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  1. I will take it. Thx much. Pm me how to send some $$ your way. Let me know if you’ll be at the south eastern regional next week and we can just catch up there. if not, can send cash your way.
  2. Would love to get this from you. I will be driving up from South Florida to Woodville Alabama for the Southeast regional championships in two weeks. Do you know any cowboys that are coming down to shoot that ?if so I could Send you payment and we could possibly cowboy express it down. Just a thought. All the best Billy Blaze
  3. I will take the cuffs and all the powder. I will be at the Southeast regional. Can pay ahead or when we meet up there. either one’s fine thx Billy Blaze
  4. Have a .32 top break lemon squeeze in need of ammo. If anyone has any for sale or recommendations on where I can find some ammo or brass To reload it would be much appreciated
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