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  1. Last night I shot in a match with Evil, and on every stage, my raw time was two seconds faster than his. Then my wife woke me up and said I was snoring too loud. If you don't shoot Gunfighter, you are just doing it wrong! So I suggest that you all come to Evil's class (Yes, I know. Most of us think that Evil has no class!) and learn more about the proper way to shoot to shoot Cowboy.
  2. On behalf of the Granite City Gunslingers, thanks to all you participated. Come back next year and bring your friends. Mark you calendars for the Cowboy Extravaganza, Sept 14 & 15, which will include Cowboy and Wild Bunch matches, Long Range and other Cowboy fun. You can shoot either or two days. This is the weekend before Gunsmoke, so a great warm up event. Camping on the range. Details will be out soon.
  3. She also received multiple Long Range award certificates, including one "special" award, which was for: "Wife who consistently places higher than her husband!" And she did all this while attempting to control two young children and one "adult" juvenile delinquent. Love ya, fellow Gunfighter, Jackpine
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