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  1. Hey Tex, Somehow I missed this when you posted. I do want to ask; Why should I have to put up with Squibber? Deal with him youself! Sorry Squibber, sometimes I just can't help myself!!!! Jackpine
  2. Hello the fire. Decided that I will never do anything with this gun, so will see who would like it. Note: Interested in "face to face" sale only in Arizona. Am located in Casa Grande and would meet from Phoenix to Tucson or possibly at Tombstone match. Will be at the Territorial Prison Breakout. 12 gauge, 32" barrel, full chock. It is a Model C. Serial # 178,XXX, which I believe makes year of manufacture 1902. This shotgun has obviously been rebluded, stock checkered and refinished and looks very good, but the inside of bore is not pretty. It is pretty badly pitted. Yours for $495 Let me know if you have any questions. Can email or test more pics, if desired. Thanks, Jackpine Bill
  3. Butch, Welcome to the world of Gunfighter. My line has always been that "God gave us two hands and Col'n Colt gave us two guns, and we should use them accordingly." Asking what holster is best is kind of like asking what truck is best or what woman should I marry. Lots of answers that may be very right or very wrong, depending on lots of factors. I have seen many new shooters over the years, in an understandable desire to get equipment in a rush, buy what seemed like the best answer, or in many cases what someone else thought was the best answer, only to find out that they had absolutely the wrong choice for them. With new leather costing MANY hundreds of dollars, and leather being notoriously known for bad resale, I have always advised gaining personal knowledge, before spending money on new, custom leather. My advice is to work on Gunfighter style with the leather you have, or obtain some fairly cheap used leather. Starting out, you want to be able to move the holsters around the belt, so you can decide where the best position is for you. Make sure the holster comes out of the holster easily (you can do "wet fit" yourself on most holsters to accomplish this and make sure the guns fit so you can get good , consistent grip. Angle to holster is another thing, and can be altered by using Chicago screws. (another reason for cheaper holsters--punch extra holsters without killing value) Work on your Gunfighter technique. This will almost for sure be more important than the holster. Talk to experienced Gunfighters and learn. When you get advice, don't be afraid to ask why someone does things the way they do, or uses the equipment they use, and then determine if those ideas will work for you. Practice, practice, practice, live fire and dry fire. And always use a timer. It will help to decide what works best for you and show your improvement. Sorry for length, and keep in mind that my advice and $10 will get you a cup of coffee in most towns. Good luck and happy shooting,' Jackpine
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