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  1. First I look for clarification/answer in the shooter handbook. Then I ask our TG/my husband if additional information or clarification if necessary.
  2. As a Classic Cowgirl, I shoot .45 caliber pistols one-handed. My loads are nice with no more recoil than 38s. We had previously been using Trail Boss powder which would fill the casing easily. Once deciding to switch to one powder for all our reloads, it became necessary to go to the the shorter brass (ie Schofield) in order to still have light loads and fill the casing. I actually like these loads better than the Trail Boss, too. It's a good thing we switched seeing as Trail Boss is no longer available. If the loads are light enough, whether .38 or .45, she may not have an issue with a .45 caliber revolver.
  3. We used to have an "Underwear Shoot" every summer. It was a fun day filled with lots of laughs and some really crazy adaptations of underwear, swimwear, and sleepwear fo the era. One year, we added one little word to the name of the match and had a "Clean Underwear Shoot". This was the one time we also had make up targets worked into every scenario. At the end of the day, those that shot clean also got a nice little hot pink laser engraved plaque (2"x2" in the shape of pantaloons) suitable for mounting on their guncart which said something like "I shot clean at the clean underwear shoot". It was this was the only time we allowed all misses to be made up, and it truly was a fun day. I suppose we might do it again some day. We stopped having the underwear shoot because it conflicted with another club's annual that most of our regulary shooters attended. A one and done annual event at a match? Perhaps. A monthly occurance? Doubtful.
  4. I had one made of deer antler that I just loved. It fit my hand perfectly and it curved right into the loading gate. I wore it in a cartridge loop on my gunbelt. It fell out in the parking lot at EOT several years ago and was gone forever. I have since gotten another that doesn't fit my hand as well and I also have a plastic one that I use more frequently. The plastic one is basically a 3" long plastic rod with a 1" round plastic ball on the end. I carry it in my cartridge belt. I hate to be without it because it has saved me countless broken and split thumbnails.
  5. Waves. On a posse of under 20 everyone that likes to keep busy has a chance to work. Quite often on the larger posses there are lots of workers that find themselves without a job. I don't like to stand idle too long.
  6. Congratulations my friends! You both certainly deserve it. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
  7. It loaded for me but it did take a little longer than I felt it should and I was beginning to wonder. There is also another site called Scam Advisor. Here's that link. https://www.scamadviser.com/
  8. I'm right there with Sixgun Seamus. I also really enjoyed the costuming aspect and "cowboyed up" long before I became a Classic Cowgirl. As a matter of fact, his post is extremely similar to one I would have written. I think footwear is one place were I see many items that should not be worn. Questioning them usually brings about "I have bad feet" as the reason. Then what? Do we ask for a doctor's excuse? It can become a gray area in terms of enforcement.
  9. You are correct about SASS. I never collected on it though. As for the workplace, they do now. However, they didn't used to when I had jobs that I wanted my friends to come to work at.
  10. The bottom line is, that if you don't have the time or the inclination to help out, don't. SASS doesn't require us to do so. Whether we do or don't we all have the same benefits of membership in the end. I have belonged to both, but my involvement, or their need for membership, has never varied due to tax status. I've recruited for my workplace without encouragement or compensation. FYI -
  11. I (myself), we (our club/posse) promote SASS and try to recruit new members all the time. When Misty first booked booth space at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA I helped to contact clubs in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states to help man the booth, and continue to do so. I reached out to club contacts and, in turn, they reached out to their membership. I suppose I recruit, primarily, to gain membership for our club/posse since it's mostly done locally. I try to grow our club. Most do join SASS. We can always use "new blood". Isn't that how our Rotary, Lion's Club, Scouting, and most any other club gets new members - friends, family, word of mouth, activities? If the membership doesn't assist in recruitment at some level, now matter the organization, the organization will fade away.
  12. For those in the "move the matches around the country" camp, let's scale things down a bit. Several years ago the search was on for another club to run the PA state match. The committee decided to step down and lighten the load, lifes's personal conflicts being the biggest issues for many of us. Being located in northeastern PA, this change would have been an opportunity for the match to be relocated in another area of the state, making it convenient for shooters to attend from those other areas. Slipnoose was the clubs administrator at that time. She contacted every affiliated club in PA with no success. Many of the affiliated clubs had successful 2 or 3 day matches, but still could not take on the responsibility of a state level match. Moving a match around a state failed and PA went without a state match that year. The match returned with both some new and old committee members and it continues, this now being the 17th time as host club. There is a process for clubs to apply as the host for state and regional matches. Criteria must be met. I doubt Ruby's desk is overflowing with applications to be a host club. As stated in several posts, it's not a simple task to find a new locale for a large scale championship match. Bouncing it from range to range every couple of years is not necessarily a simple task either. State matches have a one year contract. I believe hosting a regional carries a 3 year contact. The number of years goes up as the level of the match increases. This conversation isn't new. It comes up on the Wire every so often. But the result is the same. It's way more difficult than one may think.
  13. This is so very true. Our club hosts our state match. I often say that we have a "small but dedicated" committee, which is very true. Their dedication varies from attending every meeting and work party, to pretty much attending all match set up work parties occuring in the days just before the match begins. However, life often gets in the way of just how dedicated one can be. This year we have lost SEVEN committee members. Two don't have the time anymore. Four are from the same family and they have had the perfect storm of life getting in the way for them to be able to do much more than attend the match this year. One passed away. How does an already small committee absorb all their chores? Now add the rising costs of everything! This issue will likely limit travel to work parties and matches for many. Just today my husband and I were discussing the prospect of working at the range just one day a week once the weather breaks. (The road to our range is closed - no winter maintenance until the ice and snow disappears.) It's about 25 miles and a 40 minute drive away. At the cost of gas, we need to consider if we want to do even this. Having been to the Ben Avery range, it's terrific! We'd love to return. Despite the distance, it's perfect for EOT. Having a big match like EOT or Land Run in the east would be great. However, going to Arizona or Oklahoma is something we'd enjoy for more than the shooting, too. That's another draw to those matches. In closig, I appreciate and applaud those that step up to put together matches, from the monthly shoots to EOT. No matter the size of the crew it's an undertaking. Thanks you and keep up the good work!
  14. I've had it happen to me several times, and I have the scars to prove it. I NEVER put the rifle down. I've removed the hot brass with one hand while holding the rifle with the other when the brass went behind my glasses and a few times when it went down my shirt or rested in the crook of my elbow. I've stopped shooting, continued to hold the rifle, and did the "hot brass dance" to move the brass, too. Honestly, I'm not sure if any penalty ever crossed my mind though. Once when the brass when down my back, my RO did help out by untucking my shirt to allow the brass ot fall out. One very fast shooter was ROing me when brass went down the front of my shirt. I finished the string while getting "branded" and then gave him what for by telling him that he might be a fast shooter but his reflexes at helping a shooter in need sucked - all in fun. It's probably been 10-15 years and it's a story we still tell about each other.
  15. Many shooters use the custom molded earplugs. Often times you can find the do-it-yourself kits at your local pharmacy. I also purchased them on Amazon. I believe the were made by Radians. Our local Sam's Club has a hearing center and I believe they still make the molded ones there. Ear muffs, although they can be very effective, do not work well with cowboy hats. There are many types of disposable earplugs. Just do a little research and find the ones with the best protection.
  16. We learned of some new products just last week. Check out the site uradus.com. The man selling it cleaned, conditioned, polished my boots. This stuff is nice and not like what we currently use which seems to be Kiwi.
  17. I won't post  a public answer to your survey on transgenders.  Being a MD of state match that has a young lady who is transitioning to a male, I find myself in a difficult position when it comes to making a public comment on this somewhat touchy subject.  She/he has facial hair and boobs....an odd combo.  She sometimes dresses in bloomers and a camisole and at other times it's all about looking like he's just off the range from the cattle drive.  She has definitely improved her shooting in recent years.  Is it because of practice, or is it because of the testosterone she takes? As long as the driver's license says F on it she can, be a "Cowgirl".  I found myself having to research this in order to be prepared for anyone questioning why our 1st place Cowgirl has very obvious facial hair.
    I don't understand this whole gender reassignment trend, nor do I pretend to.  Male or female by way of change, you still have those favorite colors, foods, performers, insecurities, etc.  When it's all over, many now find that it didn't solve a thing.  However, transitioning back is no longer an option.  Treatment for mental illness among those that find themselves unhappy with the transition is growing. 
    I treat people the way they treat me and will treat her/him along those lines.  I even told her that I don't understand the trans thing, and mean no disrespect, and hoped she would accept that from me.   As a MD, I also try to treat all my shooters equally.  I have gone toe to toe with a couple over the years that disprespected me and/or other shooters.  I won't stand for that and I won't stand for a transgender shooter disprespecting SASS, our shooters, or the posse and thinking they can do so because they are a transgender.  
    In answer to the survey which specifically calls out men in women's categories, personally I don't like it.  I think we are setting back the women's movement and ERA.  There is nothing "equal" about changing gender, race, etc. to get any type of competitive advantage.  Can a young caucasion undergo plastic surgery to look Asian in order to qualify for a college scholarship?  Where will the line be drawn?

  18. We are waiting on the arrival of them at our local gun shop. The owner informed us that the price of this shipment will be higher and the one after that even higher. They will be the Cheddites and he also told us that they will likely be about the only brand we'll be seeing for a while. I guess time will tell.
  19. FYI, I checked out the FB profile for Brian Worley. I saw Doc McCandless had posted on it calling him out. I can't even see his profile now. But I had reported him and this is my response from FB. I rest my case. They will label things that don't fit their agenda as false but they let scammers slide.
  20. He might not get his money back, but he might cost Brian some. Facebook is all over censoring posts and covering what they say is inappropriate, but they are very slow at responding to all these fake accounts. Quite often they do nothing. Everytime I suspect one, I block them. At least it keeps them from me. I suggest everyone do the same. If they find even the tiniest worm hole, the scammers will crawl in.
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