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Cat rescues child!

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Really happened in Bakersfield in 2014.



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1 hour ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:



That explains everything!:D

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It does look as if they have three different security cameras recording this event.


Possibly it is all recorded on one camera, and then cropped and edited together so it looks as if it was done with 3 cameras with the one on the far left being able to pan.

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Cat will protect...My dad learned that the hard way...When I was very young had a cat...I guess I was not a good boy and dad decided to not spoil the child...Tow wacks and mother cat was on his back with claws....Dad backed off, cat released...Decided to try a second time...Same thing happened...After that, where is the cat before coming after me...Dad was grow up on a farm...That was new to him...But he sure knew where the cat was at all times....


Texas Lizard

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