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    Reloading and all the preperation needed for a SASS shoot. I rebuild Harley's in the winter.

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  1. SKB 20ga forearm has some of the metal parts.No cracks or chips . $150.00 O.B.O.Shipping included lower 48
  2. 22cal. Stevens #16 Crackshot parts. Receiver with breech block, trigge,r side lever and barrel lock. 20' barrel with sites and complete forearm. Parts only. $30.00 plus shipping from 52241 . Weight 3lbs Sold pending funds
  3. Sounds good Slim send me a PM for shipping and payment info. Thanks Fatboy Harley. P.S. Something seems good about a deal with a Notso Slim and a Fatboy Harley!
  4. yes the three sets pictured above are all still for sale. All three sets $65 or $25 each delivered
  5. For sale OMV Ruger Bisley grips. Six pair of grips. One set of checkered black SPF, one set imitation ivory with etching,one pair just white imitation ivory SPF and one pair original Ruger grips. $25.00 each pair shipped
  6. Looking for new or used 200E SKB forearm
  7. Might be able to take all 3. text me at 319-325-7017
  8. Lookin good Greybeard ! Fatboy Harley

    1. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Hope we can get back to shooting soon...


  9. Fatboy, I will take the Lightning rifle, just let me know what all you need to do the deal. You can PM me or most convenient and we will share contact info. Thanks, Solomon

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    2. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I will try to get FFL'S info tomorrow.  How do you want funds? PayPal, mail certified check? I was trying to get to Winter Range, but doesn't look like we will make it. Long way from SC. But may know someone who is going. My number is 803-242-1702, Tommy Sutton.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Thanks 

    3. Solomon Vaquero

      Solomon Vaquero

      I have sent the funds Priority. Doug, my local FFL, said you were not aware you had to send from an FFL as well, nor was I. I put an extra $40 in the envelope to help out with that. If that doesn't do it let me know. Thanks for your help. Tommy

      Certified Check.jpg

      Priority Mail.jpg

      Tracking Number.jpg

    4. fatboy harley

      fatboy harley

      Rifle is going out tomorrow  UPS 1Z RPT 059 03 0000 6618

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