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Is the new Jack Ryan Series WOKE?

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Episode 2:  Greer meets Miller in the bar, Miller asks if Greer if he was some of the high priced liquor he's drinking,  


Greer replies, "No, I just have a BUD!!!!!"


Woke, I tell you, Woke


and isn't Greer Muslim?  = no alcohol?


►  added 7/2/23  Purple font = sarcasm

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This year's episodes were probably filmed before Bud Lite stepped in it.


Yes, Greer is Muslim, but there are different branches of the Muslim faith and not all are as strict as the fundamentalists 

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15 hours ago, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

Tom Clancy is spinning in his grave. It’s pure garbage. 

Tom Clancy sold out to ghost written garbage while he was still alive.

I LOVED his early books and bought each one in hard cover on Day 1.  But even I noticed the shift when he simply stuck his name on someone else’s work. Very disappointed. 

He’s happy that his estate is growing. 

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