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A wee tad dampish


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Just returned from taking Worthless Worthless.jpg.a5e7d9b9fbb0e8bd5d8e8ff97da0dc89.jpgfor a walk.


If you notice on down towards the end of the road, it is flooded.


I'm surprised I got that good of a picture. Could not see the camera screen in the daylight.

Maybe this cropped version is easier to tell. See the big orange pump in the middle of the street?



The block I was on was not flooded, but it had been earlier. If you will notice this yard, you will see that the house is a good five feet above street level. And you can also tell, by the debris line, that when the street was flooded, it went up about six feet into his yard.



This is my fence line. Notice that on my side it is just soggy and muddy. On my neighbor's side there's a three foot wide ditch.




This shot is from the corner of the fence. Again, my yard is just soggy, but the water is running six or eight feet up the sidewalk in his yard.



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Last year we didn't get more than a teacup of rain all season.  End up with drought conditions and the lakes were so low you could almost walk across some of them and get your pant cuffs wet.  This year the Arizona Monsoons are back with vengeance.


Didn't get any snow to speak of, either, but I expect it back again a month or so.

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1993 was the year we bought the house...   back when we used to get rain.
The neighbor down the street was running his boat out on the street.

1993.01.19 Orangevale flooding.720.jpg

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I walked down to the flooded area, when I was walking idiot child. One house, and I definitely should have taken a picture of it but I didn't think of it, had a stack of sandbags piled in front of the front door. I assume they were going in and out the side door, which was another 2 feet higher in elevation.


Even if the flooding did not reach the door, some jerk driving by in a pickup truck, jacked up a couple of feet in the air with great big tires, secure in the knowledge that he can drive through this flooded street without problems, and sends a wake up into people's yards.

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9 hours ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

Alabama too.

Prayers up!

I ain't saying that we saw a lot of rain over the last few days, but I saw a couple of frogs giving a turtle CPR on the side of Highway 29 day before yesterday.:rolleyes:


There's a reason I live at a majestic 500-ish feet above sea level- and on the back side of the ridge that forms is side of the river valley.

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