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SOLD, Cart headed to Texas. Thanks

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I have a gun cart for sale that I have had in the garage for about 2 years and I have used it about 3 times when my son went with me shooting. The plan was to get a enclosed trailer and haul it to shoots with a golf cart to move it around. Due to my current health issues, I need this to go to somebody that can move it better that I can.


It holds 5 long guns and has a removable box for your stuff. It has a cup holder, a place for tools and rods, and bands on the back to hold a stool. It also has a small compartment for stuff on the back side. It is made like a roll top desk and perfect for shoots where you want to keep your ammo dry. (Guns Too).


Local pickup or I can deliver for gas money. (day trip only, if I can get there and back or meet you within a 4-6 hour drive round trip, I am good)


I will be In Evansville, IN shooting this weekend, Cisne, IL next weekend and Sparta IL the weekend after. (Anyhow, that's the plan.)


I was thinking $200.00 as it is a nice cart. 












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That is an amazing looking cart.  I too would buy this in a heartbeat if I were anywhere near you.  GL with the sale and great job on the cart!!

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Maddog would you consider shipping that beautiful cart through your local UPS Store? It might cost as much as the cart, but it would still be a heck of a deal!

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Well, I will check in to it.

I will have to find a UPS store as I usually ship thru the local hardware store.

I will let you know what I find out. 

PM me your name and address as that will be the first thing they will want. 

It might be better to strap it to a pallet and send it freight.

Include your phone number in the PM and I try to find out tomorrow.



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You should not have to bother with shipping.  Somebody close to you is going to jump on that and love it - they just haven't seen it yet.  


If any of those clubs you are attending have email lists or someone who sends announcements to the members, facebook or whatever, try getting the word out to them before the matches.


Like everybody else said, I also wish that I lived closer.  And it won't even fit in my car!  But I do see a truck at some point in my future. :)

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I’ll be driving though southern Illinois around the weekend of October 1st.  

PM me a pickup location and I’ll figure out if it is practical.  

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Would love to get this from you.  I will be driving up from South Florida  to Woodville Alabama for the Southeast regional championships in two weeks. Do you know any cowboys that are coming down to shoot that ?if so I could Send you payment and we could possibly cowboy express it down. Just a thought. 
All the best 

Billy Blaze

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Right now I don't know anybody headed that way. I would be going myself as I use to live down there but I am going into the hospital for surgery on This Thursday and will be laid up for about 3 months.  I will pm you my phone number. Thanks Maddog

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