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SASS Edition New Vaqueros “unavailable”

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Ruger’s website lists both versions (.357 and .45 Colt) of the SASS New Vaquero revolvers as “unavailable”.

What does that mean?  If Ruger had discontinued them I’d think they would not appear at all.

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1 hour ago, Matthew Duncan said:

“Unavailable” means they are not available at this time.

But not discontinued.


The website shows other SKUs of New Vaquero as available but just about none of the big online retailers have them.

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colt does the same thing, right now they are not making any SAA and wont be until next summer if then, instead they make things like the python that people are going nuts over, Ruger also makes a lot semi auto pistols as well as sp100 and the 101, im sure they will be making more in the not to distant future

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5 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

OP, why not post a WTB in the Classified section? 

I would, if I wanted to buy them.  I’ve been shooting mine for over 12 years.  Another fellow in my club was considering a pair that a retiring shooter advertised on another forum.  He was pricing new guns by comparison, found some New Vaqueros on Gunbroker.  They were not SASS Edition revolvers, so I started searching online.  

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