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  1. We are coming around the long way. Came up from Texas and shot the Iowa State match (Classic Cowboy Showdown!), then to Wisconsin to shoot the Wisconsin State Match (thanks Rock River Regulators!). Now headed to the top of the country to swing around upper Michigan, then come back down by Detroit then End of Trail. Seeing a lot of the USA that never been to before, and shootin along the way.
  2. I agree with several points made above: 1. If they run a decent match that attracts a good crowd beyond the locals, they deserve a second run to recoup the investment. 2. Geographical diversity is important, but secondary to letting a club run a couple consecutively. 3. For those states blessed with several clubs capable of hosting a state match, it is a good idea to let it move around every couple of years. 4. By moving the state match around, may help avoid burnout for club officers responsible for the match. State matches can be a blessing and a burden. I a
  3. I am here and set up at the Lake Ahquabi Campground a few miles away. Looked over the range today and will be ready to start the fun tomorrow.
  4. 2020 was just a tough year for Cowboy Shooting, and cancellation of the 2021 Winter Range denied us the opportunity to have our Classic Cowboy dinner where we award the Classic Cowboy and Classic Cowgirl Shootist of the Year buckles. But Both Asa Smith and Boss Shamrock were at Landrun (on the same posse), which gave us an opportunity to recognize them and to award them their buckles. Congratulations to them both!
  5. Texican Rangers was my first Cowboy shoot and always holds a special place in my heart. Wonderful shoot this year, and even better that I shot it clean. Great job team!
  6. The Plum Creek Shooting Society will host the Battle of Plum Creek in the first weekend of November. It will be held at the Comanche Country Ranch and Event Venue near Lockhart, Texas. Side matches, 10 stages, gun giveaways and a fun time. More details as the event gets closer.
  7. Well it looks like there is going to be some serious competition at that Classic Cowboy Showdown. Looking forward to it. Will put the Classic Cowboy dinner on my calendar.
  8. Thursday evening at Winter Range is traditionally when we hold the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner at the Buffalo Chip and recognize our winners for the previous year by awarding them a personalized buckle reflecting our appreciation for their efforts to represent and advance the Classic category. That would have been today, February 25th, if the Covid crisis had not caused the cancellation of Winter Range 2021. It is a shame that our 2020 winners Asa Smith and Boss Shamrock were denied this recognition, but perhaps this post will make up for that. We will get their buckles to them, just with
  9. Major Art:


    Cayenne Kay is not going to be able to attend but her husband Sixgun Seamus sent me some photos and a writeup about her. Since I plan to post that at the Buffa;lo Chip, I was thinking that maybe I should have something from you as well. Here is what Seamus sent me:


    Maybe you could give me something similar or maybe have a friend do it?



    Cayenne Kay color.jpg

    Cayenne Kay Just the Facts.docx

  10. DHD

    Is there plans for a Classic Cowboy dinner during winter range?

    I am coming to WR for the first time this year, hoping to get together for dinner with the other CC's!


  11. Oops! I didn't get the memo. We are starting an hour later. So here is the correct start time: 8:30 ~ Range Opens 9:00 - 9:30 ~ Registration, Free Coffee, Juice, Pastries , Breakfast Tacos 9:45 ~ Safety Meeting (Mandatory) 10:00 ~ Hammers Down, (Inaugural Shoot Begins) I hope that you can make it.
  12. Actually, The range opens around 7:30 am. There will be free coffee, juice, breakfast tacos, etc. Safety meeting will be at 8:45 with hammers down at 9 am. Should be some good fun. The Mine Cart is back, the Saloon is back, and we have added the Jail for those reprobates that need it (Listening No Horse?). We also have the Outlaw Cabin, a first for Central Texas shooting, where we get to Go Downrange in shooting. Ought to be a hoot. Come on out this Saturday January 21 and help us christen this new venue.
  13. Hey Larson. I asked for Senior Classic Cowboy. If enough of us ask for that, will that be a recognized category? Ghost and I are long in the tooth, and I suspect we can scare up 4 or 10 others.
  14. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a swift recovery, Want to see him out there shooting again soon.
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