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  1. With all the things to be decided when planning our match, awards are my most difficult decision. I struggle with they each year. Awards are also in the top three of our match expenses. It's been plaques every year. For the last several years, our state champs and top gun got trophies while all category winners got plaques. For a few years they were the cowboy/girl statues. Then for a few more they were eagles (which were beautiful). Last year they were custom made wooden clocks. This year they will be range bags. Now I'm out of ideas. In recent history, we have had the same folks fi
  2. Since the deadline for the early registration discount is FAST approaching, lots of registrations are coming in daily! However, you do still have lots of time to register. We have a great match planned and some fun new reactive targets to enjoy. Please check out our post on the Events Wire for more info. Or, just drop me a line.
  3. It's well worth the $50 bucks. If having the club info displayed only brings in one shooter it has paid for itself. I know one club that dropped their affiliation. They used to be a very popular, thriving club. Today they are gone. When working the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, we helped hundreds of interested people find clubs near them. Sadly, non-affiliated clubs did not benefit. There were a couple of those clubs in areas where these prospective new members lived. New shooters are one of our best recruitment tools, too.
  4. Here is the link with the details. There's a small annual fee but it does get you the advertisement on the affiliated clubs page. I think it's worth it when you see here and on Facebook how many folks ask the question "Where can I find a club near me?" Thank you for supporting SASS through re-affiliating your club! https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/affiliated.php
  5. Honestly, over the years we've had buckaroos that knocked them down with their .22s when adults shooting .32s and even .38s couldn't.
  6. Our club has agreed to allow the use of .22 caliber firearms during the current ammo shortage. We had also allowed it, along with a few other things, on our 5th Sunday matches, which we called bonus matches - bonus categories for bonus matches. However, we did not see anyone using .22 in the last 2 years that we offered it on those occasions. However, there seems to be a demand for it now and we opened those doors to include all monthly matches during the season. Now we wait until the snow melts and the 2021 season gets underway to see how things go. Like most others, we wanted to do all
  7. I thought you registered for 2020 and had them carryover your registration for 2021. If so, you have to inform them that you are still planning on attending.
  8. It was mentioned in the video but Misty also posted this on Facebook a little while ago. Apparently, you are not alone in wanting to register now.
  9. The registration period does not open until next Monday.
  10. Our group has gone from 2 nights on the road to just a one day 8 hour drive. We have reserved a beautiful lake front house and are looking forward to the new surroundings. We will miss our usual stop at the Big Texan and the overnight stay in their kitchy hotel rooms though. Oh and the margaritas. I will definitely miss their margaritas.
  11. El Posse Grande will be allowing the use of 22s. Rules and categories are not finalized. Whether it's one 22 or 2 22 pistols and a 22 rifle, the shooter will fall into the 22 categories. Other than that we still have work to do in determining the rest. It is our hope that by offering this at monthly matches, it might enable folks to attend state, regional, national and EOT shoots.
  12. I often wear broken watches that I found in antique stores, flea markets etc. They look more authentic but if I would happen to lose one, I'm not heartbroken over losing a $5 broken watch. Since jewelry is one of the items suggested for women to wear, I do the same with that. I buy used cheap costume jewelry when I find it. I got 10 pieces for $10 once. Same reason - I'm not worried about losing my grandmother's locket or brooch because I choose to wear costume jewelry with my costume.
  13. Just so you have them on is all that matters. You are good to go! The only time to be cautious is if you wear a vest on a hot day and remove it. It's especially an issue if your pocket watch is in the pocket. Many wear more than 5 items just to be safe from instances such as that.
  14. We have a few sets of eyes review stages for our state match but not for our monthly matches.
  15. It's not deleted. It's just in the Saloon now. You can enjoy a beer or some wine while you whine.
  16. Happy Valley Harlot, Black Hills Barb, Doc Allan Wood We accomplished the "Family Triple Play" 1st in class, Clean match, and top 16 for each of us. Plus Happy Valley Harlot received a best costume award.
  17. My husband found an article from EOT 1985. This was long before our cowboy days. Enjoy!
  18. SASS Alias: Black Hills Barb SASS #: 34171 Where you are from: Allenwood, PA How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 18 years
  19. Thanks! I know that "Home" doesn't take me there and yet, I click on it all the time. I then remove everything after .com in the browser and try again. I will most likely continue to forget, but now I have two ways I can get "Home".
  20. I will contact those that I know have shown interest in working the event and request that they contact you. Put my name down! Thank you!!!!! I think this venue is a great place to recruit new members.
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