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  2. Thanks. Very interesting. Lots of history. Those soldiers do a heck of a job. And rightly so.
  3. We just added solar to our 5th wheel last weekend. Went to Maybelle last weekend to shoot pictures of wild horses and will be trying it out in the boonies in July. Right now just making sure all works. Most expensive part was the batteries as we went with the Lithium Ion type (two of the things), 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter to run Sharon's computer for her photography stuff. Don't recall the panel output off the top of my head but think about 170 watts? Runs the microwave just fine (haven't checked the coffee pot yet) but will be using the twin Honda 2000's for the A/C until I get a better feel for what works and what doesn't. Biggest reason for the solar is Sharon has troubles loading/unloading the Honda units and she has plans for solo camping or girlfriend camping now that she is retired. (two more years for me) All the best Gateway Kid
  4. Thanks for posting that. Another true American hero from The Greatest Generation. Thanks to all who have served.
  5. "You think Bill Ruger may have seen this gun?" Wouldn't surprise me a bit. IIRC, when Bill Ruger was getting ready to introduce a single action chambered in .44 Magnum, he sent Elmer a flat top .44 Magnum that was built on the .357 Blackhawk. Elmer thought it was too light and sent it back to Connecticut, but asked Bill to ship it back so that he could use it as a .44 Special. That didn't happen.
  6. Missouri River is flooding out of it’s banks tonight at Jeff City. Dang. As if the tornado wasn’t enough.
  7. I'll put it on the list. Sounds like a good time.
  8. Mother Nature at her worst. Not as bad as some of the others, but still major destruction. So sorry. Prayers up again for those folks.
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  10. Natural Selection applies to humans as well as other living things. Unfortunately it’s often the kids who pay the price.
  11. Griz, in my opinion, the solar is worth its weight in gold. I've got a single 130 watt panel and Blue Sky controller, and with good sun, my four golf cart batteries are full by noon. Never have to plug the rig in prior to going on a trip, batteries are always full. The only trade off is that you have to check your battery water at least monthly because your batteries are always charging. I had a 600 watt inverter for the last 9 years. It powered my TV, DVD player and various computer and phone and electric razor chargers with no problem. But it wouldn't make a full pot of coffee. I just this week replaced it with a 1000 watt and I'm finally happy. No reason you can't be happy too. PM me and I'll get my old one in the mail to you. It's a Magnum Energy MM600 with remote control.
  12. On March 16, 2011 there was only one player in FJ. There was one game in the Art Fleming days where all three players were at $0.00 or lower after DJ so there was not a Final Jeopardy question that game.
  13. Go coated and don't worry about leading. Even shooting real powder puff 45s down in the 500 fps ranges no leading with the hi Tek.
  14. I think the inverter would be more important for a Motorhome. If you wanted to drive and have a set of plugs for the TV or say an electric fridge you can run those going down the road without a generator. thats the only time I ever used it....unless dry camping I would run it all night for the residential fridge than run generator to charge back up next day.
  15. My '66 Carbine is from 1994, the bore slugs .4535 diameter. I have always fed it .454 diameter bullets from a Lyman #454190*. Never had a problem. Groups 5rds into 2 1/2" at 50yrds from the bench, just resting both elbows on the bench. I had a brass "top/bead" added to the front sight and a Williams Full Buckhorn rear sight. Did the same thing to a 1988 '73 Carbine in .44WCF. *Cast of 50/50 COWW/#2, Lubed with White Label Lube's BAC. Sized & Lubed in Lyman 450.
  16. Made me think of this poem from high school...
  17. You haven’t met my kids yet. I think I’d have to pay someone to take them. Besides, with the new Trump tax law, I came out behind $7k as it is. Losing even more deductions probably won’t help much.
  18. Call RCBS, ask for a RN seating stem. They'll send it to you free
  19. I have always continued the string with the working revolver until empty and then holster or restage it. Then I clear and finish the string with the offending revolver.
  20. James was $1,800.00 away from being the only contestant in Final Jeopardy. I wonder if there has ever been only one player left for FJ?
  21. They did that because you misspelled Corpsman.
  22. If I use that stuff on my firearms will my guns get the munchies?
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