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  1. We followed our kids to the "games they played". Both enlisted in the Army - one right out of college and one right out of high school. We looked for something we could do together because we often were in different places watching different kids for so many years. This is our 20th year!
  2. We go with friends and rent a house. AirBnB or VRBO are just two of may vacation home rental sites.
  3. Just an update on the SASS Pennsylvania State Championship that I emailed earlier today. It's likely that you all have heard enough about COVID-19 and it's effects on businesses, recreation, and lifestyles to last you into eternity. I know I sure have. It's been like a ride in a runaway mine car when it comes to the news media - virus, protests, riots, and political mayhem. What's true? What's not? The stories change daily. Our mental health has suffered and our stress levels have been stretched to the max many times over. CAS has always offered a brief escape from our everyday world and we needed it more than ever this year. Over the years our cowboy family has suffered together and supported each other over and over again. The current world situation is no different. Currently, with the simple addition of hand sanitizer and wipes our posse has been able to enjoy matches again since May. Shooters, after three months of lockdown, have proven to be most respectful of fellow shooters when it comes to social distancing. Some bandannas over the nose and mouth for added safety have some looking like Jesse James robbing the Wells Fargo stagecoach. It's not what we are used to, but it's far better than not being able to enjoy the matches and our cowboy family at all. I'll take time spent with friends, fresh air, sunshine, and laughter over shelter in place any day. Too many matches had to be cancelled. From the smallest clubs up to EOT and Founder's Ranch, CAS and SASS has suffered greatly. The SASS Scholarship Fund has to have suffered a huge loss as well. With that in mind, El Posse Grande was determined to hold our state match. The planning continues to move forward. The match was postponed from May 23-25 to September 25-27. All registrations previously received were "rolled over" and cancellations were processed, without penalty, to those that could not attend on the new date. We are just a little more than 2 months away from the rescheduled match. We have a terrific match planned and the extra four months have given some of us the opportunity to escape the confines of our homes and "tinker around the range". We've been sprucing things up a bit. Unfortunately, the hill is still there. No worries though. We also rolled over the ATV rental so that we can transport our shooters up the hill. The Sullivan County Shooting Sports club, aka the best brass pickers in all of SASS, will be on hand as our range cooks, brass pickers and even cart haulers. Pretty much nothing has changed other than the date. This message is to ask that you please make mention of the Pennsylvania state match in your shooter meetings and add a little reminder when sending out posse emails. I've included the club contact folks for clubs in some surrounding states, and our friends in Canada, in this mailing. This is the LINK TO THE EL POSSE GRANDE web page and the state match. We'd love to be able to have a terrific turn out. Remember $5.00 for every registered shooter goes to SASS. Additionally, there's always a fundraiser for the SASS Scholarship Fund. This year we are raffling off a Dillon XL750 and other great prizes with the hope of being able to make a generous contribution to the fund. SASS needs us now more than ever! If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you in advance for relaying this info to your posse. Sincerely, Black Hills Barb PS It is my hope that I do not have to make a single mention of the C word between 9/25 and 9/27 and that none of you need to either!
  4. I only know Lester. He's among one of the earliest friends we made since we joined SASS in 2000.
  5. This pic was taken in 2014, our first trip to EOT. We thought it would be a one and done trip but found ourselves on the bi-annual plan and returned in 2016 and 2018. We should be there right now. My Facebook memories have been bittersweet this week. We rolled over our match registrations and house rental and are looking forward to next year.
  6. El Posse Grande started our season on 5/24 which was actually supposed to be the final day of the Pennsylvania State Championship which we were able to postpone. The club lies partially in a county with only 3 confirmed virus cases to date. It's pretty rural there. The matches have run well. I actually prefer having only 2 shooters load at a time on our 8' tables. Masks are optional since we are outdoors and hand sanitizer and wipes are available at every unloading table. We are now gearing up for our postponed state match. I just posted this on our Facebook page: As September draws near, I have received some inquiries as to whether or not the PA State Match is a go. I can only answer with YES IT IS! We are in the green phase now, which is as close to total freedom as we can get for now. We are able to, and will, comply with all stipulations put in place while in this phase. The club is situated on 100 acres of ground and I estimate that our cowboy range encompasses at least 10 of those acres. We have all kinds of outdoor seating with the pavilion at the cowboy range and the patio and tables at the main clubhouse. We hope for it to be a weekend of great shooting, reunions with friends, delicious food, lots of laughter, and a welcomed escape from any mention of COVID, all spent in the beautiful endless mountains of Pennsylvania. Please join us.
  7. Owwww! That's just makes my foot hurt thinking about it. I'll have to drop him a card.
  8. I had to do some research on the topic of waivers and found that some state courts don't even recognize them while others do. The level of recognition varies significantly from state to state. I did conclude that because our posse is a shooting discipline of the main sportsman's club, the club would be the party that would need to require signed waivers. I sent off an email so that the club could contact their insurer and possibly an attorney for advice on how to proceed. Now we wait. The good news is that I don't have to continue my work on the "google machine" for this one.
  9. We just finished our first COVID match. We had most of these guidelines covered. However, it was somewhat exhausting to implement them. We have a very small crew that sets up, executes, and tears down every match. I researched, planned, shopped, typed, .... in preparation for the match. I wanted to be sure we put forth the proper message about the virus and the posse's commitment to shooter safety and state/county requirements. The only thing we did not do was have waivers signed. However, as the sole person doing administrative tasks, I see this as the final weight to sink my ship. I was drowning in a sea of shooters with itchy trigger fingers, happy to see their friends, and quite chatty at times. I had to do registration, write up score cards, collect money for raffles, registration, and my own vending. Of course, there were lots of questions to answer as well. I had double the work to get timers, clipboards, pens, and score cards ready. We used two scorekeepers on each posse and with the small posses, it was something of a strategic task to get them divided and in order so that things ran efficiently. After the first stage, while still recognizing the recommendation for social distancing the shooters pretty much fell right into their usual match routine. The best recommendation for hosting the match is the use of hand sanitizer and wipes. We had them placed at every unloading table and in a few other key locations for convenience. Don't underestimate the time it takes to carry out all these seemingly simple measures. Enlist an extra person or two if you can. Set up and tear down (not just targets) means putting extra things out and them putting them all away again. Since this month has 5 Sundays, we get to try it all over again next week. We might change things up a little for ease of operation having seen that our shooters acted quite responsibly throughout the entire match. Afterall, we have all been under the "shelter-in-place", use sanitizer, practice social distancing, yada, yada, yada, rule for 10 weeks now.
  10. We shot our 1st match of the 2020 season today - ironically it was what would have been the final day of our now postponed state match. I used many of the ideas outlined in this post to come up with our COVID rules. Without any prompting or reminders everyone was very respectful of "social distancing". I sensed that some arrived with a little apprehension on their mind. The only vocal one was wondering how this would work if there was no hugging! We actually had some hugs and handshakes. No one minded. There was laughter and smiles everywhere. Folks drove 3 hours for a day of beautiful weather spent with friends that they had not seen, in some cases, for a year. The hours of planning I put into the implementation of the COVID rules were for naught. After 10 weeks of what can only be likened to solitary confinement folks just need OUT! No one needed reminders. No one was afraid to touch a pen, timer, scorecard, etc. No one needed to be reminded to space out when loading or spotting. We shoot again next Sunday. My one and only "rule" announcement will be "There is hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes in each unloading table." Our shooters proved that was all that they need. After all, we trust them all to safely play a game with loaded firearms. Surely we can trust them to understand COVID after 10 weeks of house arrest.
  11. The SASS Scholarship Fund has certainly taken a big hit.
  12. Well DARN! I really hoped it would not be another victim of the virus.
  13. We moved into the yellow phase on the 15th. This allowed many retail businesses to open but still no hairdressers, gyms etc. Gatherings are to be limited to 25. However, just this past weekend there were yard and garage sales everywhere (as in town wide yard sales). Outdoor farmer's markets and flea markets opened. I don't know of any monthly match that I have been to that would have people in this kind of close proximity. When I ask myself "how is this farmer's market in comparison to a cowboy match" I can only answer that the people are spaced farther apart and also over larger acreage. Our club begins shooting on Sunday. Should be have more than 25 (and it sure looks like we will) so be it. I supposed we could set baskets of fruits and vegetables around and call it a farmer's market, but way more fun.
  14. I put only what we call our home club in my profile. We shoot at about 5-7 different clubs within a reasonable drive from our home each season. This may not include some 3 day matches that are a bit further of a drive. When you look at profiles you will see that some are quite inclusive of all info while others are pretty scant. It's not a big deal.
  15. The term membership varies at the clubs we frequent. To the best of my knowledge, no club requires SASS, club, or posse membership to participate. SASS membership is required to shoot at state level and higher matches. Generally speaking, no memberships are required to take part in cowboy matches at any of the clubs. Membership are only required for other uses of the facilities or for voting rights. Club membership levels vary from club to both in price and the perks of membership. It appears that, in this day and age, background checks are required at all. Availability of club membership varies from club to club but most accept members all the time. Prospective members usually require a "sponsor". Our main club offers full use of the facilities, free dry camping on site, etc. to the membership. Cowboy shooting is one just shooting disciplines of the club. None of the shooting disciplines have their own treasury and all have a rep that attends the monthly membership meetings. The posse has a ruling committee that answers to the main club via the rep. Our posse does have a dedicated range and, without exception, we maintain the building and grounds. Some clubs offer a posse membership. Posse membership dues are collected annually at a pretty reasonable rate and then a discount is taken from the monthly match fees. (Example: For a $30 fee you get $5 off at each match. If the club has 7 matches, you saved $5.) All officers of the posse are required to have a posse membership and the cowboys maintain their own treasury. The posse has a rep to the main club that must maintain membership in both. I don't know if this is helpful or not. From what I've seen over the years, it appears that it's a case of different strokes for different folks.
  16. I was recently questioned about our announcement that we would be holding our first match of the 2020 season soon. I was asked if we were concerned about stipulations on the number attending. (Yes, I'm aware that there was an issue recently in another state) I responded that I continually monitor the guidelines in place, noting that they change OFTEN. There are also somewhat unclear. I added this: I challenge anyone to go to a local state park or private campground over Memorial Day weekend. Stand in line at WalMart or a grocery store to buy your hot dog or hamburger rolls. I don't think the environment of any sportsman's club will ever see the kind of numbers that any one of them will see. I doubt that any one of those places will exercise the kind of caution that we will either.
  17. We will finally have our first match of season this month. Ironically, it will fall on what should have been the final day of our state match which we postponed. We plan to practice many of the above suggestions. All participants will also be encouraged to remind each other of the proper safety practices and to not be offended when reminded themselves. Posses will be small. Spotters will be spaced out. Each RO will have a timer. There will be two scorekeepers, each with their own clipboard, scorecards, and pen. There will not be loading or unloading table officers - check and double check yourself. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be on each unloading table. No common food, coffee, etc will be on hand. These are interesting times. They've been stressful. Despite all the "don't do this", "you must do that", we sure hope to make the stages super fun with goofy stories, funny lines, great target sequences, and maybe even some COVID targets to blast away at. We all need the release!
  18. My husband uses the Radians that you mold yourself and really likes them.
  19. I shoot classic too. Summer in PA means temps in the 80s-90s with humidity figures to match. I wet my bandanna. Keep cooling towels on hand. Drop ice down my shirt.....whatever it takes to feel cooler.
  20. I have to give you credit for hanging on for as long as you did. It's such a hard decision to make but it's the right one. I know exactly how you must feel.
  21. In attending matches, I will have my hand sanitizer, mask, wipes, etc on hand should I feel the need to use them. In hosting matches, we will have hand sanitizer and wipes on each stage for everyone's use. The shooter safety meeting will likely offer a cautionary reminder. The vast majority of shooters are very safety minded and well aware of the dangers in transmitting the virus. Those few that are less than respectful or cautious will likely be reminded by most of the others. Pre-match announcements will likely include some of the same info. One would hope that after at least 2 months of a steady diet of hearing about Corona Virus on a hundred different levels, we can understand the need for the health and safety or ourselves and others. Personally, I want to put the virus behind and at the same time move forward with the knowledge learned from it.
  22. Constable Griz passed away yesterday. He shot at many ranges in eastern PA and often travel to Ohio for Guns of August. Swift Montana Smith recently passed away. He had not shot in several years. Some may remember him for his contributions to the Cowboy Chronicle. His submission called The Cowboy Hat was perhaps on of his most popular. He later compiled all his stories into a book called Read My Shorts. RIP cowboys. You will both be fondly remembered.
  23. We have a dedicated range in a fairly rural setting. We are there nearly every weekend for range maintenance as are a couple others. Sometimes we take guns and practice a little, sometimes not. Our matches are held on the 4th and 5th Sundays. This month is another cancelled match. Our state match was scheduled for Memorial Day weekend but we postponed it until September. If the shelter in place is lifted, we might be able to have a monthly match that weekend and again the following. Only time will tell. One state match that was supposed to be this weekend was cancelled weeks ago.
  24. My USFA pistols came with Longhunter action jobs. They are by far the favorite of all the pistols I have had.
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