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We passed two collie pups that had been dumped.  Third time we approached them they were huddled together to try to stay warm in a driving thunderstorm.  Both females and responsible for one of my worst days ever.  They both got friendly with the neighbors shepard mix.  They presented me with 21 pups. Micky had 11 and Patty had 10 on the same day.  That brought our dog population to 25 which I could in no way afford. I had to dispose of them.  Over 40 years ago and I still hate that day.

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Samantha, Scooter*, Heidi*, Crazy Lucy, Mandy, Miecha*, Evander*, Bailey**, Corky*, Chief**, Moose & Baxter.  Moose & Baxter are our current kids.  Baxter was named by my eldest grandson & his wife who rescued him from a kill shelter in S. Korea while he was stationed there.  Our 13 acres are perfect for Baxter who has DNA from several breeds.  One is gray hound which explains his speed & love of running.


** Golden Retriever

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My first experience with a dog was at my grandparent's farm when I was just a toddler. He was a border collie named Lady

and ran free on the property.  He was spirited but was nice enough to let me pet him but not too long. He was a free soul and had to run and explore.

I think I was four when he ran off into the pasture and never returned. :(

I grew up in childhood with a Boston Bull Terrier named Patrick. He lived 10 years and broke my heart when he died on my bed.

As an adult with kids we had two miniature Dachshunds( Ziggy and Heidi)  that were perfect lapdogs for my daughters. When they died it was like losing a true loved one in the family. The wife and I in retirement don't think we can emotionally handle losing another one so refrain from getting another dog to love. :unsure:


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Last 2 and current Rottweilers-- Ruger, Marlin & Kimber. Cats-- Mossberg, Winchester and currently- Smith & Wesson

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Our prior dog was Dolce because she was so sweet. Next came Liebchen, also literally a sweetheart. We commonly call her Little Dog, Bad Dog or just plain Dog. She’s 15 now. Here she is doing what she does best. 





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Well, as a lad, my first dog was a hound that my Grandfather selected for me and for my cousin. 

He named his Tippy and mine was skippy. I think I was about 5. Skippy had a short life.

Next came another mixed breed called Flash. Flash and I never bonded, too young I guess. 

A bit later came Corkey, a cocker Spaniel. Cute and playful little guy, but he lost a race with a semi. Tough to lose him. 

Flash forward to a young father with 2 daughters. Wife found a Brittney Spaniel/Springer Spaniel for the girls.

We named him Sir Rodney of Whitehall. Great animal. Very Protective of the girls and my wife. We had Rodney for about 10 years. 

He was followed by another Spaniel, we named Beauregard. He was my dog, and went with me when ever he could. However my daughter's boyfriend accidently ran over him. No more Beau. 

Then my wife found a German Shepard/Husky mix and we named him Nikki. Nikki was a kleptomaniac, stealing anything he could. 

Very interesting character. Only animal I ever had with  a prison record. He liked to play with chickens and rabbits until they stopped playing. 

Last guy was Jackson. I called him Captain Jack, or just Jack. I still miss all of them. 

DSCF0052 (1).JPG

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17 hours ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


He was named lady?  I thought I was weird with a girl dog named charlie. 



Sorry LOL!  Laddie, I must have been on that second glass of whisky when I typed that.

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