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  1. I can attest that the targets are in more reasonable ranges now, fitting for a Texas State match. Don't know if they will have it this year, but at Trailhead last year they had a steel target 4 foot by 8 foot at about 8-9 yards. And yes you can miss that (I have a few times.) Sorry to see the bears are still there--I can't seem to get all my shots on those bears. Maybe this year.
  2. SASS Texas State match at Texas Historical Shooting Society near Columbus, Texas March 25-28 and Comancheria Days April 8-11. Travel to far Eastern Canada in the summer makes the rest a question mark. If we get back in time will try to make Comin' at Cha in September and always the Battle of Plum Creek at the Plum Creek Shooting Society near Lockhart, Texas November 5-7.
  3. We had a number of great nominations of some truly fabulous Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls. The Magnificent Seven reviewed all of them and determined that Asa Smith is our 2020 Classic Cowboy Shootist of the Year and Boss Shamrock is our 2020 Classic Cowgirl Shootist of the Year. We will recognize them both with buckles at the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner at Winter Range in February 2021. Please congratulate them both for what they do for the Classic category. Hope to see you at the dinner at Winter Range. Dhd
  4. Yes there is such a list and here it is: 2010: T-Bone Dooley 2011: Lefty Henderson- Shotglass 2012: RJ Law-Bella Spencer 2013: Big 6 Henderson- Hot Tamale 2014: GW Ryder- Squawty Bawdy 2015: Doc Baker- Serenity 2016 Tonic Kid-Marie Laveau 2017-Chilipepper Kid-Black Hills Barb 2018- Major Art Tillery-Cayenne Kay 2019- Stirrup Trouble-Mattie Mahala West
  5. Our Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootist of the Year nominations are still open, but the window is closing at the end of August. Here are the nominees we have so far. Classic Cowboy: Classic Cowgirl: Dantakerous Caney Creek Annie Morgan Daniles Pit Mule Asa Smith High Plains Hud Pony Soldier Boothill Bandit As you can see, while I am sure Caney Creek Annie is a great nominee for the Classic Cowgirl award, we could use a few more nominations in that category to consider. Give it some thought and put out some
  6. Lots of great thoughts for Classic Cowboys, but we need to hear about the Classic Cowgirls out there too. Help us identify and recognize those ladies who are shooting with the big guns and hammered shotguns and dressing in style.
  7. Nominations are now open. 2020 has been anything but normal, and this has thrown off a lot of things, including the nomination process for the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootist of the Year. But we are back on track now. Perhaps some of you saw the article in the recent Cowboy Chronicle concerning this award, which goes to someone who not only shoots Classic Cowboy/ Classic Cowgirl but promotes the category and exemplifies spirit and enthusiasm for Cowboy Action Shooting. We may not all be the fastest, but we look good, we shoot the big bullets, we rock the hammered shotgun, and we have a blast.
  8. Major Art:


    Cayenne Kay is not going to be able to attend but her husband Sixgun Seamus sent me some photos and a writeup about her. Since I plan to post that at the Buffa;lo Chip, I was thinking that maybe I should have something from you as well. Here is what Seamus sent me:


    Maybe you could give me something similar or maybe have a friend do it?



    Cayenne Kay color.jpg

    Cayenne Kay Just the Facts.docx

  9. DHD

    Is there plans for a Classic Cowboy dinner during winter range?

    I am coming to WR for the first time this year, hoping to get together for dinner with the other CC's!


  10. Oops! I didn't get the memo. We are starting an hour later. So here is the correct start time: 8:30 ~ Range Opens 9:00 - 9:30 ~ Registration, Free Coffee, Juice, Pastries , Breakfast Tacos 9:45 ~ Safety Meeting (Mandatory) 10:00 ~ Hammers Down, (Inaugural Shoot Begins) I hope that you can make it.
  11. Actually, The range opens around 7:30 am. There will be free coffee, juice, breakfast tacos, etc. Safety meeting will be at 8:45 with hammers down at 9 am. Should be some good fun. The Mine Cart is back, the Saloon is back, and we have added the Jail for those reprobates that need it (Listening No Horse?). We also have the Outlaw Cabin, a first for Central Texas shooting, where we get to Go Downrange in shooting. Ought to be a hoot. Come on out this Saturday January 21 and help us christen this new venue.
  12. Hey Larson. I asked for Senior Classic Cowboy. If enough of us ask for that, will that be a recognized category? Ghost and I are long in the tooth, and I suspect we can scare up 4 or 10 others.
  13. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a swift recovery, Want to see him out there shooting again soon.
  14. I think it is a good idea for every annual to give the shooter something to remember the shoot by. But I wouldn't call it a "participation award " as that has some bad overtones in today's world. At Plum Creek we reserve the buckles or trophies for those who place in the top 5 or top 3 depending on the category and number of folks in the category. What we give away to all shooters I would not call it an award--we include them in the shooter's packet when they check in. We always provide the shooter with an identification pin with their name on it and the name and date of the shoot. We
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