not get into pressure problems with black powder but the recoil issue is another story. When you literally do not know what you are doing you have to start somewhere. So I will cut the powder charge down from 100 grains to 40, probably add an additional felt wad and see what happens.
  6. I have a Century Arms 12 gauge lever action shotgun on order. It is suppose to arrive next week. I also bought a box of 25 brass shotgun cases from Megtec. Finally I cast up a bunch of pure lead slugs using Lyman's Foster mould. In pure lead those weigh 510 grains. The plan is to use a 100 grain cartridge black powder load, a 1/2 inch felt wad, the slug and then a thin card over the slug and glue the whole thing in place. This leaves just a little room at the top of the case for the Elmer's glue. Anybody tried anything like this?
  7. klw

    Merwin Hulbert

    Years ago someone like Taylor or maybe Navy Arms sent several originals to an Italian gun company but nothing ever came of it.
  8. klw

    Merwin Hulbert

    I asked them about the Merwin Hulbert project a couple of days ago and this was the total of their e-mail response. Make of it what you will.
  9. klw

    Merwin Hulbert

    Just received: The history of the Merwin Hulbert revolver debacle has been a roller coaster ride. The idea of reintroducing the revolvers was hatched several years ago when A-Square of Wyoming was purchased by the Sharps Rifle Co. More than 150 enthusiasts sent in deposits, and in some cases, complete payments, for revolvers which had not even been machined yet. The company never did produce a working prototype. Six frames and some assorted parts were machined, but no barrels or cylinders. Ultimately, Broadsword Group consummated a deal to assume the companies of Sharps Rifle Co., A-Square of Wyoming, Heiser Holsters and Spencer Rifle. The company is referred in general as SRC. The first order of business was to reimburse every Merwin Hulbert customer their deposits. It totalled over $150,000. And now, SRC is in the process of passing along the Merwin project to a company with a history of firearm reintroductions. Sorry, I can't give you an update on who this might involve, or the progress. The Merwin Hulbert revolvers were ahead of their time, and it's my hope, too, that these revolvers could get reintroduced. I know the demand is there. I hope this answers your questions. Sincerely, Damon SRC Customer Service Dept.
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