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  1. Lesco Brandon the pronunciation is not appropriate for little ears.
  2. still for sale, prices negotiable, make me an offer
  3. it's hard when you're hanging upside down holding on with your toes...
  4. we need a gator hitching post at the FL state match... and some gator wagons... Good on ya Ozzies for coming up with this one
  5. sooo, where on this map are the drop bears?
  6. looks like he's about to go out to get a drink...
  7. Or cowboy guns, just sayin
  8. I believe this is the consensus of people who actually experiment with these kinds of things.
  9. I cast outdoors only a couple times a year, powder coat. I try to wear disposable gloves when i'm handling stuff. I am extra cautious around the dross. Always wash hands. got tested a few years ago when we found out the house we were renting had lead paint, very low levels at the time. I'm more worried when I come across corroded powdery lead as the lead oxide is the dangerous stuff from what I understand.
  10. Apparently I was mistaken, the 45 acp version is on the Bulldog XL (45 colt) frame and It doesn't look like charter arms has anything in that frame size on the cali approved roster. probably best if you move sooner than later...
  11. I'm sure CA has something large frame on the roster, swap the cylinder and barrel
  12. dies and mold still available BTT
  13. ever wonder how many times someone has posted in here without a meme being included? Here's a simple trick to estimate the number.
  14. yeah, also interesting is that the CA revolvers are made to chamber rimless cartridges without moon clips, they're made in the USA, have a 100% lifetime guarantee and are affordable. my CA Pro V is the only 6 shot .357 weighing 25 oz currently in production for less than $800 (only production guns I know of with all three requirements (chambering, weight and capacity) are the 2" Rhino and K6s and Colt King Cobra carry version I don't think Ruger or S&W even have anything comparable), I paid $375 new in 2020. it also has high viz sights which is a bonus. you can get them in black nitride or stainless in 3 or 4 inch configs.
  15. Barami has a model for the Charter Arms guns. All CA's use the same grip assembly so the one model fits all. It's a small grip on a .357 magnum, but I like that feature for concealment and I can pretty well hold onto it when I'm shooting, doesn't rock too bad.
  16. you should try the barami if you have to remove it periodically to enter federal buildings etc, no holster to mess around with and it actually tucks pretty nicely too.
  17. too late, he has repeatedly referred to Kamala as president Kamala...
  18. if you wanted a gun and a backup gun, consider having a pair of charter arms pitbull double action revolvers. they take 45 ACP without moon clips. allow you to draw and operate with either hand, the loaded combination is 51 oz, on par with a full size steel 1911 and with the pair you have 10 rounds of 45 ACP. I carry the Charter Arms Professional V, 6 shot .357 on the same frame size with a Barami Hip Grip and it conceals excellently, is very light. You'll have to like recoil however. definitely more geared to carry than range use, but able to get the job done. at <$500 each it would come in around the cost of a nice 1911 for the pair and you always have a backup. a few advantages of carrying this system, ie, a left hand and right hand gun. If you are defending with one hand you can draw and fire with the other, if you are with someone and things get dicey, you can provide them with a gun. Revolvers are better in contact fights because they don't get forced out of battery. Revolvers are usually CA friendly, if you're just hiking outdoors, these make good light weight pack guns and can carry birdshot for snakes. if one is stolen or taken as evidence or made inaccessible in a fight, you may still have the other gun and you don't have to learn a new gun while things get sorted out. having two guns even if you don't use them gunfighter style are still faster than a reload.
  19. Sold my 5.56 upper to facilitate a 350 legend change over, I have for sale 1 RCBS .223/5.56, 2 die set I bought from Cholla, I haven't used it, Comes with some partial boxes of 60ish grain projectiles and a P-Mag (must be in state legal to ship 30 round mags) $50 $40 shipped I tried out the Lee Minie mold, my gun didn't like it, I'm going to sell it and get a lee REAL mold. Lee 500-360-M used once, makes nice bullets, has some discoloration from the beeswax lube I used on it. $30 shipped, for $40 And, I'll throw in my homemade bullet sizers, .496 and .498 made from old sockets. willing to consider trades for 36 or 44 cal cap and ball molds (round ball or conical) or 50 cal rifle molds or 38/357 molds, 20 gauge brass shells, 20 gauge roll crimper (table mount type) used Cowboy hat, single stage press, lee drum or disk powder measure. can accept ftf, cash app, venmo, paypal, willing to try bitcoin
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