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    Living behind the wall in the People's Republic of New Jersey
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    Modern 3-Gun, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Metallic Silhouette, High Power, PRS, and now getting started in CAS. Basically if you can shoot it and there is a score I am interested.

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  1. From the photos and from the placement of the illuminated reticle battery housing I think it is a PST Gen 1. If that is of any help to anyone.
  2. That is an amazing looking cart. I too would buy this in a heartbeat if I were anywhere near you. GL with the sale and great job on the cart!!
  3. That does help, thanks for adding that. Unfortunately it won't fit me but I'll send it back to the top for you anyway. C.C.
  4. Measurements on the belt for number 5 the Longtooth double strong side. It's the only one without a belt measurement. Thanks, C.C.
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