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Jimmy Buffett Anonymous Donation


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The Museum knew who the donor was all the time.  Buffett just didn't want the Museum to make the donation public.  After he passed, the Museum felt they could "Snitch" him off. 

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Pretty cool and generous of Jimmy Buffett to donate these planes to the museum. Also pretty neat that "JB" was at the end of the tail number on numerous planes.


Oh, I don't think that Jimmy will care if he has been "outed" for his donations...after all, it doesn't take a Pencil Thin Mustache to figure out a tail number owner.;)B)

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1 hour ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

If it was "anonymous" how do we know about it now?

When a high profile donor wants to anonymously contribute to an institution, there are provisions and processes to honor the secrecy until an agreed to time. 

In this case, that time appears to have been Mr Buffett’s passing. 

Well done, Jimmy!

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