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  1. If they are not what RR wants, I will take them. Send me PP info, Jackpine
  2. I have been involved in the operation of quite a few long range events and find no simple answers to the question of how "difficult" or challenging to make the targets. If you set the course of fire to be challenging enough so there are no ties you will have radically reduced the number of hits for many shooters, escpecially newer ones, to a discouraging number. The legendary Blue Dog's line was "people like to hit." Back in the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota and the Dakotas, most of the long range events involve multiple ranges and ties are broken by shootoffs. This allows even the most novice shooter to have a very good chance to hit a fair number of targets, at least at the closer distances, and the better shooters get to prove themselves on the more distant, challenging targets, and in shootoffs, with even smaller targets. Time is not a factor. When I first shot long range in Arizona and the targets for each class were all at one range and timed, I asked, in jest, "if long range matches are to somewhat simulate a hunt, who the heck was ever in a rush to shoot a buffalo, and when did they ever stay at the same range??!!" I got the same response that I usually got from my Norweigen mother-in-law!!! The obvious issue with a match like Winter Range, where there are large numbers of shooters and ten different events, is getting the most shooters through in a limited amount of time and the logistcs of a shootoff if you have several of the same competitors tied in multiple events. While I personally would be happy to see these events all shot at smaller targets and be totally a test of skill, with time not being a factor, I want to see new shooters get involved in the long range events, and think smaller targets would discourage this. I believe folks involved in setting up the events have done a very good job of making this an all around great event, and are obviously, based on the changes Coconino Pistolero listed in the opening post, working to make it even better. Regarding Buffalo event, if you look at past scores, you will see that that there have been quite a few 10's shot in past years.
  3. I bought one years ago when they first came out. My feeble memory could be wrong on something that far back, but I think I was loading Clays in the 2.5 to 3.0 grain range, and I did not get the consistency from drop to drop that I got with the standard discs. I am guessing that the fairly narrow, oblong cavity that you get with smaller charges is going to fill up less consistantly more than the perfectly round hole. It was probably acceptable for cowboy loads, but I went back to the regular discs. Again, this was years ago when they were first introduced, so they may have made changes to improve the operation.
  4. Coconino Pistolero, First of all, thank you for making the Long Range events at WR top notch, and for obviously listening to input and working to make it even better. Regarding the sight issue, I am happy to shoot it either way, as long as I know what the rules are. My big objection is that the rule has previously been unclear and not everyone has been required to shoot using the same procedures. I have assumed that "battle sight" meant it had to be the sights issued on the original military rifles and have shot with the sights raised, and no one has ever told me I was doing it wrong. I know of one cowboy who shot for the first time last year, and came prepared, using that same understanding. He watched others shoot with sights raised, but an hour or so later, when he came to shoot the event, there was a different RO, and while on the clock, he raised his sight after moving to the 200 yard position, was told he had to leave the sight lowered. While I do not understand the logic behind not allowing full utilization of the military issued sights, I have no problem shooting under the rule as you have stated here. I do feel very strongly that the rule needs to be clearly explained on the Long Range section of the WR Side Match webpage. I, along with, I believe, a majority of shooters, do not closely follow the Wire, and would not have known anything about this, had a fellow cowboy not sent me a link to this thread. I would also suggest that the this be clearly listed at sign up table, and all BO event ROs need to fully understand, explain and enforce the rule for all. Thanks again, Jackpine
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