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  1. I have had two more nominations for Classic Cowgirl Shootist of the Year: Lucinda Teacup from Texas and Pinky Jo from Oklahoma. Those who know them chime in.
  2. Thanks Grizzly. Brother King has moved on to other shooting sports, and those on the Magnificent Seven are not eligible. Our thought on the Magnificent Seven is that just being a part of that is recognition enough.
  3. That is true--you can only win once. We want to give others a chance to be recognized for their good representation of the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl category. Sorry it took me awhile to get this answered.
  4. Happy to see so many enthusiastic nominations. I haven't had the pleasure of shooting with Stirrup Trouble but I have been beaten many times by You Bet. Both sound like strong candidates, and the nominations are still open. Would like to see some nominations for Classic Cowgirl as well. Thanks.
  5. It is that time of year again when the Magnificent Seven solicit nominations for the classic Cowboy and Cowgirl Shootist of the Year. This award recognizes someone who shoots the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl category and embodies the spirit of the SASS classic cowboy/cowgirl by being enthusiastic about the sport and the category, encouraging and helping others to explore this sport and this category, and just generally being a great person to be around and shoot with. We have had some great past winners of this award, and we look for nominations of folks who are just as worthy for this year. Our past winners were: 2010: T-Bone Dooley 2011: Lefty Henderson- Shotglass 2012: RJ Law-Bella Spencer 2013: Big 6 Henderson- Hot Tamale 2014: GW Ryder- Squawty Bawdy 2015: Doc Baker- Serenity 2016: Tonic Kid- Marie Laveau 2017: Chilipepper Kid-Black Hills Barb 2018: Major Art Tillery-Cayenne Kay We hope to have our selection done by Comin' At Cha and will make the award at Winter Range in February 2020. Looking forward to your nominations.
  6. I have at least one of everything and wear them all at one point or another. My favorite pair are step through shotgun chaps (I swear I shoot better in those) but they are a hassle to put on. Chinks are so easy to don, but they are really late in the cowboy era and don't meet authenticity standards when you are facing costume contest judges and going for the original Classic Cowboy look. Batwings are generally heavier and, being in Texas where it is pretty warm most of the year, don't get worn as much. If I was shooting in cooler country, it would be shotgun chaps and batwings for me.
  7. Great shooting T-Bone. Hard to keep up with someone like you. Continue to uphold the Classic Cowboy tradition. See you at Comin' At Cha.
  8. Congratulations to Plum Creek Shooting Society's very own Two Spurs!
  9. Be there Tomorrow (Wednesday) so I can shoot Sporting Clays Thursday. So it begins.
  10. What a good man. Shot with him many times. Always had a smile. I will miss him.
  11. Major Art:


    Cayenne Kay is not going to be able to attend but her husband Sixgun Seamus sent me some photos and a writeup about her. Since I plan to post that at the Buffa;lo Chip, I was thinking that maybe I should have something from you as well. Here is what Seamus sent me:


    Maybe you could give me something similar or maybe have a friend do it?



    Cayenne Kay color.jpg

    Cayenne Kay Just the Facts.docx

  12. DHD

    Is there plans for a Classic Cowboy dinner during winter range?

    I am coming to WR for the first time this year, hoping to get together for dinner with the other CC's!


  13. Oops! I didn't get the memo. We are starting an hour later. So here is the correct start time: 8:30 ~ Range Opens 9:00 - 9:30 ~ Registration, Free Coffee, Juice, Pastries , Breakfast Tacos 9:45 ~ Safety Meeting (Mandatory) 10:00 ~ Hammers Down, (Inaugural Shoot Begins) I hope that you can make it.
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