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  1. BTT I think this may be the last time, and then I'm going to let the post fade away. My dad say's that he could use the rifle, and I have other family members interested in the other pistols. In today's climate, the extra capacity makes a lot of sense, and I haven't checked these on California's DOJ list, but if they are allowed, I would consider shipping to those behind the lines. Be safe out there pard's!
  2. Up for consideration are 2 sets of Rodeo's, 5 1/2' each. The .45's are the matt black, and the .38's are the french nickel or satin. The .38's have a set of faux grips from Ajax, and I think I gave away the original grips. I'm still looking, just to make sure. I would like $2350 shipped for each pair to your FFL. I also have a Sig 320, X-Five Legion with 3, 17 round magazines, NIB, never fired. I picked this up as a project, but decided to go a different route. $1050 shipped from my FFL to yours. If you have any questions, please PM me for my contact information. I'm not the best photographer, but can try to take better pictures. Not looking for any trades at this time.
  3. I figured there would be an abundance of knowledge, and opinions here, which is why I asked here instead of elsewhere. I know that for this sport, there are certain guidelines to follow, but some times I get drawn in by crossover or combined things, like a Winchester 1885 in 6.5 Creedmoor. An interesting combination of 19th century firearm, with a 21st century cartridge. Still trying to find the cut off on distance, but haven't had time to finish it being dialed in, but that's a different discussion. Thanks for all of the input. LH
  4. I made the mistake of selling a pair of Single Sixes a few years back, and now have a hankering for another one or two. The Plinkerton also may be an option. With the Sidekick having a capacity of 9 instead of 6 kind of reminds me of my dad's old Iver Johnson. Kind of mixing the regret of selling something with a bit of family nostalgia, with the prospect of finding something new to tinker with. The birds head Wrangler does look good, and well, it's a Ruger. LH
  5. OK, I was wondering though a LGS, and this caught my eye. It looks like a SAA in .22, but can be fired SA / DA. For a .22 revolver at around $250, it would make an interesting addition, and be cheaper to practice with. I'm just curious if anyone has spent any quality time with it, and what your impression is. Here is a review that I found: https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/review-diamondback-sidekick/ LH
  6. I made some pricing changes, and I figure with over 600 views, and only one response to the magazines, maybe I was a little high on prices. I'm not looking for any trades, trying to raise cash for a new project. If you would like to make an offer, please by all means let me know. Thanks, LH BTT
  7. Cleaning out the safes, and have some different things. There may be more in the future, but this is what I have at the moment. All firearms are from my FFL to yours, shipping included. First "I'll Take It" here has it, but also please send me a PM. I will try to clean out my Inbox to accommodate any questions. 1 - Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, 45 Colt, .24" Octagon barrel, flat rear site, brass bead front sight. One piece firing pin, leather lever wrap, and leather butt stock cover. I think it was made in 1996. I can PM you the serial number if you would like to check. I picked this up about 15 years ago, and shot it once. I got it as a back up for WB. $1100 2 - Winchester 1897 take down, 20 ". New wood, with smaller forearm and stock. Small divot behind wrist on stock. Medium silver bead front sight. Small rust spot on barrel near end of barrel, Normal wear marks on tube and barrel. Maybe made around 1954? This was back up to my main shotgun, and runs great. $850 SPF 3 - Beretta/WC 92-G, Compact Carry. 3 - 13 round magazines. Has WC serial number. A couple of small scratches, maybe a ding? $1000 4 - ZecTech, OZ 9, with threaded gold / brass threaded barrel. Optics ready. 2 - Zev 17 round flush magazines, 2 - Glock magazines with Zev 2 round extensions. $1450 5 - 3, 10 round Wilson EDC 9 magazines. All 3 shipped to you for $75 SPF
  8. I have some 444 Marlin brass, not sure of OAL, but if you’re interested, I can see what it is, and send you the details. It is new, and never been loaded. Thanks, L H.
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