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St. Patrick's Day Approaches!!

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Two Irishmen are stuck in a lifeboat. With nothing to do, they search the boat and Mickey finds a rusty, beat up old lamp under one of the seats. With nothing to lose, he rubs the lamp and a tiny puff of smoke appears as wrinkled old Genie slowly crawls out of the lamp. He looks the boys over, and says "Boys, I'm old and tired, and I've only got one wish left, so make it good." Mickey pipes up and says "I want you to turn the whole ocean into Guinness Beer!" The genie disappears and they are floating on an ocean of beer. Shamus looks around, reaches over and slaps the snot out of Mickey! "Now what did you go and do that for?" he cries. "You silly fool! Now we have to pee in the boat!"

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2 hours ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:


Could someone tell me what that's a picture of? It's too small to make out, and when I try to enlarge it  it pixilates. It's two guys standing next to the road, I think, but I can't tell what they're doing.

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Okay - the guy without a shirt is ironing something, while the other two guys are rehearsing for when they find the sheep?

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