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Cleaning BP and Subs in a 92

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Hey All,

    Smokeless is hard to find around me, I have some on hand, but I'm shooting black sub out of my cap and ball revolvers.  I'd prefer to not have to spend a whole lot of time cleaning my Rossi 92 so I've been holding off on making BP rounds for it.  I am just about through with my last lb of Unique, and such powders are either very expensive or not available right now while black is plentiful and more or less the same price as always, (APP is not available for love or money anywhere I've looked local to me, I'm not able to buy enough to justify haz mat and shipping fees).  

I asked in a previous thread about cleaning BP out of win 92 actions and it was recommended to remove the stock and just pour water or other BP cleaner down the barrel through the action or something like that.  Does anyone out here shoot BP/Subs out of your 92?  is that what you do?  does anyone have a video showing this or your preferred method of cleaning your 92?


El CupAJoe

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Never had a problem with BP or subs fouling the action of any of my '92s in .38, .44 Special, .44 Mag, or .45 Colt.  I have always just cleaned out the little bit that gets back there with a Q-tip and ballistol.

Light weigh bullets might result in lots of blow back into the action, so maybe that's what causes the problems I see mentioned now and then.

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92 shooter since 1991.

I shoot both smokeless and BP. (real and sub)


I have always removed the 1 screw that holds the stock on.

Removed the stock.

Cleaned the action with Simple Green diluted with warm water.


Lowered the receive in to a pan of boiling water.

Then raised and lowered several times.

Flushed with hot water and then ran a brush with rag down the barrel.

Takes about 5 minutes.

Because the water is hot, it evaporates quickly.

Spray with WD-40 to remove all water.

Let drip dry for a day or 2.

Then lube it all to stop rust.

Wipe down and install stock.


Over 30 years and no problems.

I use WD-40 as a cleaner and water remover.

Then lube with real oil after.

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Posted (edited)

Been shooting a R92 in 38/357 with APP for several years.  Clean by spraying Ballistol into the action and cycling several times. Then let sit while I clean my pistols. Then I pour hot water into the action and down the barrel. Somewhere between and quart and gallon.  Re-lube action with Ballistol and clean the barrel with a Remington Squeeg-E followed by a patch soaked with Ballistol.


Once a year I'll break the rifle completely down, deep clean, then reassemble with Mobil 1 grease.

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I use 2 Model 92's in .44-40 using Goes FFFg.  I have used black from day one with the 92's.  I always strip them completely using hot running water.  When I reassemble I use Mobel One or Bore Butter.  They come apart easy and go together slow but I have never had one not run for a weekend 2 day match.

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I no longer own a ‘92.  When I shot BP/ substitute cartridges in mine, I sprayed the action with aerosol Ballistol, wiped it out with patches, and repeated until I no longer got discolored patches.  The barrel was cleaned with Ballistol or soapy water the same way, until patches came out clean.  I finished the job with a final spritz of Ballistol and returned it to the rack.  No problems.  I would only take the buttstock off and spray out the action prior to selling the gun, because I make sure any gun I sell is as clean as I can get it.


Truth be told, I clean my ‘73s the same way.  I take the sideplates off the ‘73s maybe yearly.  

You are welcome to inspect any of my guns .  You will not find any rust.

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Posted (edited)

First a CAVEAT:  I'm lazy.  I shot 92s and worked on 92s professionally.  We're going to first ask "What Cartridge??"  If your shooting "dash" calibers, ie; 38-40 or 44-40, it's mostly a cake walk.  The chamber will seal quite well.  Chamber a fired round (before resizing or rinsing) and simply swab out the bore.  I have always used PAM.  Dry Patch.  Oily Patch.  Done.


If your shooting 45 Colt, You may (Probably) get some Blow-By.  Swab out the Barrel as above. Pull the stock and flush the action with a Spray Bottle of PAM.   It will evaporate, then spray the action with Rem Oil Spray.  Let the excess drip out.  Wipe down and done.


If your a fan of APP as am I, it is suggested you contact Bullets by Scarlett.  She is an APP distributor and will ship to you in case or cases lots.   

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Hot water and Moose Milk .

Quite Simple Actually .

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