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  1. Glad you enjoyed the match Dreamchaser. As Goody notes, we have moved twice since the Driftwood days, but this place called Determination, Texas is our permanent home. Just like towns in the Old West, we are building our range one stage at a time. We have 10 stages now and hope to add a couple more. it is an outstanding place to shoot and the folks are friendly and accommodating. We had something special this time--Our secretary prickly Pear Peggy inaugurated the Fastest Brass Picker sidematch. With over 30 entries, it was our club president, Cowboy Small, who had the fastest time. And to finish out our last day after the awards, we had a club president stick horse race. We have a good time out there, and the hospitality is the best. Look forward to seeing you again.
  2. Return of the Magnificent Seven The idea for the Magnificent Seven came from Texas Ghost, who wanted an organization that recognized Classic Cowboys (and later Cowgirls) who epitomized the costuming, shooting style, and giving back to CAS that we like to think characterizes the Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl categories. As he described it, like John Wayne said about gunfighters in "The Shootist", a Classic Cowboy or Cowgirl has to "be willin." It isn’t an easy category and rarely the fastest, but it attracts those who embrace the costuming and challenge that the category represents. Since 2010 we have been recognizing Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls who met these standards. Like any organization, the Magnificent Seven could use an injection of new blood to carry on the tradition. Sorta like a sequel, a few characters are returning but there is significant new blood. I want to thank Needmore Gunz and Tom Payne for their service and help with the Magnificent Seven. I will join them in rising to Emeritus status. Serenity, Augustus Goodnight, and Hot Tamale remain as part of the group. We had an empty slot, so this opened up four places. I am happy to introduce the newest members of the Magnificent Seven: Major Art Tillery, GW Ryder, Pony Soldier, and Dutch Coroner. Together with the remaining members, once more we have a full Magnificent Seven. I wish them the best of luck and continued success in promoting Classic Cowboy and Classic Cowgirl in SASS.
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