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  1. Reloading is a must if you shoot Frontier Cartridge. Opinions differ if you shoot smokeless. Prior to the current component shortage I figured I could load a low recoil AA “clone” for a lower cost than budget 12 gauge shells IF I could get shot at less than the $45-50 retail cost of new lead shot. I have purchased reclaimed and homemade shot when I could find it at a decent price. It is not perfectly round but it’s fine for the distances we shoot. I generally use the same powder (Clays, originally and now Red Dot) that I use for .38 Special. Hulls I have scrounged and sometimes purchased. I generally sort my hulls into three categories: once fired (for big matches), used good condition (monthly matches) and “eww-but the ‘97 or Model 12 will eat ‘em”. Claybuster wads are less expensive than major brands. They’ve been a little scarce but I’ve found them.
  2. Shooters are accustomed to carrying the long guns vertically to and from carts and tables. It’s a hard habit to break, apparently, when moving with a rifle or shotgun during the course of fire. Still, that’s the rule. I agree with Scarlett on gun handling. I was swept with an open shotgun at my home club’s match. I don’t enjoy assessing any penalty but we have to be safe.
  3. I don’t believe that is correct. My Sizemaster has a pre-crimp and a final crimp. Same as the 600/Jr., I believe. I have an older model MEC Grabber that ends with a final taper crimp station.
  4. I always loaded my .38 Special ammo over the top in my Uberti ‘’73. I started shooting a .44-40 Miroku ‘73 in December. Had my first “on the clock” reload this month. I loaded a regular length cartridge over the top. I fumbled it a little but it worked.
  5. Have them Cerakoted in a dark finish of your choice. It’s legal.
  6. Glad to hear that they went to a new shooter. A new family, even better!
  7. CK, a brand new shooter in my club has one .357 Stampede and is looking for a mate. Feel free to send me a PM and let me know whether you would break up the pair and on pricing for a single revolver or both.
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