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Scored a new toy at the gun show yesterday

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I went to the gun show Friday in Louisville, Ky and Saturday to Charles , Mo. to trade off some of the lower end stuff out of the safe I don't use.

After trading around with several good folks, I scored a new toy. On Tuesday, I can pick it up from the Illinois dealer that is doing the transfer and get to try it out.

Between the 2 shows, I think I saw 2 Vaquero's and 3 Colts and everything else was plastic guns. No 1873 lever guns and a couple of overpriced Marlins ($2500 for stainless 357 with a grey stock) Lots of Henry's and a couple 357, 44m & 45 lc, Rossi lever guns. The Rossi's were reasonably priced.


1959 Colt Frontier Scout, 4 3/4 Barrel in 22LR

1959 Colt.JPG

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3 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

How much are the colt 22s going for these days?  I have one just like that one I want to sell.

I sold a very nice one here just over two years ago for $450, shipped. Other than someone scratching their initials into the right side grip frame, visible in the bottom pic, and some odd scratches on the hammer, it was about perfect.



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Sold a matched pair of those made a year apart.  I regret selling them, but in reality, I had not shot them in over 5 years.  And I did make a reasonable profit.

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20 hours ago, Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 said:

I saw a 1905 1873 in 32-20 at the gunshow this weekend, boy was that feller proud of it. It was nice...



What was he asking? Just curious as I have one I might let go of. 



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If you ever want another I have a near match.

I havent shot it in a while.

It does have a mag cyl in about perfect shape too.

Now to be clear the MAG cylinder is about perfect NOT the whole colt.

I probably talked out of line.

It will take a bit to dig it up...

I didnt figure on an immediate interest

So it could take a while......



I only have the one colt .22.....

Will think on this a bit...

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