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How do I contact a company that doesn't seem to have a contact that works?

Forty  Rod SASS 3935

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I want to complement a company on two of their products and make a suggestion.


They have so much computer crap to go through that it just doesn't seem worth the effort.  Several social media sites, passwords, "I'm not a robot", frequently asked questions (that I don't want and can't seem to get out of), a chat line..............!


Why can't I get a decent email address without telling them everything about my life and signing up for the inevitable spam the will come with it, find a real live human person to talk to, or a mailing address so I can send them an old fashioned paper letter?


My dear God how I hate the computerized world that has been foisted off on us.


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6 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

You should be able to scroll to the bottom of the home page and find a Contact Us tab.  The times I've done that with various companies I've found either a place to enter my name, email, and comments or, at worst, a phone number.

That's where I find all that BS crap I mentioned before.  I don't want to jump through all their hoops to pay them a compliment.  Some of what they are asking for is none of their business and some is obviously fishing for info.

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3 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

Odd, other than name, email, and I'm not a robot I haven't had to jump through hoops.


May I ask the name of the company?

Aveeno hair products.


I found an 800 number I'll try tomorrow.  They sure make it difficult to pay them a compliment...but I did get a $6.50 coupon for trying.  :o

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If I have to go through a bunch of nonsense to give them a compliment on their product I'll just give up!

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Weird.  On my desktop just now I searched "aveeno" and got


Then, instead of just hitting "Contact Us" I went to the main page scrolled down until I saw




Clicked on "Contact Us" and, after a little scrolling on it, past the FAQ and disclaimers, saw



Clicked on the "Email Us" and that little drop down showed up.  Click on that and in its menu one of the choices is compliment.  Then below that is a box to enter your comment.  It ain't tree science or rocket surgery.  Just a few clicks and a little scrolling.  

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You think that's bad!?!?

Big Red had his wallet stolen and between the two of us tried for hours, to report it, first to the Ottawa Police, without going through 911, (Non Violent crime or crime in progress, so the operators get ....... ) Tried the non-emergency phone line, but apparently, after listening to a 4 minute recording, I should know the first or last name of someone to connect to their voicemail and defaulting to "0" gets nothing.

Service Ontario? Similar experience.

He gave up and did personal visits on Friday. 

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I recently tried to contact the dispatch center for our fire, police, ambulance etc. Nothing in the phone book or on the web! Finally called a few police depts and after 3, a nice dispatcher gave me the number. Wouldn't ya think a non-emergency number would be reasonable to find? Nope! Then when I finally reached someone, they told me it was illegal to answer my query.:angry:

All I wanted to know was if a fire/ambulance call had been made to MY house on a certain date when I wasn't home! Seems nowadays that anything you pay taxes for, is non of your business!

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Finally got through........to a parent company switchboard.  Another ten minutes to get a very nice young lady who is dumber than a gob of spit and though her English was pretty good I'd bet her native tongue isn't English.


After a bunch more time I finally hung up.  I'll still buy their product, but I have no emotional ties left to it

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