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    Cowboy Shootin', Great Outdoors, Our Country, Family!
  1. I have found a few through Cabelas. If there is one close, going in and talking to the "Specialist" has helped. They have never had one locally, but will ship free from one of their own stores. For some odd reason, the Dakotas get them through every so often. I hope that you find one or two.
  2. Big Red One Lethal Weapon Silverado Six Days, Seven Nights John Wick Sylvester Hoosiers
  3. I'll take you up on that. If you will send me a PM with your information, I will get the gold dust headed your way. Thanks! LH
  4. If you could shoot me a PM, that would be great!
  5. Looking for a set of .380 ACP dies. Maybe some brass and bullets as well. Let me know if you can help, if not, I understand. Even with 44 it wasn't this bad. Thanks, LH
  6. It looks like it is available again. If your interested, let me know. Thanks, L H
  7. I had told Robyn that it was her's, BUT, if she changes her mind, we can certainly have a conversation. Thanks, LH
  8. I had an earlier offer, but if it doesn't work out, I will let you know.
  9. I would like to be on the coast, but here is where I have to be. If I ever win the elusive lottery, then it will be time sharing between the Emerald coast and the Flathead valley. I need to get out and make a match sometime, but I have other things going on, and it has made that a little harder to do.
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