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  2. Just below the headline is the observation "It did not work." No wonder! "Holy Water Virga!" It all evaporated before it reached the ground!
  3. Naw. They flew in a circle - like a phonograph needle.
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  5. The things I would suggest you have probably checked. Does the firing pin extension move forward and spring back smoothly with thumb pressure? Good FP protrusion from the bolt face? With the main spring disconnected and the trigger pulled, does the hammer rotate forward and back freely? Those Pioneer springs shouldn't affect ignition but could make it harder to lever if not adjusted right. How deep are the primer hits on the ones that did go bang vs. the one that doesn't? Primer type shouldn't matter with a stock spring. Do you have another main spring you can try?
  6. Thanks Dale, but I’m just looking for one 510- series.
  7. Click on Tyrel Cody's link by Deuce Stevens. This was a real gift to CAS shooters. My advice is to use this and only this. Look through the names of world class champions such as Duece and others and copy what they do. They have tried everything and shoot only the best recipe for what we do! Tyrel, where did you find this attachment?
  8. I'd consider sending them a note, but I really doubt they'd get past the salutation....
  9. There's an Antonov at Planes of fame in Chino, CA. Biggest dang biplane you ever saw.
  10. If your even a little accident prone I would pass on trying super glue for wound repair. Having a bleeding cut while trying to get your bandaids open while your fingers are glued together makes for lots of entertainment for everyone else that’s around. It’s hard for people to help you when they are laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes.
  11. Thanks for the offer pard, I'm pretty firm on the price though.
  12. She even kept her hair styled. That must be industrial old with high flash point hair spray.
  13. Well, I just finished this match way out in Nevada, and I had a great time. I was using my 30" 97, 2nd Gen Colt with with the 7.5" barrel, the Restoration of old Fort Des Moines commemorative Colt with the gold finish and wooley mammoth ivory grips, and my 1891 vintage 86 in 45-70. Using that gun put me in the "Tom Horn Smokeless Repeater" category. I had a lot of fun. How much fun, you may wonder. This much fun... I choose to believe that there were at least 4 people shooting this category...
  14. I beg to differ. Not only is it west of the Hudson, it's west of the Mississippi. It's even west of the Rockies. That's way out west.
  15. Widow of my good cowboy friend wants to shoot up his black powder ammo and asked for help with the cleaning of the rifle. What works well. I've never shot the Holy Black before. Thanks
  16. One thing for sure, the little gal would have burned up from the air friction. At Mach 3, skin temps of the SR71 reached 600-900 degrees F, depending on altitude
  17. Sign up in B western. Any shooting style, any legal main match revolvers. So you can do duelest and if you need or want usebyour adjustable sight 58.
  18. I recently purchased a rifle from a shooter getting out of the game. A Uberti 66 with short stroke kit in it (not sure which gen, but shorter than my 3rd gen). If it matters; the rifle is running Pioneer Gun Works tension rod lifter and carrier springs. The gun is a put together parts gun, but I have taken it apart and checked it over and everything looks pretty good inside. Here are my issues... The rifle would not fire consistently - hammer drop was light and slow. I adjusted the strain screw and retightened the mainspring. Most of my rounds are going off now - but I am still getting 1 out of 20 fail to fire. Perfectly loaded ammo that performs flaw less in every other rifle and pistol. Not an ammo problem. And the hammer drop still seems slow compared to my Miroku 73 and Codymatic. But the lever effort to cycle with the mainspring cranked this tight is ridiculous. The mainspring appears to be stock and I have no more adjustment available. Seems if the spring had simply lost its oomph, lever effort would be nothing; so should I just order a new spring, swap the spring and see? or am I missing something? 2nd issue is (other than lever effort) the rifle cycles smoothly empty. Cycles smoothly with ammo; except every 15-20 rounds - one will hang up and again, take a ridiculous amount of effort to eject and cycle. I normally run my lever guns with a single finger in the lever; when this happens, I have to use significantly more effort to operate the lever. Again, clean, sized ammo - not an ammo issue. But if it were a chamber issue, seems it would occur every round. Ideas? I'm about to stuff the rifle in the gun safe and order something new.
  19. yup saw that, that's what spawned my question... was thinking "could i cock the left gun with my left hand after drawing but before transitioning then continue with my right hand..." but i wasnt entirely sure of the legal issue until Cheatin Charlie pointed it out...
  20. SHB p.6 - Duelist regs SHB p.23 - SDQ penalties
  21. On our way home from visiting with Rolan and his lady fair. My son joined me in the 19 hour trip from Coconut Creek FL to Rolan’s House in GA. The hospitality shown us was exactly what you would expect from a Southern gentleman, like we were old friends! I have communicated with Rolan back in the early 2000’s when I was new to our game, and he was very helpful and knowledgeable offering advice on many topics without judgement! The shotgun is a treasure and will stay in family if my 25 year old son has anything to say about it, who kept commenting on how warm Rolan’s welcome was as well. Thank you Rolan, you truly are a “gentleman and a scholar” as the phrase goes! Ninble Fingers
  22. It's a lie. Superman didn't fly around the Earth. The Earth is flat!!
  23. ahhhh, thank you, i was looking at the duelist rules and didnt see anything about it...
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