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  2. What stage are they thinking of doing?
  3. Thanks......but, the guy who's responsible for all this is the one who several years ago posted a video of himself shootin a 97 blazing fast. I saw the video and thought, dang I gotta meet this guy, and I gotta beat this guy. I then saw where he was signed up to be at Hellfire in Louisiana. Upon arriving at Hellfire, I walked straight up to the 97 sidematch, found him, introduced myself and told him that he was the reason I was there and I was there to beat him. Well, that day I got my butt royally kicked by the guy that I think is one of, if not the fastest 97 shooters to ever play the game. And ever since then, I've been chasin' that guy all over the place tryin' to whoop him. Part of the beauty of our sport is that we get to meet people that we may never have crossed paths with otherwise....that person, I now call my friend.....Widder(I also call him lots of other things):) Widder is the reason "the bounty" was created and funds were raised for the fight against cancer. Red Knee I
  4. Unerti Comp 357. 20” barrel. $1300 obo in Az.
  5. Do you mean LeClaire, Ia? Over on the east side of the state on the banks of the Mississippi? I don't think I can help ya i'm in the middle of the state and don't have a trailer. Maybe some one in the Quad City area could help out.
  6. Thanks, Reno, I only shoot 405 grain lead in mine. It is cool for hunting in primitive cartridge deer season and for cowboy action “Cody-Dixon” matches also
  7. Conspiracy to keep people from leaving California?
  8. Assassin


    You can also find some concrete forms. Build the wall 8 ft. high x 8 inches thick x however long you need it. You'll also have to pour a footing 2 feet wide by 1 foot thick. For every 5 feet of wall it takes about a yard of concrete. Backfill really good around the footing. An 8 foot high dirt berm is usually 3 times wider at the base. Concrete walls aren't too expensive if you get free labor. Dump the wet concrete into the top of the form with a backhoe or loader bucket. If you are limited on space concrete walls will save room over dirt. And, they last.
  9. I have a pair of Cimarron Pietta Eliminator C's ..... Factory Short Stroke & Low/Wide Hammers, Tuned by Cimarron, Full Race, 4 3/4", 38/357, Blue & CCH Wide Hi Viz brass covers on front sights, backstraps engraved by Aspen Filly... one sez "TEXAS" the other "LIBERTY" They've been shot Lots, I've had them for about 3 years and there is some wear showing on the finish, but they Look Really Nice !!!! Very Smooth & Ready to Rock!..... $1000 for the pair plus shipping to your FFL.... (He must accept pistols shipped from an individual.) I can take some more pics if they're interested...........
  10. Why can't my realtor or Zillow find these?
  11. I'm looking in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Payson in AZ, Carson City, Minden, and Gardnerville in NV We want 1800~2400 sq. ft, 4-bed, 2-bath, 3-car garage or 2-car + shop, gas kitchen, and no HOA or CC&R. I have three realtors working for me, and none have anything under $600k We will get maybe $300k at the most from our place in Sacramento. I wouldn't live in Phoenix on a bet. Much cheaper in PHX than Prescott or Prescott Valley. CO is right behind CA for liberal baloney. NV is turning more Blue by the day. NM is already a liberal hell. WY is too damn cold and too much snow.
  12. When everything else checks out as good. A positive slam down modification may be an option.
  13. Has anybody tried a rig from Historical Emporium...Sure, it's economy leather, machine tooled, made in Mexico, etc..., but has anybody owned one? How does it hold up, and what's the downside, if any. I have a lot of experience in the country of Mexico in business, and some of their leather work is world class, especially from around Leon, Mexico. Of course, there is cheap stuff there too, but they also have good quality, and excellent workmanship. Just not sure what Historical Emporium's ranking is.
  14. A couple hundred foot of cable and a truck or two on shore. Been done more than once. Then replace all lubes in the Jeep.
  15. Good point, and my weight does fluctuate at times. You're saying the Buscadero style (Double Drop Loop) is more likely to change position with weight gains and losses?
  16. Yes, that matrix has been very helpful, and it's starting to sink in...The matrix makes reference to "any main match" under the weapon category, for example. What is defined as "Any Main Match?" To a newbie, that phrase is kind of vague. So, it sounds like I can get a Buscadero style rig, and still be legal with respect to most categories, maybe all if the rig is embellished enough.
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