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Stage problem?

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On the OPs sweep, my wording would have been: Starting on either end, engage the rifle targets with 2 single tap sweeps in the same direction.

Or, to change it up a bit:

  With 1st 5 rounds single tap sweep the rifle targets from either direction. Repeat the instructions with the 2nd five rounds.

That would essentially allow the 5th target to become target 1 for the 2nd five rounds and swept in the opposite direction.


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Yes, that's what we call doing it dirty.

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On 5/6/2024 at 4:52 PM, Too Tall Bob said:

This is such a non issue and easily cured by allowing starting on either side or sweep targets from either end. 
I am a lefty and I think you might be surprised to find most lefty shooters adapt quite easily to a right handed situation. I don’t understand why a lefty person using a cross draw would have to back across a “right hand oriented” stage. Address the stage straight on for movement and Face down range and turn your torso so as to not break the 170 when you draw. If that is too much to figure out then perhaps you might try double duelist and eliminate the concern all together. 

Good luck and try new things - 


I have shot in a few states and a lot of regionals and state matches. TTB is one of the more talented stage writers the Cowboy world has.


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Many folks have suggested that it is best to allow shooters to start from either end, and I agree.  I just want to note that starting from the right would renumber the targets from right to left. (5,4,3,2,1)  I say that as a good thing.  Sure, in the OP it would make no difference because it's a single tap sweep, but that would be a different story if it was a progressive sweep on 4 targets.

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On 5/5/2024 at 8:19 PM, I. M. Crossdraw, SASS# 8321 said:

This and don't chase the smoke.

This is my #1 goal as a BP shooter.


EOT (formerly WR) does a great job of accommodating lefties.  Many stages are symmetrical.  I generally chose whichever side makes the best use my strong hand.

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