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  1. The minimum wage in 1947 was $.40/hour. That equates to 31 hourds to buy those groceries. Seems we're doing better!
  2. 44-40,32-20, 45 cowboy, 50-45 never 45-70 and 40-65 yes
  3. What does it mean if someone is interned? Meaning of interned in English to put someone in prison for political or military reasons, especially during a war: Many foreigners were interned for the duration of the war. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Putting people in prison.
  4. 17 shots at the patrol vehicle and the detainee wasn't hit. He needs to go out and buy a lottery ticket!
  5. She's a Sargent and a woman. She's an automatic keeper.
  6. Everyone enjoys and embraces our freedoms until someone does something that they don't believe is right., but still part of freedom.
  7. The 501C(7) is a good way to go I think you still hae to file each year to show income vs. previous holdings. The only way I know of to protect the property owners and members is t form a non-profit corporation. We are incorporated, we file officers and update any other required info. Then insurance for sure. 3 layers of protection, sort of. You still can be sued.
  8. I was once interviewing to design a medical office building for a local reservation. When we were done presenting I asked one of the leaders there if the waring between tribes was a real thing. He said it was. And the hatred and bias still exists today.
  9. We wanted to replace our 5th wheel in 2019. Doing research I couldn't find a single consumer recommendation for Camping World. High prices, high interest, warrantee service was next to nothing. Common problems in the industry, frames and axels too light, refrigerators don't work or can't keep temp. AC's are undersized, assembly is done by a bunch of meth heads.
  10. Unless the shop temp. is maintained then cold and hot weather will have the same affect as your hand. I worked in an auto machine shop for 11 years. .0005 was as tight a measurement we ever worried about. Most of the time just .001
  11. I have a pair of Uberti Colt clones. I shoot them regularly. I also have a tricked out 73. I don't shoot it much because the barrel is much heavier than my 44-40 rifles.
  12. My favorite. 'let me ax you'!
  13. What is this "super bowl" you speak of? If it involves a "ball" of any sort I'm out. Tires and horsepower, good times.
  14. I was once asked if I had any hero's. I said it's no one I ever met and I don't know their names. It's a 19 YO kid flying at 30,000 feet with only an 1/8" of aluminum for protection and a leather flight suit!
  15. The two series mentioned used almost 0.0 CGI. This series depends on it.
  16. Uber, cars must be 5 years or newer, document special insurance, you can order the size vehicle you need, they send you the car, color, license # and drivers name. Charged at end of the ride. Tips are optional. You rate the driver/ride. They can loose their contract if they get bad reviews. Cabs are worn out junk with angry worn out drivers.
  17. SCOTUS ruled the Fed's have the right to order and enforce this.
  18. I shot mine in 3 different guns. Never resized. The case is too thick to deform.
  19. Today I learned what a horologist is. Never stop learning.
  20. I recently saw a survey where 10 Oncologists were asked if they would go through the various extreme cancer treatments to"maybe" survive longer. 9 out of 10 said no. Money and relatives has ruined many family ties. I offer that you keep your money as you and your Mrs. will need it in your future.
  21. Both of my parents were kids that came through the Depression. So as Dad would say, 'if something broke we fixed it. We had no money so if we couldn't fix it we had to figure a way too work around it'. Dad taught me how to fix things and gave me life's learned wisdom. Cars, gardening, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and animal care. One of his life lessons was, 'learn what the guy above you does and do it better. You'll get his job and move up'. I did that and went from an entry level draftsman to Chairman of the Board for a $100 million a year Architectural firm. Mom taught me sew/repair, cook, iron, and never ever lie about anything. Throw in camping and fishing. I've tried to do the same for my 3 daughters.
  22. Yes, but did you remember why you walked into the kitchen?
  23. I had a liberal woman working for me. Hard worker, no issues but politics and guns. So one day I said to her, 'you know I was thinking about gun control. I realized I am in favor of it. She gets a big smile. I then say, when I shoot I use both hands'! Man was she mad. I laughed and laughed.
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